How to Pay VAT Online (Very Simple Way)

To Pay VAT Online is very easy to understand, you just need to follow these instruction as given under.

(1).  Go to

(2). Click on Dealer Login Button

(3). Login Your account by Giving TIN No. as User ID and Password issued by Sales Tax Department.


(4). Now go to the Right corner and click on “Payment” Button then Click on “Go for Payment”


(5). Now Type the Period for which you want to pay the VAT amount.

(6). Now Select Payment Type : VAT and enter the amount which ever you are going to pay.


(7). Now select your Bank and click on “Proceed for Payment” button.

(8). Now Login You Bank and finalize the payment process by entering your bank user id and password.

(9). After complete the process you will get a payment challan as under.vat-payment-2

(10). DONE !!



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