COUNTIFS use in Complicated Data in Excel | Count Grade Students with Countifs Formula (Very Useful)

Raw Data

student marksheet data in excel


1 Introduction

In the below video I have explained how to count the total Grade of Each student for each subject.

2 Purpose

To Extract Summary Data from A Big Data of Students of Multiple classes and sections Grade-wise and Subject-wise. We have generated a Simple and quick MIS Report for School or College.

3 Command Used

To solve this problem, we have used the COUNTIFS formula in Excel. which is a very helpful formula. but the use of Dollar Sign is a little bit complicated in this sheet, but you can watch the video again and again to learn. I have entered the formula below, you can copy and paste it into your sheet and the Excel file download link is also given below.

Formula:          =COUNTIFS(DATA!$G:$G,’Final Data’!$B3,DATA!$L:$L,’Final Data’!C$2)
Also Learn:      Use of Dollar Sign in Excel (in Hindi)

Final Report

student marksheet data in excel summery report

Video Tutorial


Download Practice File



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