Top 19: Advanced Excel Shortcuts in Hindi

Here below I have given Top 19 Advance Excel tips to get faster work in MS Excel, So below is the video of the example sheet that you can download from below given download button.

Below 19 Query has been Resolved in this video:-
(01). Found of Formula Source
(02). Pivot Table
(03). Cell Auto Adjust
(04). Go to or Select Data from Starting to End
(05). Remove Duplicate Values
(06). Data Validation
(07). Zoom Data
(08). Sort
(09). Filter
(10). AutoSum
(11). Freeze Panes
(12). Translate word in Hindi
(13). Print Preview
(14). Hide / Show Ribbon
(15). Open Next or Previous Sheet
(16). Protect Excel Sheet with Password
(17). List of Above Data
(18). Insert Entire Row/Column
(19). Delete Entire Row/Column

Watch This Video to Learn



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