Salary Slip: Sample Format, Download Salary Slip Format in Excel (.xls)

What is a salary slip?

It is very important for a professional to know and understand what is salary slip.

If a professional has no idea what a salary slip is, they can have a lot of trouble completing documentation formalities while applying for jobs in the future.

It is a legal entity that can be better explained as a duly stamped document provided by an employer.

The purpose of issuing this document is to furnish the details of an employee’s salary.

For those who don’t understand what is a salary payslip? let me first clarify that salary slip is also known as salary payslip. Next time when an employer asks about your salary payslip, don’t be perplexed with the word.

Various components including HRA, TA, any bonus, etc are mentioned in a detailed fashion. This document also provides details of deductions made for a specified time frame.

Bounded by law, salary slips have to be provided periodically by the employer as proof of salary payments made to an employee.


Download salary slip format in excel

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