Special Character Meaning in MS Excel that You Must Know About

Maximum people are using ms excel in corporate and small business, but very little people knows the meaning of special character, which is very different in excel. actually we knows these characters with a name but as per excel there name or meaning are totally different. so here in this post we have explained you that what are the name or meaning of these characters.

Meaning of Special Characters in Excel :

Character Name Meaning or Description of Character
{   } These are “Array Holders”
: This is for “Signals Multicell Ranges”
\    _ This is use for “Valid Name Characters” in excel
= It Denotes Beginning of Expression
!   # Both Sign are Denote “Errors”
”   ‘ It is “String Holders” as per excel rules
@ This Equivalent to “=”
% Symbol in excel – Divide by 100
& It is Called Concatenate in Excel
[   ] Both are the “Filename Holders”
;   , Called Separators
^ (   ) * –  +  / These are called “Arithmetic Operators”


So friends above are the meaning of special character’s meaning in excel. if we remember the name of these characters then it will be very easy to understand the formulas and errors also. we have some more topics in excel which may be very useful for you, so check the links below:-

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