10 Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

The average small business would struggle to deliver 200 webinars in their lifetime. Given this reality, some experts believe the webinar is on the verge of a huge comeback. In fact, some experts believe it’s now the most effective medium for small businesses to connect with their customers and audiences. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of inspiring success stories on this front in recent years. You probably know several business owners who started using webinars to educate, inform and market their companies after they realized they could reach customers with a relatively low investment. No matter your circumstances, you should consider taking a webinar-first approach in the years ahead. We have listed below the 10 Best Webinar Platforms for Small Business to help in their growing business.

10 Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

S.No. Platform For Small Business
1 Demio
2 Webinar Ninja
3 BigMarker
4 MyOwnConference
5 GetResponse
6 BlueJeans
7 Vimeo
8 live webinar
9 WebinarJam
10 Zoho Meeting

I have prepared the above list of webinars Software, now I will explain the feature and summarize to you about every software one by one with a screenshot of webinar software, after watching the details you can decide which software will be best for you for Webinar conference

1. Demio

Dimeo Webinar


Demio is a convenient and comprehensive webinar software it is in one tool for any type of webinar. Since 2014 Demio gives a simple thanks to incorporate live or on-demand webinars into their marketing mix. you’ll get a high-definition (HD) streaming video that works on all browsers and devices No download is required for event attendees they are going to click a link to enter your webinar. On your end, Demio is straightforward to use. When you sign up with Demio you will get the following features:-


  • No Download needed fully browser-based
  • 14 days Free Trial
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee
  • 24*7 live chat and email
  • A limit of three active webcams
  • up to 15 presenters or moderators
  • Session length ranges from three to eight hour
  • Automatic Email notification reminders
  • Page templates for registration and thanks for your pages
  • Embeddable form options for your website

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2. Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja


Webinar Ninja is an all-in platform. With a core feature of a 14-day free trial, Facebook ad tracking, custom branding for all plans. Founded in 2014 webinar ninja stand out by offering four different webinar types while providing built-in marketing to look for setup in under a moment. With many features like custom branding, this well-rounded service easily wins for the simplest high-end option. Feature of this software provides:-


  •  Custom logo
  • Live page builders
  • Automatic webinar recording and storage
  • Integrates with stipe for paid webinars
  • Offers Interactive for an automated webinar
  • Automatic Email reminders
  • Social Sharing Option
  • Polls, Popup offer, and Q/a area
  • Screen Sharing’s
  • Email and Live Chat Support 24*7 days

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3. BigMarker

Big Maker


If you want to broadcast large-scale training sessions or virtual summits then BigMarker is the best option for you. Founded in 2010 as an advance video conferencing software, delivers top-notch reliability and easy-to-use, all-in-platform makes the best video conference software, it is a cloud-based software. its key elements include Live stream and engagement features for Facebook and YouTube & Integration with all major CRM and MAS software, BigMarker feature includes:-


  • Mobile-responsive landing page templates
  • Custom logo and colors for branding rooms and landing pages
  • Monetize webinars and get paid via PayPal
  • HD screen sharing
  • Embeds on the website and social media accounts
  • Public and private chat options
  • Q&A, upvoting, popup offers
  • 8. Pools, quizzes, and hand-outs

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4. MyOwnConference



This software is best for small groups, use this free feature to host meetings or webinar events or upgrade to a paid plan for larger groups. It has a full feature free plan which allows 20 attendees which makes it the best choice for small groups, Created in 2009, MyOwnConference provides excellent video conferencing and webinar software. You won’t find many integrations with MyOwnConference although it does connect together with your google analytics account. Some core features of this software including:-


  • Automated email reminder options
  • 2.16 supported languages
  • Polls, calls to action, tests, and surveys
  • Whiteboard
  • Screen, video, and audio sharing
  • Paid webinars
  • Branded series creation logo and colors

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5. GetResponse



GetResponse best for non-profits provides built-in marketing tools and 30% to 50% off pricing plans. Built-in 1999 as an email marketing platform, GetResponse has evolved to include feature-rich webinar plans like a 30-day free trial, no credit card required, huge non-profit discounts & an All-in-one marketing platform No installation is required to use the browser-based software. Key offerings include:


