[450+ FREE] Excel Project Files Download | Excel Practice Files .XLS

[450+ FREE] Excel Project Files Download | Excel Practice Files .XLS

Download Excel Project Practice Files Free

S.No.TitleCheck Full ArticleWatch VideoDownload
135How to Calculate Minimum Value Greater than Zero “0” with FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
134How to Select Automatic a Name from Column with FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
133How to Calculate Petrol Conveyance with Formula in Excel EasilyRead articleWatch VideoDownload
132How to Enter All Sheets Monthly Total Summery in a New SheetRead articleWatch VideoDownload
131Enter Kgs and Liters Automatically in Excel CellsRead articleWatch VideoDownload
130Make Monthly Stock Sheet in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
129How to Split Each Excel Sheet Into a Separate File by One ClickRead articleWatch VideoDownload
128Transpose Very Complicated Excel Data into Easy FormatRead articleWatch VideoDownload
127Attendance Software Data Not Managed Properly In Excel | Convert Vertical Data To Horizontal FormatRead articleWatch VideoDownload
126=COUNTIFS use in Complicated Data in Excel | Count Grade Students with Countifs Formula(Very Useful)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
125School-College Data Management Make MIS Report (Gender-wise/Class-wise/Caste-wise/Category-wise)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
124Stock Management in Excel (Closing Stock as Opening Stock)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
123How to Format Proper Data when Export from Tally to ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
122How to Create a Sales DYNAMIC Map Chart With Slicer in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
121Download Automated EXPENSE TRACKER Software in Excel (FREE)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
120Customer Care Complaint Management in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
119Calculate Expiry Date in Excel | Product Expiry Formula in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
118MIS Report 2D Column Chart in Excel (HINDI)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
117How to convert Date to English Words in Microsoft Excel?Read articleWatch VideoDownload
116How to Convert Number to English Words in Microsoft Excel?Read articleWatch VideoDownload
115How to Convert Number to Hindi Words in Microsoft Excel?Read articleWatch VideoDownload
114Excel Small Trick to Check Your Data Accuracy or ReconciliationRead articleWatch VideoDownload
113Download GST Calculator in Excel for Reverse Calculation | Make Reverse GST Calculator in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
112Amazing Sales Analysis Report in Excel, How to make Sales Comparison Chart Report in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
111How to use Forecast Formula in Excel in (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
110How to Fill Blank Cells with Value above in Excel using FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
109Vlookup का सबसे आसान Example || What is Vlookup in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
108Download Stock Management Software in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
107Use Filter without Mouse || EXCEL में बिना Mouse के Filter Use करना सीखेंRead articleWatch VideoDownload
106MIS Report (Part-4) हिंदी में, Consolidate Multiple sheet Amount into One SheetRead articleWatch VideoDownload
105MIS Report (Part-3) Stock Management Software in Excel in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
104ज़बरदस्त Excel Hidden Feature || Insert Picture in Excel CommentRead articleWatch VideoDownload
103Excel Magic Formula in Hindi (ज़रूर सीखें)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
102Excel में ये फंडा आपको नहीं आता होगा || Excel Hidden Tricks (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
101MIS Report (Part-2) How to make Payment Reminder Report in Excel (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
100Excel में Income Tax Calculator बनाना सीखें (.xlsx Download)  Block editorRead articleWatch VideoDownload
99Use of Dollar in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
98Indirect Formula + Vlookup Formula + Conditional Formatting in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
97Attendance Management in Excel(Hindi) Automated Attendance SheetRead articleWatch VideoDownload
96Wildcard Vlookup in Excel (New Lookup)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
95Excel में Number को Words में कैसे Convert करेंRead articleWatch VideoDownload
94MIS Dashboard Report in Excel (in HIndi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
93Excel में एक बड़ी Problem का Solution || Fill Above Data in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
