10 Best Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car

The Indian automobile aftermarket provides you with an excellent range of car gadgets and accessories that you get a good variety of options to choose from. This article talks about the top 10 car gadgets that add value to your life.

Benefits of Car Gadgets and Accessories

A lot of accessories for cars are overlooked by many, but when put together, they truly enhance your car owning and driving experience. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in some nice car gadgets or accessories:

  • Tyre inflator, puncture repair kit, dashcam, etc. for the safety of the passengers and vehicle
  • Car trash can, backseat organizer, vacuum cleaner, etc. for cleanliness and organization
  • Accent LED lights and dashboard decor pieces for car interior decoration
  • Audio and video electronic devices for entertainment
  • Fast car charger, armrest, GPS navigator, electric kettle, etc. for increased comfort and convenience
  • Tyre pressure gauge, auto detailing products, etc. for vehicle diagnosis and maintenance

must have car gadgets 2021

Top 10 Gadgets Every Car Owner Must Have

Finally, here is the list of 10 must-have car gadgets for every car owner:

1. Fast Car Charger

We all use a number of battery-based devices in our car like smartphones, Laptops GPS navigators, audio systems, etc. Also, considering that a smartphone is something that you carry everywhere and it’s as good as none if its battery is dead, a dedicated fast car charger becomes a necessity.

2. GPS Navigator

Along with making it easier to find unknown destinations, a GPS navigator device for cars also allows you to plan your route and avoid congested roads. With this device, you can also save a lot of fuel by opting for shorter and less congested roads. 

10 Best Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car3. Dash Cam

A dashboard camera is a video recording device that is mounted on the rearview mirror, windshield or dashboard. While a dash cam is most popular among travel enthusiasts who like to record their road trips, it is also a safety device that acts as proof in case of legal proceedings after an on-road collision.

4. Tyre Inflator

A tyre inflator is a compact version of an air compressor that is used to restore tyre pressure at gas stations. Michelin tyre inflator is the most popular tyre inflator that you can find for its power and ease of usage. It saves you in situations when any of the tyres of your car go flat in the middle of the road as it can inflate a flat tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 5-10 minutes. Such a device also helps in regular tyre pressure maintenance at home.

5. Tyre Pressure cum Tread Depth Gauge

While tyre inflators come with in-built pressure gauge to make tyre pressure maintenance at home easier, it is still a task to pull out the tyre inflator from the car boot and connect it to the tyres to check their pressure. Michelin’s tyre pressure gauge cum tread depth gauge is a super handy, light-weight device of the size of a small bar phone. You simply kneel down, insert the pin of the device in the pressure gauge and it instantly shows the accurate pressure reading of that tyre. The in-built tread depth also allows you to keep a check on the depth of treads on your car tyres.

6. Electric Kettle

A handy electric kettle for cars can be connected with the cigarette lighter socket of the car and used to warm up different beverages. It is not only a must-have car gadget for travel enthusiasts or people who spend a lot of time in their car traveling, but it is also very useful for individuals who travel with their infant.

7. Air Purifier

Considering the amount of air contamination and pollution, both inside and outside the car, an air purifier becomes another essential car gadget for you. An air purifier is an advanced technology device that not only traps foreign particles like dust, dirt, bugs, pollen, along with foul odors and smoke, but it is even effective enough to kill harmful pathogens like bacteria. Air purifiers are really helpful for people with breathing and anxiety issues.

8. Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is another must-have car gadget, especially if you are a cleanliness freak. A compact and handy car vacuum cleaner allows you to quickly clean dust, dirt, and beverage spills from far-reaching corners of the car. It can be available with or without cord. Cordless car vacuum cleaners are easier to use as you are not restricted by the length of the cord.

9. Car Battery Charger

Bosch C7 Car Charger is an amazing device that every car owner should have in their car boot. It is a handy device that can be used to charge a car battery at home safely. This one also comes as a saviour when to jump-start your battery when the battery goes dry in the middle of a road. Different features like reverse polarity protection, reverse charging for mobiles, memory function, and intelligent monitoring further make it safe for personal usage.

10. Accent LED Lights

There is a great range and variety of accent LED lights available to revamp your car interior and establish a mood. You can look for colorful LED light strips that can be pasted on the edges of the dashboard or the doors or under the seats. A laser LED flashlight for the car’s roof is sure to transform your car into a moving disco. A glowy neon ring LED light is a dashboard decoration item to accentuate the front section of the automobile.


So, here was a list of the most practical car gadgets to upgrade your car and improve its driving experience. If you are looking for some cool car accessories and parts online, then you must not miss checking the amazing collection of the latest and branded accessories offered by Carorbis.com. This website provides a super wholesome range of authentic car products from renowned and leading international brands and that too at the most affordable prices. Hope you enjoyed reading through to the end. Have a nice day ahead.

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