How to Convert Excel to PDF (Very Simple)


Converting your spreadsheet /excel file into a PDF format is called convert to pdf.  This feature provides the user a safety in document formatting changes by the sender or receiver.

convert excel file to pdfPurpose

Saving the document as a PDF, to ensures that no formatting changes to the original document while the senders opens it to avoiding accidental changes to the original document. A PDF document is usually read only.

Learning Objects

  • Convert Excel file to PDF

A. Convert Excel File to PDF

  • Open the Spreadsheet and then click on FILE option as highlighted in below screenshot.

convert Excel file to PDF-min (1)

  • Click Save As> Computer > (Path where to Save PDF)
  • For example- we chose path My Documents.
  • Refer the below screenshot.

save as pdf in word-min

  • Change the file name as per your convenience (optional) and then chose the PDF from drag down list from save as type comment then click on save.
  • Refer the screenshots A, B & C

Screenshot A

excel to pdf

Screenshot B

excel to pdf

Screenshot C

excel to pdf


Whenever you open a word document, there is a fear of some change in it, if we save the word document in pdf, then there will be no change in it or the same document will open in other’s computer as well.

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