CTC Calculator in Excel Download (Cost-to-company Calculator)

CTC Calculator in Excel

The article discusses a tool called the CTC Salary Calculator, which is an Excel-based calculator designed to help businesses and HR professionals calculate the cost-to-company (CTC) of an employee’s salary. The calculator includes various components such as basic salary, HRA, bonus, gratuity, and more, and allows users to input their own values for these components. … Read more

Stylish Name for Instagram | Stylish Fonts Generator Online | Stylish Fonts Free

Stylish Name for Instagram

Hi, if you are searching for a stylish font naming tool for Instagram or Facebook, or any other social media platform, then you are in right place now. below I have given a very easy tool that will generate your Instagram stylish name for your profile also you can write stunning Instagram bio details with … Read more

Best Favicon Grabber Tool Online | Fast way to Grab Any Website Favicon

Favicon Grabber Tool With the help of this tool, you can download the Favicon of any website, you just need to enter the website name in the below-given text box and just hit the “Grab Favicon Now” button and it will immediately fetch the Favicon from the website and show. Grab Favicon Now Right Click … Read more