How to Fill Blank Cells with Value above in Excel using Formula

Fill Above Data in Below Blank Rows Automatically

in this video, i have explained how to fill blank cells with the value above in excel using the formula without VBA code.   Watch This Video to Learn          

Excel में ये फंडा आपको नहीं आता होगा || Excel Hidden Tricks (Hindi)

Watch This Video to Learn        

TOP-3 Excel Hidden Shortcut keys & Commands Best Time-Saving Tricks

Friends here in this video i have explained about AutoCorrect Command and how can we use AutoCorrect Command in our daily routine. We can save lots of time by using this command in excel. I have applied Auto Correct Command in our Billing Format. Also, i have explained that how to play with months in … Read more

Excel Hidden Command (in Hindi)

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In this video, i have explained how to draw excel data from the next line to the same link as you want. you just need to replace your symbol by Ctrl+J shortcut because Ctrl +J is the shortcut for replacing the ENTER button from the next line. you just need to watch this video to … Read more