Age Calculator in Excel (.xls file download)

Download the very amazing age calculator designed by

here in this calculator you just have to enter the date of birth of any person and you will get the result as Age in Years, Age in months, Age in Days, hours, minutes, seconds also in milliseconds, with date day as birth.

Age calculator in excel,.xls


(Age Calculator in Excel .xls file download)

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5 thoughts on “Age Calculator in Excel (.xls file download)”

  1. Sir, for age in years, we can also use this formula to get the desired result =YEARFRAC(D5,TODAY(),1) and for age in month, we can simply multiply the same by 12. Further, I have used this formula to get the months =YEARFRAC(D5,TODAY(),1)*12, result is coming 384.63 and your result Age in months is 384.65. I want to know why this difference is coming in values and which is the right answer.


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