  • 1,000 to 100,000 subscribers on email lists
  • 100 to 500 live webinar attendees
  • Unlimited lead funnels, landing pages, and automation template
  • Unlimited webinars on all but the Basic plan
  • Store up to 20 hours of recordings
  • Three presenter’s live or on-demand webinars
  • One-click Facebook pixel integration
  • Email invites and reminders
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Polls, tests, and call-to-action buttons

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6. BlueJeans By Verizon

Blue Jeans by Verizon


BlueJeans by Verizon best for education platforms with its immersive virtual classroom experience with BlueJeans Events has offered comprehensive software solutions like video conferencing and collaboration tools. But its BlueJeans Events platform provides top-notch engagement tools for interacting with students, making it the simplest option for educators. It’s easy to set up and students and teachers can instantly connect from any device however company recommend Chrome or Edge browsers for the experience. Its Key Feature Includes:-


  • Automated closed captioning
  • Breakout rooms
  • Chat, raise a hand, and Q&A with upvoting
  • Live polling and post-event surveys
  • Intermission and pause button
  • Public or restricted events
  • Receive an automated email with a list of all attendees
  • 100 to 50,000 attendees
  • Unlimited number of webinars
  • Suggested two-hour session duration but this may be flexible

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7. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream


Vimeo Livestream best for conferencing and easy to host a conference with unlimited viewers using Vimeo Livestream. Founded in 2004, Vimeo began as a web video streaming site. In 2017, Vimeo acquired the Livestream brand and commenced offering unlimited events. Its Unlimited viewers, live events, and storage, HD video with adaptive streaming, Up to 12-hour events and  Unlimited streaming analytics makes the best choice for conferencing, its key feature includes:-


  • Video auto-archiving
  • Live polls and Q&A sessions
  • Audience chat
  • Graphical overlays
  • Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, or Twitch
  • Embed Vimeo on your website
  • Can stream to several social channels simultaneously
  • Customize your video player with tons of options

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8. LiveWebinar

Live Webinar


LiveWebinar best for MAC or IOS devices. With its cloud-based solution, LiveWebinar has Provided an affordable solution for the customize webinar, it is an easy to use software with no download required, live webinar works well on Safari and hence making it best for Mac user it popular features consist of:


  • Branding tools
  • Breakout rooms
  • Whiteboard
  • Call-to-action tools
  • Screen sharing
  • Tests, polls, and surveys
  • Interactive Prezi forms
  • Live chat during the webinar
  • 15 supported languages
  • Broadcast to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo
  • Embed on your website

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9. WebinarJam

Webinar Jam


WebinarJam webinar software is best for start-ups, now capturing investor’s attention, or positioning yourself as a thought-leader using webinar Jam. This browser-based webinar software delivers crisp HD video to any device using any browser and has cool integration with shopping carts, email marketing programs, and sales tools. The top feature of this webinar software include:-


  • Broadcast to YouTube Live
  • 23 supported languages
  • Live chat, group chat, sticky announcements, and private comments
  • Email and SMS text notifications
  • Live offer displays
  • Polls, surveys, and hand-outs
  • Paid webinar capabilities
  • Drawing board, screen sharing, and digital whiteboard
  • Page builders for registration and landing pages
  • Live offer countdown timer

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10. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting


Zoho Meeting is one of the best webinar software for small businesses, it has free and low-cost Zoho meeting and webinar plans. Zoho provides an array of online productivity tools, including meetings and webinar platforms. Zoho meetings only list integration with other Zoho products like Zoho CRM, Campaigns, and projects. However, you’ll get a fantastic feature like:


  • Embeddable registration link
  • In-depth analytics
  • Automated email follow-up
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant polls, Q&A, and broadcast messaging
  • Raise hand feature
  • Post-webinar call-to-action tools storage for up to 25 webinar recordings
  • 10 to 250 attendees
  • Unlimited co-organizers
  • No time limit on webinars

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