How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone – 2017

If you have an android phone & your phone internal memory is almost filled. And you are in trouble you have important data in your phone that you can’t delete. So I’m here to help you to increase your internal storage of your mobile. But it works only for android phones & which should have Android OS 6.0 or above it.

Before increase your phone internal memory backup your SD card data. Because when you will do it so it will show to format your SD card. So in this case your SD Card has to format and then your SD Card will be as your phone internal memory.

So first backup your data.

  • So let’s get start it. First go to your mobile settings.
  • Then go to storage option. Over there you will get portable storage or your SD Card and we want it as internal storage.
  • So click on you SD Card and then top right of the corner you will get three dots click on that and then click on settings.
  • Then you will get 4 options Eject, Format, Format as internal & Move Media.
  • So we want it as internal storage so Click on “Format as internal” and then it will take some time to format it wait until its done.
  • When its done it will ask you for your photos, files, and some apps for move to your SD Card. if you want to move so click on Move now or not so click on Move later And the Next.

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