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Are you searching for a Resume or CV Format in Word? if yes then you are in the right place now. Below, I have uploaded Top and Amazing Templates of Resume/CV, which will be helpful for all of you.

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S.No.DescriptionDownloadFile Format
1Modern & Stylish Resume/CV FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
2Free Resume Templates (Edit & Download)DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
3Resume/CV/BioData (Modern & Stylish)DOWNLOADPowerpoint, PDF (.potx, .pdf)
4Professional Resume Templates (Free Download)DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
5Job winning Resume Templates (Free)DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
6Modern & Stylish Resume FormatDOWNLOADPowerpoint, PDF (.potx, .pdf)
7Free Resume Templates for JobsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
8Free Resume Formats DownloadsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
9Resume Formats & Samples (Word-PDF)DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
10Resume Templates for JobsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
11Free Resume Templates For Word-PDF EditableDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
12Free Resume Templates [Download and Customize]DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
13Free Resume Builder – Download & CreateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
14Resume Formats: Edit & Download in MinutesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
15Modern & Stylish Resume/CV FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
16Free printable resume templates you can customizeDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
17Free Resume Templates to DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
18Free Resume Formats For FreshersDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
19Best Resume Templates for Job SeekersDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
20Modern & Stylish Free Resume Formats for JobsDOWNLOADPowerpoint, PDF (.potx, .pdf)
21Professional Resume Templates & Free TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
22Pro Microsoft Word Resume FormatsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
23Download CV Resume (Modern & Stylish)DOWNLOADPowerpoint, PDF (.potx, .pdf)
24Free Professional Resume FormatsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
25Modern & Stylish Best Resume Formats EverDOWNLOADPowerpoint, PDF (.potx, .pdf)
26CV Resume Templates Examples Doc WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
27FREE CV Resume Templates ExamplesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
28FREE Modern Resume CV TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
29FREE Microsoft Word CV Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
30Resume Formats in Word and PDFDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
31FREE Resume Templates for Microsoft WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
32FREE Modern Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
33FREE Microsoft Word Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
34FREE Resume Templates for JobsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
35Simple resume – Microsoft templatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
36Modern Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
37Modern Resume TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
38CV Templates | RESUME TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
39[FREE] CV TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
40FREE Modern Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
41FREE Curriculum Vitae (CV) TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
42Resume Templates For Microsoft WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
43FREE Resume Templates For FreshersDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
44[Modern] Resume Template – DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
45FREE Modern Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
46Modern CV Template WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
47Editable CV Templates FREEDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
48CV Template Word FREE DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
49Modern & Stylish CV FREEDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
50Simple Resume FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
51Modern CV Template Word FREEDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
52Modern CV Template FREE DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
53Modern CV FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
54Modern CV Format Word FREEDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
55Modern CV Format FREE DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
56Modern CV TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
57Modern Resume Format Word FREEDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
58Modern Resume FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
59Resume Design & Layouts ideasDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
60Free Modern Resume TemplatesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
61Download Modern Resume Template WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
62Modern CV Template Word Free Download PDFDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
63Download Modern CV Template WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
64Modern CV Template Word Free Download With PhotoDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
65Modern CV Template Word Free Download For FreshersDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
66Blank Resume Format Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
67Blank Resume Format PDF Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
68Resume Templates Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
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73Resume Template Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
74Simple Resume Template Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
75One-Page Resume Template Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
76Modern CV Template Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
77Attractive CV Template Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
781 Page CV Template Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
79Best CV Template WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
80Modern Attractive CV Template WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
81Modern Attractive Resume TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
822 Page Resume Format For ExperiencedDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
83Two-Page CV Template Word Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
842-Page Resume Template Free Download WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
85Modern Resume Templates Free DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
86Resume Format For Experienced FreeDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
87Resume Format For Experienced CandidateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
88Resume Format For Experienced ProfessionalDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
891 Year Experience Resume Sample 2 PageDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
901 Year Experience Resume SampleDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
91Indian Resume Format PDFDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
92Resume Format PDF For FreshersDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
93Fresher Resume Format Download In Ms WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
94Simple Fresher Resume Format DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
95Fresher Resume Format DownloadDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
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97Fresher Resume FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
98Experience Resume Format For JobDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
99Resume With No Work ExperienceDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
100Resume for College StudentDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
101College Student Resume TemplateDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
102Free CV Template For StudentsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
103Resume Summary Examples For StudentsDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
104First Time Resume .docx fileDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
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106First Time Resume Samples PDFDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
107Sample Resume For Freshers Looking For The First JobDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
108Summary For Resume With No Experience ExamplesDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
109Resume With Photo In Word FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
110Resume With Photo In Word FormatDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
111Editable CV Templates With PhotoDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
112CV With Photo Template (.docx & .pdf)DOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
113CV Format With Photo In Ms WordDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
114Simple Resume Format With PhotoDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)
115Editable Resume Template With PhotoDOWNLOADWord, PDF (.docx, .pdf)

 Video Tutorial to Create Resume in Word

🔥 Actually, when I was searching for a job I went to my friend to make my Resume and he made a Simple type of Resume for me. I’m not fond of that format very much. This incident happened many years ago. Now when I started this website, that thought come to my mind. and I think I should make modern types of Resume/CV Templates for my Website visitors to help them. So I have made these Resume/CV Templates in MS Word. Some templates are in Powerpoint also but mostly Resume/CV templates are in MS Word because MS word is a very easy software to operate and everyone can easily edit these templates in that software.

