All Tally Prime TDL Codes & Files Download

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if TDL Download is not working then try in another browser like Mozilla or Chrome or Internet Explorer or Opera. DOWNLOAD TALLY PRIME TDL   S.No. Download Description 001 Learn Here How to upload TDL file in Tally Prime? ( टैली प्राइम पर टीडीएल फाइल कैसे अपलोड करें?) 002 Tally Prime TDL-Auto Receipt TDL File … Read more

Tally Prime Free TDL for Auto QR Code in Ledger and Invoice

Now we can give outstanding Ledger to our customer with payment QR code and also can give an invoice with QR Code. This will increase payment collection and run the business smoothly. We can modify this TDL code consistent with our needs. We can add some additional fields, we will remove extra fields, and it’s … Read more

Tally Prime Item Wise Order Details TDL Code Free Download

Tally Prime TDL Code

Hello, Readers When we maintain order vouchers like sale orders and purchase orders and do invoices to our customers then sometimes we need to see the order number and order date for every Item. With this free TDL code, we can see the order number and order date for every item on the invoice front … Read more

Tally Prime Increase Size Of Items Description And Narration TDL Code

With the help of the below TDL code, you can increase the size/width of the item Description and narration file, where you can write long narration this tdl will help you to be more descriptive about the product. so let’s learn how we will apply below tdl Code TDL Code for Increase of Narration field … Read more

Tally Prime Display Important Report At One Place TDL Code

Hello Readers ! as many of you requested in the comment section to make tdl where we can see all our reports in one place so here I am providing this tdl code where you can find all your reports at now place like receipt and payment, profit, and loss statement, balance sheet and many … Read more

Tally Prime Item Wise Party Details In Sale Voucher TDL Code

If you do cash billing and also want to add party ledger names for items or do purchase from multiple suppliers and want to add every item supplier name in the invoice voucher, then you are in right place. Yes! we can add party ledger name in front of every item at invoicing time and … Read more

Bookmark TDL Code For Tally Prime Free Download

Hello Dear Readers! today we will learn about the bookmark in tally prime, eventually, we do bookmark in our browser for the faster reach of the website or any important website we often do bookmarks but have you ever thought what if you have the ability to do bookmark in tally prime to reach important … Read more

Tally Prime Write Your Own Name In Sales Voucher Entry TDL Code

Hello Readers! Today we will discuss the amazing TDL where you can display your name or your company name in the sales voucher of tally prime, it is a very useful TDL code that allows you to write your name also you can edit the below tdl code to add your own name. So, lets … Read more

Tally Prime Adding GST & Mobile Number In Group Summary Report

We always need to collect outstanding to run our business properly. In this, we download outstanding reports like, payable or receivable or group details and there we need party GST number and their mobile number. If you use Tally for accounting then we can simplify it by adding GST and Mobile number in the group … Read more

Tally Prime Auto Date & Time In Narration TDL Code

Hello Readers! With this TDL code, we can add the date and time in the voucher narration field automatically. When you load this tdl file into the tally, Tally vouchers will show your computer date and time in the narration field. the basic need of this tally TDL code because sometimes to put the wrong … Read more

Tally Prime TDL Code For Outstanding Reports With Ledger Name

नमस्कार दोस्तों आज हम एक ऐसे tdl फाइल के बारे में चर्चा करेंगे ,जिसकी मदद से आप अपने Tally Prime में इस TDL कभी-कभी जब हम टैली में Outstanding Reports देखते हैं, तो Ledger Name और उसकी Closing Balance होती है, तो हम स्पष्ट बकाया रिपोर्ट देखने के लिए Ledger Name के सामने Group Name … Read more