92=RandBetween( ) Formula Part-2 in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
91Secret Excel Formula,Very Important for Accountants =RandBetween( ) =Rand( ) FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
90Extract Data from One Cell to Multiple Column in Excel (Text to Column & Flash Fill Function)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
89Tally to Excel Big Problem’s Solution, Remove Debit and Credit in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
88=IF( ) Formula Auto Serial No. in Sales Invoice (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
87Merge/Combine Multiple Excel Files into one File Excel File (HindI)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
86Pass-Fail Formula in Excel, Student Marksheet if Formula and Percentage FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
85RTGS-NEFT Charges Calculator in Excel with IFS and IF Formula (HINDI)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
84=Ceiling( ) and Floor( ) Formula in Excel (in Hindi) || Excel Hidden FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
83Excel में Mobile Data कैसे Filter करें || Len Formula in Excel (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
82EXCEL Pivot-Table के ये ज़बरदस्त Features आपको नहीं पता होंगे, Pivot-Table in Tabular FormRead articleWatch VideoDownload
81MACRO (PART-7)-VBA Code for Unhide All Excel Sheet with a ShortcutRead articleWatch VideoDownload
80Excel में TOP 2 Ranking Items और उनका Total क्या है कैसे निकाले,with Large Formula & Vlookup FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
79=MAX( ) =MIN( )Formula in Excel,Show Negative-Positive Value SeparatelyRead articleWatch VideoDownload
78Top 6: Advanced Excel Shortcuts (Powerful & Faster) in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
77Penalty Formula IF employee reach Office Late with =IF( ),=TIME(hr,mm,sec), =MAX( )Read articleWatch VideoDownload
76How to Make Word-Cloud for Official Presentation for PowerPoint / Word / Excel or for WebsiteRead articleWatch VideoDownload
75Excel Hidden Trick || Copy Excel Format with Find CommandRead articleWatch VideoDownload
74Automatic Pricing in Sales Invoice in EXCELRead articleWatch VideoDownload
73TOP-3 Excel Hidden Shortcut keys & Commands Best Time-Saving TricksRead articleWatch VideoDownload
72Make Sales Commission Report in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
71Match 2 Data in Excel || Compare 2 Data in Excel || Compare Two Lists in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
70Excel Hidden Command in Excel – Fill Justify Command in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
69Excel Hidden Trick (in Hindi) || Copy Only Visible Filter Data in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
68Attendance Data Problem Solution in Excel (in Hindi) by TechGuruPlusRead articleWatch VideoDownload
67MACRO (PART-6) Passport Form Data Filling in Excel Data AutoSave in Next SheetRead articleWatch VideoDownload
66Excel Hidden Command (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
65Convert Excel Data from Horizontal to Vertical Format in one lineRead articleWatch VideoDownload
64Make Own Print Button in Excel || Print Preview and Print Button Excel with VBA CodingRead articleWatch VideoDownload
63Make Inshop Branding Files Name List in Excel, Powerful Function of ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
62Excel Pivot Table with If-Else( ) Formula and Condition Formatting in Pivot TableRead articleWatch VideoDownload
61Automatic Right Tick and Cross Tick in Payment Receivable in Excel with Condition FormattingRead articleWatch VideoDownload
60Highlight Search Value automatically by Countif Formula and Condition Formatting CommandRead articleWatch VideoDownload
59Calculate Sales Commission in Excel using if functionRead articleWatch VideoDownload
58=FormulaText ( ) Function in Hindi, छोटा सा ज़बरदस्त Formula in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
57=trim( ) Formula Solve Big Problem of MS Excel by Trim FormulaRead articleWatch VideoDownload
56How to Use Flash Fill in Microsoft Excel Tutorial in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
55MACRO (PART-5) Advanced Excel Macro in Excel in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
54=IF else( ) Amazing Formula in Excel (Sales Man Commission Formula)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
53Advance Excel Sales-Summery-Chart with Pivot Table (in Hindi) || Pivot Table Part-4Read articleWatch VideoDownload
52Top 3 Formula to Change Case with =upper( ) =Lower( ) =Proper( ) in Excel in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
51=IF else( ) Formula New Trick in Excel(Advance Excel in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
50=IF( ) else( ) Amazing Formula in Excel (Jump Serial No.)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
