How to Deal with Disfigurement after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be terrifying. The aftermath becomes worse when you are to deal with bodily injuries. Worse still, is when you learn that you have disfigurements.

Disfigurements cause a profound psychological impact on the victims, those with facial disfigurement having greater emotional, economic, and social difficulty.  If you have been involved in such an accident that left you with disfigurements through negligence, you can file a personal injury claim.

Motorcycle Disfigurements

Motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of disfigurements. It’s very frustrating when such injuries emanate from someone’s carelessness. Many injuries may lead to disfigurement after your motorcycle accident. Some of these include:

  • Facial injuries: These injuries comprise the most common injuries reported among motorcyclists. They may include loss of teeth, nose, ears, etc.
  • Burns form exhaust pipes, which may also require plastic surgery.
  • Amputations: Such injuries may result from loss of legs, limbs, hands, etc. A victim may be required to undergo training to help the learners to use prosthetic limbs.

How to Deal with Disfigurement after a Motorcycle AccidentWhen one suffers from the above injuries, many victims find it hard to cope with awkward comments with disfigurements, deal with those who make funny comments. However, Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer understands how such injuries affect one’s life and thus are concerned with getting you the proper treatment and afterward a favorable compensation. Such a lawyer is concerned with the pain you feel and understand the challenges motorcyclists face to hold the other driver responsible for the damages.

Remember that your disfigurement may lead to loss of job. The scar itself becomes a constant reminder that you were involved in an accident that may lead you to suffer from post-traumatic disorder. Thus, you will need the right advice to ensure you cope with your way of life. While you may have a therapist or psychologist to help you cope with life, you will need a lawyer to help you ensure the negligence party pays for their actions.

For your injuries, you may be concerned about filing your claim and what to recover as compensation.

Compensation for Your Disfigurement

If you were disfigured after your motorcycle accident, you need an experienced lawyer to help you deal with your damaged personality and offer legal advice for fair compensation.  When filing your claim, you will need to factor in your physical and psychological injuries. But you must produce evidence of what led to your disfigurement and how the injures have affected your life.

For such evidence, you may require a medical expert to give testimony. Your lawyer can advise you on why and when a medical expert testimony will be needed for your claim. Such an expert will provide details about the standard of care and whether the other driver breached the duty of care.  Such an expert will also aid your lawyer in evaluating or getting merits to about your case.

Typically, your claim worth for disfigurement will be based on:

  • The extent of your disfigurement. This gives out more details on whether such disfigurement may be temporary or permanent.
  • The location of such disfigurement. If you suffered facial disfigurement, you might get more compensation compared to a back or thigh disfigurement. Also, a female victim may get more compensation than their male counterpart.

Living with disfigurement of any kind is not easy; life will be a challenge as you will have to deal with self-esteem. The quality of your life will be adversely affected. For this, you will need the right physical, mental and financial support.

It’s possible to go through a healing process and live a normal life. While this is possible, you will require extensive medical care. You will also need financial support for personal care and traveling for treatment. Such costs will be factored in when seeking compensation.

Getting Legal Representation

If you or your loved one has suffered from disfigurement after a motorcycle accident, you need legal help. Your lawyer will work out your case depending on the effect of such injuries on your life.

To learn more about what is required for a successful claim and how much to recover, you can have free initial legal advice from your lawyer to discuss your situation.  As stipulated earlier, the amount to receive will depend on many factors. Therefore, you would find it worthwhile to get an experienced motorcycle lawyer who has dealt with similar situations to provide advice for your case.

Your lawyer will advise you on the possibilities of getting a fair settlement through negotiations or filing a lawsuit. He/she will work with experienced investigators to have the proper evidence needed for your case.

You will learn more about your case during your free initial consultation.  Most personal injury lawyers accept such cases on a contingency basis. Meaning if your case doesn’t win, you don’t pay anything.

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