70+ GST Invoice Format in Excel, Word (Free Download) .xls, .doc file

What is the Invoice Format?

First of all, I would like to tell you why need an invoice? when the seller sells the goods to someone, he has to raise a bill to his customer, Which covers product information like quantity, price, rates of goods, tax percentage and amount and from whom we have bought goods, what is his address, what is his name, all the details are included in that bill, even the details of both the seller and the buyer come to that bill.

This bill also called an “Invoice” If the consumer does not have the bill then he cannot take the benefit of the text from the government. So in this way, the bill brings all the information of the product and consumer, and the seller. If you are a beginner, then you should check this Advance Excel course online.

Here is the Preview for GST Invoice

(Excel (.xls), Word (.doc) in one zip file)

How do I make a simple invoice?

If you want to create an invoice format then you need software in which you can make that easy. so I will recommend you the Best Software is Microsoft Excel. This is software with which we can create invoice format or any other format very easily. To make an invoice format, we need the seller’s name, the seller’s address, and the tax information of the seller.

After that, we need Buyer information like buyer’s name buyer’s address, product all information like product quantity, selling rate, discount rate (if available). and also we need the buyer’s tax information to avail tax benefit by him (if the buyer is not an end-user).

so if you also want to create an invoice on your own, you can often make use of the excel software and take care of all these things or you can take advantage of pre-made Bill or Invoice format by downloading from our website and You do not have to work hard, you will get a custom made invoice format easily.

Can i use invoice template google docs

Yes, you can easily use my invoice templates in google docs. First of all, you need to download the invoice templates from my website’s download section then open google docs and upload that file to it. after uploading the invoice template file, you just need to double click on the file and then the file will open in front of you, and now you can use it easily.

Does Microsoft Word have invoice template?

Yes, you can download the Invoice template in word also from my website and use it in word easily. just go to the download section and click on the invoice format download button and check the design and download. after downloading the zip file will appear and both formats are available in that zip file word invoice format and excel invoice format.

How many types of invoices are there?

There is not fix in invoice format that how many formats are there but in India there 2 types of invoice format available like Retail Invoice and Tax Invoice

Can I create my own invoice?

Yes as i mention in the process above about how to create your own invoice, you can check that and make the invoice easily or you can use my pre-made designs from my website.

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