49How to Make Professional Chart in Excel- Pie Chart, Bar Chart & Line Chart in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
48Pivot Table Part-3 || Top 10 and Bottom 10 Selling Items by Pivot Table in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
47Pivot Table Part-2 in Hindi, Stunning Example of Pivot Table in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
46Pivot Table Part-1 in Hindi, Stunning Example of Pivot Table in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
45=Large( ) Formula in Hindi || Search Top 4 Rank Value From Students DatabaseRead articleWatch VideoDownload
44Repeat Heading Line, Row & Column Titles on Every Page in Excel (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
43TOP 4 Excel Formula -SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
42TOP 5 Excel Formulas-COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, COUNTBLANK in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
41MACRO (PART-4) Advanced Excel Macro in Excel in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
40Filter Option in Excel || Very Simple Example for Filter in Excel (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
39Vlookup Formula with 2 Special Conditions (Find Roll No. on the base of Student Name and Class Name)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
38Making GST Invoice / Billing Software in Excel with Check Box and Radio ButtonRead articleWatch VideoDownload
37Vlookup and Hlookup Formula in Excel (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
36=Sumif( ) Formula in Excel in Hindi (TOP 5: Example for Sumif and Countif)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
35TOP 4 Example of Countif Advance Excel Formula (in Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
34Top 19: Advanced Excel Shortcuts in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
33Make BarCode in Excel, What is QR Code & Bar CodeRead articleWatch VideoDownload
32Extract Numbers and Text in Separate Cell in ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
31MACRO (PART-3) Advanced Excel (Powerful Function) Macro in Excel in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
30How to Convert Number to Dollar or any Other Currency in MS ExcelRead articleWatch VideoDownload
29AUTOMATIC-GST Tax Calculation by Excel in Tax Invoice (CGST/SGST/IGST)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
28Top 6: Advanced Excel Tips in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
27Extraordinary Data Formatting with Advance Excel (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
26Advance Excel, Making of “Stunning Invoice” with Spin Button (Hindi)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
25Top 5: Advanced Excel Tips in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
24Top 10: Advanced Excel Tips in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
23Top 20: Advanced Excel Tips in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
22How to Convert Number to Text in MS Excel (Advance Excel Tips)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
21Top 3: Advanced Excel Tips in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
20Cheque Printing Format in Excel Free Download (.xls file Download)Read articleWatch VideoDownload
19MACRO in Advanced Excel (Powerful Function) in HindiRead articleWatch VideoDownload
18Loan EMI Calculator in Excel (.xls file Download Here)Read articleNoDownload
17Age Calculator in Excel (.xls file download)Read articleNoDownload
16MACRO (PART-2) Salary Dashboard with Macro & Command Button with Developer TabRead articleWatch VideoNo
15Special Character Meaning in MS Excel that You Must Know AboutRead articleNoNo
14“If, Else” Formula in Excel with 4 Examples (Very Easy) | if else example in excelRead articleNoNo
13How to Find Duplicates in Excel within 10 Seconds (with Example)Read articleNoNo
12How to create a Drop-down list in Excel (with in 30 Seconds-With Example)Read articleNoNo
11How to Protect & How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet with a PasswordRead articleNoNo
10How to Lock an Excel file with a Password (very easy)Read articleNoNo
9How to Learn Pivot Table Quickly in MS Excel (With Example)Read articleNoNo
8Using of Vlookup Command in Excel (With Example)Read articleNoNo
7VLOOKUP Function Step by Step Process with ExampleRead articleNoNo
6How to Convert Excel to PDF (Very Simple)Read articleNoNo
5How to Merge Cells In Excel (Merge & Center, Merge Across, Merge Cells)Read articleNoNo
4Max Min Formula in Excel, Max, Min in HindiRead articleNoNo
3Countif in Hindi, Countif कैसे काम करता हैं, Countif Vs CountRead articleNoNo
2Count function in HINDI, कैसे list में Count करेRead articleNoNo
1Xlookup in HINDI | What is Xlookup | Xlookup vs VlookupRead articleNoNo


