5 Most Popular Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System or platform allows you to create a professional-looking brand website without possessing any coding or programming knowledge. It will also reduce your budget for running campaigns or providing information through blogs. Most of these platforms are available free of charge yet provide features that will suit those of a custom-developed website.

Different content management systems offer dynamic features that will make a system more attractive to one client and not the other. You have to consider the amount of content that the system can take. User experience is also paramount when making a choice for CMS. The ability to add other features and transfer content to another platform will also make a system better than the other. Here are the most popular Content Management Systems you should consider when developing a web presence for your brand. As a student, you can also deal with writing so visit Usessaywriters.com and send your own requirements.


WordPress is considered a leader among the CMSs available to businesses and entrepreneurs. The platform is the most popular, with more than 60 million businesses hosting live websites. It controls almost fifty percent of the market share. 36% of the top 100,000 websites around the world are on WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source platform. This allows users to add other features, some of which you have to buy based on your business needs. The platform is preferred because of the user experience and ability to manage your content better as the admin. You can have multiple authors, allowing simplified information management. You will love using WordPress because it requires the least technical skills to manage successfully.

WordPress is also optimized for SEO, and will, therefore, support your digital marketing campaign. The features of WordPress are also mobile-friendly. It comes with both eCommerce and blogging possibilities.wordpress stats


Wix website builder is an all-in-one platform that perfectly suits newbie content managers. Wix makes it easy for businesses by managing your technical issues. Starters have a free limited plan, after which you will be expected to upgrade. A basic website will cost between $13 and $39 per month. A premium business website will cost between $23 and $500. You can save bit and get great discounts when using any of the Wix coupons.

Wix will serve customers or businesses that are not interested in the heavy customization of their websites. The features offers are SEO friendly, helping you to boost the performance of your website during digital marketing campaigns. Wix is user-friendly and will provide your visitors with the best web experience. You will also enjoy the blogging and eCommerce functionalities alongside the ability to add other features through add-ons.

wix website


Shopify is meant to assist small businesses and bloggers to create a robust online presence. It will also assist large organizations, businesses, and corporations that are looking for a platform to run their online campaigns. It is one of the most secure content management systems and has proven its worth over its many years of existence.

Shopify is heavily SEO enabled. It has attracted the attention of millions of businesses already running their digital marketing campaigns on the platform. The content and images you will add on the platform will appear magnificent on all devices. The free version offers excellent features that will serve the needs of companies or brands with limited budgets. You may upgrade to paid features and also add other capabilities through plugins. Its capability for customization is impressive.

shopify website


Joomla is popular in the USA and Germany, among other digitally savvy countries. It is a highly competitive content management system because of its open-source factor. Joomla is easy to download and use on any device. In fact, the one-click installation makes it a preferred platform for content management.

Joomla is perfect for a blogger, business website, community platform, and personal blogging. The native front-end editing of content also makes the site attractive to users. It is also flexible enough to accommodate individual ideas. If your target market goes beyond one language, Joomla is your perfect choice because the platform can integrate these languages. Joomla is SEO friendly and will allow mobile users to enjoy an incredible user experience. With eCommerce and blogging capabilities, the platform will deliver all the features you need for your content management.

joomla website


The platform requires the purchase of a custom domain that is installed at your hosting server. The user will get incredible modules and themes that will enable you to customize the website. The platform can house heavy databases and a lot of content. Drupal provides incredible extensions for businesses to enhance the capability of your site.

Drupal requires a professional during set up. It is, however, SEO friendly and will provide content that is friendly to mobile users. It is a perfect platform for bloggers and entrepreneurs or businesses engaged in eCommerce.

The choice of a Content Management System should consider your business needs. Choose a platform that will reduce your expenditure on maintenance or the addition of features on the website. It must offer features that will enhance your user experience and digital marketing campaigns.

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