How to enter a Post dated Voucher in Tally ERP 9

Step 1. Go to Gateway of Tally
Step 2. Now go to Accounting Vouchers
Step 3. Now select F5: Payment
Step 4. Now Press Ctrl + T (Post Dated)
Step 5. Now Complete the transaction and save it.

Post Dated Voucher Example
Post Dated Voucher Example

To view Post dated vouchers you just need to go to Gateway of Tally
Step 1. Go to Display Menu
Step 2. Go to Exception Reports
Step 3. Go to Post-Dated Vouchers
Step 4. Now you Select a month or Click F2: Period to specify a date range for viewing the report for different periods.
Step 5. So Now you will see all post dated entries in front of you screen.

Post Dated Voucher List
Post Dated Voucher List

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