Excel Templates for Office Use

1Download12 Month Calendar Template In Excel
2DownloadAcademic Calendar Template In Excel
3DownloadActivity Based Cost Tracker Template In Excel
4DownloadActivity Costs Tracker Template In Excel
5DownloadAddress And Phone List Template In Excel
6DownloadAdjustable Meeting Agenda Template In Excel
7DownloadAdvent Calendar Template In Excel
8DownloadAgile Gantt Chart Template In Excel
9DownloadAny Year Calendar Single Month Per Tab Template In Excel
10DownloadAny Year Calendar Template In Excel
11DownloadAny Year Calendar Vertical Template In Excel
12DownloadAny Year Calendar With Holidays Template In Excel
13DownloadAny Year Expense Calendar Template In Excel
14DownloadBaby Growth Chart Template In Excel
15DownloadBaby Shower Planner Template In Excel
16DownloadBack To School Checklist Template In Excel
17DownloadBack To School Planner Template In Excel
18DownloadBalance Sheet Template In Excel
19DownloadBalloon Loan Payment Calculator Template In Exc
20DownloadBasic Customer Contact List Template In Excel 2
21DownloadBasic Meal Planner Template In Excel
22DownloadBasic Personal Budget Template In Excel
23DownloadBathroom Remodel Cost Calculator Template In Excel
24DownloadBid Tracker Template In Excel
25DownloadBill Paid Tracker Template In Excel
26DownloadBill Paying Checklist Template In Excel
27DownloadBilling Statement Simple Template In Excel
28DownloadBirthday Calendar With Highlighting Template In Excel
29DownloadBirthday List Template In Excel
30DownloadBlank Daily Calendar Template In Excel
31DownloadBlank Monthly Calendar Template In Excel
32DownloadBlood Pressure And Glucose Tracker Template In Excel
33DownloadBlood Pressure Tracker Template In Excel
34DownloadBlood Sugar Tracker Template In Excel
35DownloadBlue Balance Sheet Template In Excel
36DownloadBlue Expense Report Template In Excel
37DownloadBlue Invoice Template In Excel
38DownloadBlue Mileage And Expense Report Template In Excel
39DownloadBlue Product Price List Template In Excel
40DownloadBlue Sales Receipt Template In Excel
41DownloadBlue Timesheet Template In Excel
42DownloadBook Collection List Template In Excel
43DownloadBreakeven Analysis Template In Excel
44DownloadBudget For Fundraiser Event Template In Excel
45DownloadBudget For Garden And Landscaping Template In Excel
46DownloadBudget Summary Report Template In Excel
47DownloadBudget Wheel Template In Excel
48DownloadBusiness Budget Template In Excel
49DownloadBusiness Expense Budget Template In Excel
50DownloadBusiness Expense Report Template In Excel
51DownloadBusiness Expenses Budget Template In Excel
52DownloadBusiness Financial Plan Template In Excel
53DownloadBusiness Monthly Budget Template In Excel
54DownloadBusiness Plan Checklist Template In Excel
55DownloadBusiness Plan Checklist With Swot Analysis Template In Excel
56DownloadBusiness Price Quotation Template In Excel
57DownloadBusiness Trip Budget Template In Excel
58DownloadCalorie Amortization Schedule Template In Excel
59DownloadCamping Trip Planner Template In Excel
60DownloadCar Repair Tracker Template In Excel
61DownloadChannel Marketing Budget Template In Excel
62DownloadCharitable Gifts And Donations Tracker Template In Excel
63DownloadCheck Register With Chart Template In Excel
64DownloadCheck Register With Transaction Codes Template In Excel
65DownloadChecklist For Back To School Template In Excel
66DownloadChristmas Card List Template In Excel
67DownloadClass Roster Template In Excel
68DownloadClient Handling Experience Letter Certificate Template
69DownloadCollege Budget Template In Excel
70DownloadCollege Comparison Tracker Template In Excel
71DownloadCollege Course Manager Template In Excel
72DownloadCollege Expense Budget Template In Excel
73DownloadCollege Income And Expenses Budget Template In Excel
74DownloadCollege Monthly Budget Template In Excel
75DownloadComparison List Template In Excel
76DownloadCompetitive Analysis Using Swot Template In Excel
77DownloadCompetitor Analysis Template In Excel
78DownloadConstruction Bid Form Template In Excel
79DownloadConstruction Proposal Template In Excel
80DownloadContact List Template In Excel
81DownloadCost Analysis With Pareto Chart Template In Excel
