How to Connect Internet via Android Mobile with USB Cable

Hay Viewers, here in this post we will tell you that how you can connect internet via your android phone to your Laptop or Computer. Now these days internet become very necessary for all the peoples. If our internet shut for 1 day we become very upset for whole the day. So if you are getting problem to connect your main internet there is a solution that you can connect internet with your android phone via USB Cable. Follow these instructions to connect the internet with your mobile to laptop or computer.

Setting to Connect Internet with Android Phone via USB Cable:-


Step 1:- First of all connect your mobile phone with your Laptop or Computer via USB Cable.

usb cable by tech guruplus

Step 2:- Now go to setting option in your mobile.

connect internet by mobile to laptop 1

Step 3:- click on “More” option as shown in the image below.

 connect internet by mobile to laptop 4

Step 4:- Now click on “Tethering & Portable hotspot” option.

connect internet by mobile to laptop 3

Step 5:- After that Enable “USB tethering” option (Remember- if you have not connect USB cable then this option will not show is open)

connect internet by mobile to laptop 2

Step 6:- Now your internet is ready to work on Laptop, go to internet browser and start working on internet.

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