🔥 Scroll down the page and click on the download button then a full preview of the Resume/CV template will appear then check the full preview and again click on the Download button to download the Resume format in Word.

🔥 Now if you want, you can share the link of this page with your friends on WhatsApp, maybe it will be helpful for them. Thanks

(Modern Stylish Resume CV Format Download in Word PDF Professional Resume Templates & Free Template to Use for Jobs Free printable resume templates you can customize free resume templates word best resume templates)

Important points for writing an attractive Resume

Your CV is the primary point of contact between you and your next possible employer. It should be concise and presented in an easy-to-read fashion, with a basic typeface, minimum design, and bullet points to split down content.

Follow our recommended format and tips below to make your CV stand out:

1 Start with Name, Contact, and Address details

List the essential contact information that prospective employers will be able to reach you at any moment. Ensure that the information is displayed correctly and prominently at the beginning of your CV.

Tip – Include a link to the most recent LinkedIn profile in your introduction information.

(simple cv format word free download)

2 Introduce Yourself

This is where you should explain and promote your skills to a potential employer. Describe any professional highlights that may bring attention to your achievements. It should be personalized to each post you apply for and should seek to set you out from the competitors.

3 Objective

  • Summarize your job search aim in one short statement.
  • The objective statement should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Highlighting your expertise in the objective statement is also useful.


  • Seeking employment as a social worker who works with the elderly.
  • Seeking work that will allow me to put my abilities in counseling, research, and proposal writing to use.

(simple resume format word download)

4 Hobbies

Companies are more interested in getting to know their candidates on a more personal level. While you do not need to include a detailed list of your interests, you may consider including two or three activities that you like doing in your spare time and that reflect your personality.

5 Summarise your Skills

Use brief bullet points to highlight your particular and relevant abilities and expertise for the position. Hiring managers will swiftly read this area of your CV to determine what you can offer and your suitability for the post.

Tip – Use the same adjectives as in the ads wherever feasible.

(resume format for freshers in word)

6 Highlight relevant experience

This part should cover your job history, including paid work, and appropriate volunteer or work experience positions, in list form. This area of your CV should be customized to the position, specifically where significant responsibilities in past employment are applicable for your application.

Tip – Highlight how you resolve issues as an individual and as a team member.

7 Share about your achievement

Your CV is your opportunity to market yourself and highlight why you are the best match for the work, so add examples of when you have gone above and beyond or achieved a big accomplishment.

8 List any Training education and Courses

List only what is relevant or necessary for the position you are looking for, beginning with the most recent. It is important to show where you have upskilled or where you can contribute fresh expertise to the organization.

9 Mention any Interests/Hobbies

This is where you may show off your personality through any hobbies or interests you have outside of work. It is important to note that including this on your CV is optional, and it is preferable to avoid stating anything that may generate friction early on.

10 Keep it Real

A CV should usually be no more than two pages long — and that’s two pages of A4 paper! Employers spend an average of 8 seconds reviewing each CV, and sending them your full life story is a definite way to place yourself on the no pile. Keep it short and to the point, and reserve the details of internal information for the interview.

11 Presentation is Key

A good CV is always presented carefully and clearly, and it is printed on clean, crisp white paper. The layout should always be neat and properly organized, and CVs should never be crumpled or folded, so send your applications in an A4 envelope.

Remember the CV hotspot — the upper center section of the first page is where the recruiter’s attention would naturally land, so add your most critical information there.

12 Final top five tips

  • Use the appropriate ‘keywords’ to guarantee that your CV gets found in word searches.
  • Explain any gaps in your CV and highlight the talents you have gained.
  • Include no acronyms or corporate terms.
  • Include two contact methods, email, and mobile.
  • Spelling and grammar check – completely review your CV for spelling and grammar problems. Consider having a friend or family member look it over for you as well.

13 Optional parts to Include on your Resume

There may be material on your resume that does not fit in any of the other areas. Your community service experience, for example, may be directly related to the position you are applying for. However, before submitting further material, consider whether doing so would make you a more desirable applicant to the possible employer. If the answer is no, you should continue this section.


(Job winning Resume Templates Best Resume Templates for Job Seekers Download & Create Easily Free Resume Templates For Freshers Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word simple resume template free download simple resume template free download resume templates free download resume template word simple resume format download in ms word cv template word free download cv template download)

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