82DownloadCredit Card Tracker Template In Excel
83DownloadCross Functional Flowchart From Data Template In Excel
84DownloadDaily Supervisor Timesheet Template In Excel
85DownloadDaily Work Schedule Template In Excel
86DownloadDiet And Exercise Journal Template In Excel
87DownloadDinner Party List With Menu Template In Excel
88DownloadDisbursement Journal Template In Excel
89DownloadDrop Down Tutorial Template In Excel
90DownloadEasy Monthly Budget Template In Excel
91DownloadEmployee Attendance Record Template In Excel
92DownloadEmployee Or Independent Contractor Checklist Template In Excel
93DownloadEmployee Phone List Template In Excel
94DownloadEmployee Shift Schedule Template In Excel
95DownloadEmployee Timesheet Template In Excel
96DownloadEquipment Inventory And Depreciation Schedule Template In Excel
97DownloadEquipment Inventory List Template In Excel
98DownloadEvent Budget Simple Template In Excel
99DownloadEvent Planner And Timeline Template In Excel
100DownloadEvent Planning Tracker Template In Excel
101DownloadExercise Planner Template In Excel
102DownloadExpenses Calculator Template In Excel
103DownloadExpenses Report Template In Excel
104DownloadExperience Certificate Word Templates
105DownloadFamily Budget Planner Template In Excel
106DownloadFamily Budget Planner Template In Excel 2
107DownloadFamily Budget Template In Excel
108DownloadFamily Event Calendar Template In Excel
109DownloadFamily Travel Itinerary Template In Excel
110DownloadFamily Travel Planner Template In Excel
111DownloadFamily Tree Generator Template In Exce
112DownloadFamily Vacation Checklist Template In Excel
113DownloadFitness Progress Chart For Men Metric Template In Excel
114DownloadFitness Progress Chart For Women Metric Template In Excel
115DownloadFitness Tracker Template In Excel
116DownloadFitness Vision Template In Excel
117DownloadFive Day Event Schedule Template In Excel
118DownloadFloral Wedding Budget Template In Excel
119DownloadFood Budget Template In Excel
120DownloadGantt Chart Planner Template In Excel
121DownloadGantt Project Planner Template In Excel
122DownloadGeneral Ledger With Budget Comparison Template In Excel
123DownloadGeneral Ledger With Budget Comparison Template Xls
124DownloadGift Budget And Tracker Template In Excel
125DownloadGift Planner Template In Excel
126DownloadGraph Paper Template In Excel
127DownloadGrocery List Template In Excel
128DownloadGrocery List With Category Totals Template In Excel
129DownloadGrocery Lists Template In Excel
130DownloadGroup Event Planner Template In Excel
131DownloadGroup Trip Planner Template In Excel
132DownloadHis And Her Weight Loss Tracker Template In Excel
133DownloadHoliday Budget Planner Template In Excel
134DownloadHoliday Gift List Template In Excel
135DownloadHoliday Shopping Planner Template In Excel
136DownloadHome Construction Budget Template In Excel
137DownloadHome Contents Inventory List Template In Excel
138DownloadHome Maintenance Schedule And Task List Template In Excel
139DownloadHome Schooling Progress Record Template In Excel
140DownloadHomework Log Template In Excel
141DownloadHouse Cleaning Checklist Template In Excel
142DownloadHousehold Monthly Budget Template In Excel
143DownloadHousehold Organizer Template In Excel
144DownloadHousehold To Do List Template In Excel
145DownloadIce Breakers Tracker Template In Excel
146DownloadIncome Statement 1 Year Template In Excel
147DownloadInventory List Accessibility Guide Template In Excel
148DownloadInventory List Template In Excel
149DownloadInventory List Template In Excel 2
150DownloadAn Inventory List With A Highlighting
151DownloadInventory List With Highlighting Template In Excel
152DownloadInventory List With Reorder Highlighting Template In Excel
153DownloadInventory Of Home Contents Template In Excel
154DownloadInvestment Tracker Template In Excel
155DownloadInvoice Template In Excel
156DownloadInvoice That Calculates Total Landscape Template In Excel
157DownloadInvoice That Calculates Total With Logo Template In Excel
158DownloadInvoice With Sales Tax Template In Excel
159DownloadInvoice With Tax Calculation Template In Excel
160DownloadInvoices Tracker Template In Excel
161DownloadJob Application Log Template In Excel
