Excel में ये फंडा आपको नहीं आता होगा || Excel Hidden Tricks (Hindi)

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=RandBetween( ) Formula Part-2 in Excel (in Hindi)

RandBetween( ) Formula (in Hindi) Secret Excel Formula( ) Very Important video for Accountants & Professionals and office users. Watch This Video to Learn        

Excel में Mobile Data कैसे Filter करें || Len Formula in Excel (Hindi)

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EXCEL Pivot-Table के ये ज़बरदस्त Features आपको नहीं पता होंगे, Pivot-Table in Tabular Form

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MACRO (PART-7)-VBA Code for Unhide All Excel Sheet with a Shortcut

Here is the code to unhide all excel sheets at one click:-  Sub UnhideSheet() Dim Sheet As Worksheet For Each Sheet In Worksheets: Sheet.Visible = True: Next Sheet End Sub Watch This Video to Learn        

=MAX( ) =MIN( )Formula in Excel,Show Negative-Positive Value Separately

Here in this video, i have explained how to separate negative value and positive value in different cells. To separate the negative and positive value we have used =MIN & =MAX formula. Watch This Video to Learn      

Top 6: Advanced Excel Shortcuts (Powerful & Faster) in Hindi

If you want to increase your working speed in excel then this video is for you, here in this video i have explained MS Excel Top 6 amazing shortcut keys that will help to work faster and easier. Watch This Video to Learn    

Penalty Formula IF employee reach Office Late with =IF( ),=TIME(hr,mm,sec), =MAX( )

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Friends, in this video i have explained a formula with the help of which you can calculate the Penalty Amount if Office Employee Reach office late time after office timing. So here i have used MAX FORMULA, IF-ELSE FORMULA AND TIME FORMULA to solve the issue. I hope it will be very helpful for you. … Read more

How to Make Word-Cloud for Official Presentation for PowerPoint / Word / Excel or for Website

Friends, Lots of times when we make any type of presentation, we need an effective image as related to our topic as we are presenting. If you search on the internet, you will find that people enter a word cloud in their presentation, or in a file or on their website post. so here in … Read more

TOP-3 Excel Hidden Shortcut keys & Commands Best Time-Saving Tricks

Friends here in this video i have explained about AutoCorrect Command and how can we use AutoCorrect Command in our daily routine. We can save lots of time by using this command in excel. I have applied Auto Correct Command in our Billing Format. Also, i have explained that how to play with months in … Read more