12 Ways to Engage Your Target Audience in Presentation (Amazing Tips & Tricks)

Undoubtedly, doing a presentation and getting the audience hooked into your creation is not easy and this could be the most intimidating task for the creator of the presentation.

Agreeing with the idea completely, as the attention span of listeners and viewers is very short, and keeping them engaged in your presentation could be the most difficult mission! The research was done in the past that reflected, it is very difficult and almost next to impossible to hold the attention of the audience in the entire presentation.

During the survey of the research, the respondents and the listeners of the presentation agreed that they did something other rather than listening to the presentation of the co-worker. 28% reply to the text messages, 27% of the people check their emails, and around 17% of the people usually fall asleep during the presentation.


AN INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION- WHY YOU MUST INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCEYou might be thinking that why is it necessary to involve your audience in the presentation and why it must be interactive enough to hook up your audience. Well, the interactive presentation is highly responsible to keep your audience’s attention and build rapport with them.

I understand, listening to the presentations for a long time is one of the most difficult processes and this could make you go boring as well. Not involving the audience in your presentations will automatically lead the people to play with their phones and they will start talking with colleagues. In this way, the audience lose the track of what you are saying. Hear me out, once this happens and you start witnessing that people are losing their interest in your presentation, you will start feeling anxious and depressed enough to end your presentation as early as possible.

The design and the creativity of the presentation also play a vital role in the engagement of the audience. You can also take the help of expert designers from presentation design UAE to help you out with the best designs of presentations for the audience.

Engagement of the audience in your presentation is very essential. For this purpose, your own creative presentation must be energetic and highly purposeful so it must look like a direct conversation between you and the audience. This enjoyable way of presentation will help the audience to understand your ideas and insights efficiently.


In this article, we will explore different effective strategies to involve the audience in the presentation completely and keep their eyes away from smartphones.

The tricks can go from live polling to asking questions throughout the session. This will not let the audience bore and they will feel fun in the session. Don’t panic! You have to engage your audience in the presentation and you have 30 seconds to make way through it. This article encompasses some tips and tricks with the help of which you can hijack the flighty focus and can hook your audience in your presentation. Let’s have a look.

1. Plan Rightly from the Audience’s Perspective:

Plan Rightly from the Audience’s Perspective

Before writing the presentation, you must focus on the perspective of the audience. Find the interesting parts of the topic and understand the point of presenting it to the audience. In this way, you will get to know the interests and the needs of the audience and your presentation will cover all the essential perspectives of the audience.

2. Use Easy, Simple, and Neat Structure:

Make sure to use the easy and simple outline of the presentation. If the presentation would be messy enough and wouldn’t be presenting clear infographics to the audience, it won’t be effective. Ensure that your presentation emits a neat and clean structure.

3. Get your Audience Involved Immediately:       

Ensure to get your audience hooked immediately into your presentation. People show up in the sessions with different moods and you must use an ice-breaker to energize them and to bring their focus right into the presentation.

4. Ask the Questions to the Audience:

Trust me, the attention of the audience drops to absolute zero after just 10 to 15 minutes of the presentation. The professional researchers from assignment help UK also reviewed that asking the questions to the audience will involve them in presentation and their engagement will boost in order to answer the question.

5. Practice the Concept of Storytelling:

Practice the Concept of Storytelling

You can also use the technique of storytelling in the presentation to make it more memorable for the people. This will help people remember the message of the presentation. After all, stories have always been a massive part of human culture.

6. Non-linear Presentation Software:

Do not flip your ideas slide by slide. Make sure to show your audience the big picture of the topic and help them get the idea of the topic on their own. In this way, this will become easier for the audience to remember your message.

7. Add the Video and Invite People on Stage:

Adding the video and animated graphics into your presentation is also an amazing idea to get the people hooked on the presentation. You can also invite them on stage to answer some questions or to take their ideas from your perspective.

Use Easy, Simple, and Neat Structure

8. Use the Audience Poll:

An audience poll works wonders in grabbing the attention of the audience. You can ask your audience to poll live in the session over any question or idea. This will also boost the engagement of the audience.

9. Appropriate Humor Would go Amazing:

Incorporating appropriate humor into the presentation would also keep it fun going and light. Boring and serious presentations can lead the audience to lose interest in your speaking so make sure to infuse a little fun element in your presentation.

10. Practice Yourself a Lot and a Lot:

Before going for the presentation, you must practice a lot and a lot to get prepare for the audience. This will elevate the level of confidence in yourself and you would feel energized to face the audience.

11. Strong Body Language and Maintenance of Eye-Contact:

Use the Audience Poll

During a presentation, your body language and the eye-contact with the audience play a vital role. Make sure that the movement of your body is complimenting the voice and message of your presentation. Also, the eye-contact is a must with the audience to keep them hooked with the presentation.

12. Voice must be Loud and Effective:

Practice the vocals for the presentation as well. Your voice must be loud and effective enough for the audience and should be reflecting the enthusiasm and zeal for your message. Taking breaks during the presentation is also recommended to keep yourself energized.


With the help of the aforementioned 12 tips and tricks, you would be able to get your audience hooked on your presentation. Keep in mind, you need to involve your audience to make an essential impact on your message. By incorporating these tips, you would be able to deliver the presentation in a way that will create a bond with your audience.

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