162DownloadJob Application Manager Template In Excel
163DownloadJob Candidates Tracker Template In Excel
164DownloadJulian Calendar Any Year Template In Excel
165DownloadKitchen Remodel Cost Calculator Template In Excel
166DownloadKnowledge Management Report Template In Excel
167DownloadLibrary Book Checkout Sheet Template In Excel 2
168DownloadLoan Amortization Schedule Template In Excel
169DownloadLoan Analysis Worksheet Template In Excel
170DownloadLoan Calculator Template In Excel
171DownloadLoan Calculator Template In Excel
172DownloadMake A List Worksheet Template In Excel
173DownloadManage My Money Template In Excel
174DownloadMarketing Event Budget Template In Excel
175DownloadMarketing Project Plan Template In Excel
176DownloadMarketing Project Planner Template In Excel
177DownloadMedical Office Startup Expenses Template In Excel
178DownloadMeeting Agenda With Adjustable Times Template In Excel
179DownloadMembership List Template In Excel
180DownloadMileage Log And Expense Report Template In Excel
181DownloadMilestone Charting Roadmap Template In Excel
182DownloadMilestone Infographic Timeline Template In Excel
183DownloadMonthly Budget Accessibility Guide Template In Excel
184DownloadMonthly College Budget Template In Excel
185DownloadMonthly College Expense Budget Template In Excel
186DownloadMonthly Company Budget Excel Template
187DownloadMonthly Company Budget Template In Excel
188DownloadMonthly Food Budget Template In Excel
189DownloadMonthly Personal Planner Template In Excel
190DownloadMovie List Template In Excel
191DownloadOrganizational Telephone List Template In Excel
192DownloadParty Planner And Checklist Template In Excel
193DownloadParty Planner Template In Excel
194DownloadPayment Voucher Excel Templates
195DownloadPersonal Asset Inventory Template In Excel
196DownloadPersonal Budget Template In Excel
197DownloadPersonal Contact List Template In Excel
198DownloadPersonal Expenses Calculator Template In Excel
199DownloadPersonal Mileage Tracker Template In Excel
200DownloadPersonal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Template In Excel
201DownloadPersonal Monthly Budget Template In Excel
202DownloadPersonal Net Worth Calculator Template In Excel
203DownloadPhases Of The Moon Calendar Template In Excel
204DownloadPhoto Calendar Mon Template In Excel
205DownloadPhoto Family Tree Template In Excel
206DownloadPlayful Calendar For Any Year Template In Excel
207DownloadPremium Personal Monthly Budget Template In Excel
208DownloadPremium Weekly Chore Schedule Template In Excel
209DownloadPrice Quotation Without Tax Template In Excel
210DownloadProblem Analysis With Pareto Chart Template In Excel
211DownloadProblem Analysis With Pareto Chart Tracker Template In Excel
212DownloadProcess Map For Basic Flowchart Template In Excel
213DownloadProcess Map For Cross Functional Flowchart Template In Excel
214DownloadProduct Price List Template In Excel
215DownloadProfit And Loss Statement With Logo Template In Excel
216DownloadProfit Loss Statement Template In Excel
217DownloadProject Issue Tracker Template In Excel
218DownloadProject Performance Report Template In Excel
219DownloadProject Plan For Law Firms Template In Excel
220DownloadProject Timesheet Template In Excel
221DownloadProject To Do List Template In Excel
222DownloadProject Tracker Template In Excel
223DownloadQuarterly Sale Report Template In Excel
224DownloadRegional Sales Chart Template In Excel
225DownloadRetirement Financial Planner Template In Excel
226DownloadRetirement Planner Template In Excel
227DownloadRetirement Planner Format
228DownloadRevenue Trend Charting Template In Excel
229DownloadSales Commission Calculator Template In Excel
230DownloadSales Forecast Tracker Small Business Template In Excel
231DownloadSmall Business Sales Forecast Tracker
232DownloadSales Invoice Blue Gradient Design Template In Excel
233DownloadSales Invoice Template In Excel
234DownloadSales Invoice Tracker Template In Excel
235DownloadSales Lead Tracker Template In Excel
236DownloadSales Receipt Simple Design Worksheet Template In Excel
237DownloadSales Receipt With Logo Template In Excel
238DownloadSavings Estimator Template In Excel
239DownloadSeasonal Illustrated Any Year Calendar Template In Excel
