Import All Data from Busy To Tally

Lots of professionals are confused that how to transfer all there Busy accounting software data in Tally Accounting Software. So today here in this post i will tell you that how can you import all the data from Busy to Tally accounting software very easily. so follow these steps as i have explained below and check the video as given on the bottom of this post for more clarification.

Step 01:   Download Busy2Tally_setup.exe from


  • Options:- Destination Folder: E:\Busy2Tally
  • Now Install
  • Launch Busy2Tally
  • Note: if you installed in C:\ use “Run as administration” by Right clicking when opening the Busy2Tally

Step 03:   Open Busy2Tally Software
Step 04:   Click: Configuration

  • Configuration : Add New
  • Name : Demo Company
  • Database : MS-Access-New
  • Busy Data Directory: E:\Busywin\Data\Comp0001\
  • Co. Name from Busy: (Company Name will come from busy software automatically)
  • Financial Year From : 01/04/2018
  • Maintain : Accounts and Inventory
  • Item Name : Item Name
  • Tax Type : GST
  • XML File Name : Tally.xml
  • Click : Save

Step 05: Click Generate XML

  • Configuration : Demo Company
  • Voucher Type : All Vouchers
  • Master Type : Voucher Dependent Master
  • Opening Balance : Note Required
  • Starting Date : 01/04/2018
  • Ending Date : 02/04/2018
  • Click: Generate XML

Step 06: Display voucher Statistics

  • Click: Generate XML
  • .Now your XML file is ready

Step 07: Open Tally.ERP9

  • Create New Company
  • F11:Features
  • Accounting Features (General)
  • Integrate accounts with inventory: No
  • Other Features
  • Enable Zero-valued Transactions: Yes
  • Statutory & Taxation (F3)
  • Enable Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • for GST Transactions: Yes
  • for VAT Transactions: No.
  • Accept:Yes

Step 08: Gateway of Tally

  • Import Data
  • Vouchers
  • Press: CTRL+ALT+V
  • Name of File: E:\Busy2Tally\Tally.xml
  • Press: Enter
  • All voucher will import if there is no error

Step 09: Now All Data has been imported, you just need to cross check the entries manually for verification, also kindly check Balance Sheet amount and P&L amount total in Busy and Tally Software manually.



Check Video in Hindi Here



Check Video in English Here

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