How to Pay Gas Connection Bill Payment by Paytm

To Pay Gas Connection bill by paytm, please follow these steps-

1. On the Paytm app or website please select the ‘Gas’ icon


pay gas bill by paytm


2. Upon reaching Gas page please select your Gas Board


pay gas bill by paytm

3. Please enter your Consumer Number as mentioned on your Gas bill

4. Press ‘Proceed’ to get your bill details

5. Verify the displayed bill details and proceed to pay the desired amount

6. On the payment page please select the mode of payment and enter the desired details

7. Once the payment process is complete we will notify you with the status of your bill payment

8. We will also notify you by a Push/SMS & Email regarding the status of your bill payment

9. Please note that it may take upto 2 business days to process your bill payment by your Gas Board

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