240DownloadSeasonal Photo Calendar Template In Excel
241DownloadSemester At A Glance Template In Excel
242DownloadSemester Calendar Template In Excel
243DownloadSemi Monthly Home Budget Template In Excel
244DownloadService Invoice Simple Lines Design Worksheet Template In Exce
245DownloadService Price List Template In Excel
246DownloadShift Work Calendar Year At A Glance Template In Excel
247DownloadSimple Gantt Chart Template In Excel
248DownloadSimple Invoice Template In Excel
249DownloadSimple Invoice That Calculates Total Template In Excel
250DownloadSimple Loan Calculator And Amortization Table Template In Excel
251DownloadSimple Personal Budget Template In Excel
252DownloadSimple Personal Cash Flow Statement Template In Excel
253DownloadSimple To Do List Template In Excel
254DownloadSmall Business Cash Flow Forecast Template In Excel
255DownloadSmall Business Cash Flow Projection Template In Excel
256DownloadSmall Business Contact List Template In Excel
257DownloadSmall Business Income Statement Template In Excel
258DownloadSmall Business Petty Cash Log Template In Excel
259DownloadSmall Business Profit And Loss Statement Template In Excel
260DownloadSmall Business Sales Lead Tracker Template In Excel
261DownloadSocial Media Content Calendar Template In Excel
262DownloadSocial Media Editorial Theme Calendar Template In Excel
263DownloadSport Sign Up Sheet Template In Excel
264DownloadSports Sign Up Sheet Template In Excel
265DownloadSports Taeam Roster Template In Excel
266DownloadStartup Expenses Template In Excel
267DownloadStreaming Show List Template In Excel
268DownloadStudent Assignment Planner Template In Excel
269DownloadStudent Calendar Mon Template In Excel
270DownloadSubscription And Membership Tracker Template In Excel
271DownloadSummer Break Calendar Template In Excel
272DownloadTeachers Do List Template In Excel
273DownloadTeachers Grade Book Based On Averages Template In Excel
274DownloadTeachers Grade Book Based On Points Template In Excel
275DownloadTelephone Conversation Tracker For Incoming And Outgoing Calls Template In Excel
276DownloadTime Sheet Weekly Template In Excel
277DownloadTimeline With Milestones Yellow Template In Excel
278DownloadTo Do List Template In Excel
279DownloadTo Do List With Progress Tracker Template In Excel
280DownloadTotal A List Template In Excel
281DownloadTouch Base Tracker Template In Excel
282DownloadTournament Bracket 16 Teams Template In Excel
283DownloadTrack My Tasks Template In Excel
284DownloadTravel Expense Calculator Template In Excel
285DownloadTravel Expense Statement Template In Excel
286DownloadTrip Planner Template In Excel
287DownloadVacation Budget Planner Template In Excel
288DownloadVacation Checklist Template In Excel
289DownloadVacation Items Checklist Template In Excel
290DownloadVehicle Loan Payment Calculator Template In Excel
291DownloadVehicle Service Record Template In Excel
292DownloadVertical Timeline Template In Excel
293DownloadVideo Game Tracker Template In Excel
294DownloadVolunteer Assignments Template In Excel
295DownloadWarehouse Inventory Template In Excel
296DownloadWebsite Budget Template In Excel
297DownloadWedding Budget Expenses Comparison Template In Excel
298DownloadWedding Budget Planner Template In Excel
299DownloadWedding Expense Budget Template In Excel
300DownloadWedding Guest List With Tulips Template In Excel
301DownloadWedding Invitation Tracker Template In Excel
302DownloadWedding Playlist Template In Excel
303DownloadWedding Timeline Planner Template In Excel
304DownloadWeekly Assignment Schedule Template In Excel
305DownloadWeekly Attendance Report Template In Excel
306DownloadWeekly Chore Roulette Template In Excel
307DownloadWeekly Class Attendance Record Template In Excel
308DownloadWeekly Meal Planner And Grocery List Template In Excel
309DownloadWeekly Sales Activity Report Template In Excel
310DownloadWeekly Time Record Small Business Template In Excel
311DownloadWeight Loss Tracker Template In Excel
312DownloadWine Collection List Template In Excel
313DownloadWork Order Tracker Template In Excel
314DownloadWriting Submissions Tracker Template In Excel
315DownloadYearly Overview Editorial Calendar Template In Excel

