Tally Prime Auto Date & Time In Narration TDL Code

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Hello Readers! With this TDL code, we can add the date and time in the voucher narration field automatically. When you load this tdl file into the tally, Tally vouchers will show your computer date and time in the narration field. the basic need of this tally TDL code because sometimes to put the wrong date mistakenly so in the future if you recheck your entries you can find the actual date along with the time because this tdl code fetch system date and time, so make sure your system has the correct date and time loaded.

TDL Code for Auto Date & Time in Narration

[#Field:vch Narration]
Set as:$$String:$MachineDate+” “+$$String:$$MachineTime

Step 2 : अब above code को Save करने के बाद Tally Prime पर TDL File अपलोड करें ( और अगर आपको Tally Prime पर TDL File upload करने का तरीका नहीं पता है तो नीचे दिए गए Link पर Click करें जो आपको Tally Prime पर TDL File अपलोड करने के लिए Guide करेगा )

Step 3: After Loading the TDL simply open the voucher you can find the date and time automatically loaded in the narration box as shown in below image

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