10 Best Water Heaters & Geysers in India

Now that the winters have knocked on our doors it is required to take a warm bath and to enjoy this winter season. But how are you gonna enjoy it? Only the best heaters available which can give you the best experience can provide you with that enjoyment.

But with so many brands and so many products available in the market with different prices and different features, it makes us difficult to choose. The heater which serves us best as well as is budget-friendly.

After doing some small research, we are here to provide you with the 10 best water heaters available in the market with their pros and cons so that you can choose the one which suits you.

Things which has to be kept in mind before buying a water heater are:-

  1. Features
  2. Price
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Capacity
  5. wattage
  6. customer reviews and ratings

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Water heaters Tank capacity Power consumption Water tank + product warranty
Havells Adonia storage water heater 25l 2000w 5+2  years
AO Smith storage green series water heater 25l 2000w 7+2 years
Morphy Richards Lavo EMC storage geyser 25l 2000w 7+2 years
Panasonic duro digi 10l 2000w 10+3 years
Crompton solarium qube water heater 15l 2000w 7+2 years
Bajaj New Shakti GL water heater 25l 2000w 5+ 2 years
V Guard victo water heater 15l 2000w 2 years
Orient electric new glazio storage geyser 25l 2000w 7+ 2 years
Usha verve digital vertical water heater 15l 2000w 8+2 years
Racold Eterno 2 water heater 15l 2000w 7+ 2 years

1:- Havells Adonia Storage Water Heater

Havells Adonia storage water heaterIt is a vertical storage water heater with an excellent storage capacity of 25 liters. The inner tank is made up of mild steel with a glass line coating. It has an LED indicator that changes the color when water heats to the desired temperature. It has a remote control feature for temperature settings.


  1. 5 star BEE rating
  2. LED indicator
  3. Premium look
  4. Energy efficient
  5. Digital display

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2:- AO Smith Storage Green Series Water Heater

AO Smith storage green series water heaterThe AO Smith heaters come with a storage capacity of 25 liters and 15 liters. It has a blue diamond glass lined in a tank with 2x corrosion resistance which extends the life of the heating element. It even works in the hard water condition and can also be installed in high rise buildings.


  1. 5 star BEE rating
  2. 25-liter capacity
  3. flexible
  4. long lifespan
  5. 7-year warranty of water tank and two years on the geyser

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3:- Morphy Richards Lavo EMC Storage Geyser

Morphy Richards Lavo EMC storage geyser

The design and efficiency of this water heater make it unique. With a 25-liter storage capacity, this product comes with high-pressure resistance. It has a quick heating power and the body is ABS which means it is rust-free and shocks free.


  1. 5-star BEE rating
  2. unique design
  3. energy efficient
  4. Nano polymer coating Technology
  5. Good safety feature

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4:- Panasonic Duro Digi Water Heaters

Panasonic Duro Digi Water HeatersPanasonic duro digi is an amazing product introduced by the brand. It is economical and it has the feature of costlier Heaters. The inner tank is glass-lined coated and it has a magnesium anode rod. It comes with an LED display to help you set the temperature.


  1. 5-star BEE rating
  2. economical
  3. glass line coated tank
  4. returns value on your money
  5. 10 years warranty on tank 3 years on product

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5:- Crompton Solarium Qube Water Heater

Crompton solarium qube water heaterThis is actually an instant water heater with a storage capacity of 3 liters. The inner tank is stainless steel and its body is made up of abs which makes it rustproof in shockproof. This type of geyser is generally suitable for the kitchen.


  1. Stainless Steel body
  2. Rustproof
  3. 5 years guarantee on a tank in 2 years on product
  4. Copper heating element
  5. Economical

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6:- Bajaj New Shakti GL Water Heater

Bajaj new Shakti GL water heaterThe product from the most trusted company ultrasafe because it comes with certain safety measures to keep water from overheating or cause any trouble to your heater. The best feature of this heater is once it is heated it maintains the temperature of the water for a long period of time without electricity. The size of the heater is acceptable as it is easy to fit it anywhere you feel like you want to. This heater is best if you’re looking for a high storage capacity heater.


  1. 4-star BEE rating
  2. Fire accelerates extension
  3. 25-liter storage capacity
  4. Best safety features
  5. long-lasting heating capacity

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7:- V Guard Victo Water Heater

V Guard victo water heaterThis water heater from one of the trusted company of India is definitely worth buying. It comes with the best build quality and energy-efficient feature. It needs very low maintenance and has a warranty of 2 years.


  1.  5 Star BEE rating
  2. quick heating
  3. cylindrical shape
  4. customize temperature option
  5. Heat resistance

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8:- Orient Electric New Glazio Storage Geyser

Orient electric new glazio storage geyserThis product has a special Japanese antibacterial technology which increases the lifespan of the geyser. The body is made up of ABS. Available at 25 and 15-liter capacity this product comes with a feature of customizing temperature. The color and design of this product give it a premium look.


  1.  5-BEE rating
  2. smart antibacterial Technology
  3. customized temperature
  4. luxurious look
  5. 20% more hot water

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9:- Usha Verve Digital Vertical Water Heater

Usha verve digital vertical water heaterA product from the trusted Indian brand having a five-star rating comes with a trendy design and smart control.  The tank is coated with blue sapphire to avoid corrosion. Overall the product is durable and is the best seller in the Indian market.


  1.  5 star rating
  2. durable
  3. blue sapphire coating
  4. circuit breaker
  5. energy-efficient

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10- Racold Eterno 2 Water Heater

Racold Eterno 2 water heaterIt is a smart bath logic water heater that is coming from a notable brand which ensures its quality. The design of the heater is very classy and it gives your bathroom an eye-catchy look. The smart heater knows the perfect mixture of hot and cold water to make you less worry about the desired temperature. It requires no maintenance.


  1. 5 star BEE rating
  2. Stylish look
  3. Smart bath logic
  4. Smart mix
  5. Energy efficient

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