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying updated and mastering software tools has become essential for professionals in various fields. Microsoft Excel, with its powerful spreadsheet capabilities, is a widely used application for data analysis, organization, and automation.

For individuals seeking to enhance their Excel skills, platforms like TechGuruPlus provide valuable resources. In this article, we will analyze the website TechGuruPlus and its offerings, specifically focusing on its Excel project practice files for download.

TechGuruPlus: An Overview:

TechGuruPlus is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive tutorials, tips, and resources for mastering various aspects of technology, particularly Microsoft Excel. The website aims to empower users with in-depth knowledge, allowing them to optimize their Excel proficiency for personal, academic, or professional purposes.

Excel Project Practice Files:

One of the standout features of TechGuruPlus is its extensive collection of Excel project practice files available for download. These practice files are designed to assist users in honing their Excel skills by working on real-life scenarios and projects. By providing hands-on experience with practical examples, TechGuruPlus enables learners to grasp the intricacies of Excel functions, formulas, data analysis, and visualization.

The project practice files cover a wide range of topics, including financial modeling, budgeting, data manipulation, reporting, and more. Users can choose from a variety of Excel versions, such as Excel 2019, Excel 2016, and earlier versions, ensuring compatibility with their software environment. Each project practice file typically includes a detailed explanation, step-by-step instructions, and sample data to facilitate effective learning and application.

Benefits of Excel Project Practice Files:

1. Practical Application

TechGuruPlus‘ Excel project practice files offer practical scenarios that mimic real-life situations. Users can gain hands-on experience by applying Excel functions, formulas, and techniques to solve these problems, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

2. Skill Enhancement

Regularly working on Excel projects through practice files helps users improve their proficiency in data manipulation, analysis, and reporting. It also familiarizes them with advanced Excel features, enabling them to tackle complex tasks efficiently.

3. Self-Paced Learning

TechGuruPlus recognizes that learners have different paces and preferences. The availability of downloadable practice files allows users to learn at their own convenience, providing a flexible and self-paced learning experience.

4. Versatility

The diverse range of project practice files caters to users with varying levels of expertise. Whether you are a beginner seeking to grasp basic Excel concepts or an advanced user aiming to refine your skills, TechGuruPlus offers projects suitable for all proficiency levels.

In this article, i have grouped my all Excel Project Files in one place.

👉 Lots of people were saying to please provide us with all the project files for our Practice in Excel, so, i think i should make a big Excel page where I will upload all my Excel Practice Projects for my audience on the YouTube channel.

👉 Now in below Table, you can find my video “Topic Name” After that i provided a full article “Reading link” then gave a button to play the video on youtube, and finally provided a “Download Button” to download the Project file which i have used in making the video.

👉 Also, if you are a computer teacher and have your own computer center then I have allowed here to download all my Excel project files and use them in your computer center easily. If you need more help then kindly comment to me in the comment box below, i will try to solve your problem by making a video or writing an article for you.


TechGuruPlus is a valuable online resource for individuals looking to enhance their Excel skills. Through its comprehensive collection of Excel project practice files, the platform enables users to learn and apply Excel concepts in practical scenarios. By exploring these practice files, users can develop proficiency in data manipulation, analysis, reporting, and various other Excel functionalities. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply an Excel enthusiast, TechGuruPlus serves as a valuable hub for improving your Excel prowess. Embrace the power of hands-on learning with TechGuruPlus and unlock your full potential with Microsoft Excel.

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  1. Dear it will be helpful if the same is available with your excel purchased course also so that it is available the course as well

  2. Sir I am a big fan of you… I can’t see before this type of teacher… Apki baatein automatically save ho jati h mere mind Mai… Thank you very much sir 🙏🙏🙏


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