Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets in Excel | Advance Feature

Lots of people don’t know that we can make pivot tables from multiple sheets also. Yes, if you have lots of data in an Excel sheet and want to make a pivot table using these multiple Excel sheets then you can make a joint data pivot table very easily. You have to follow some steps as given in the below video.

But when making a pivot from multiple sheets, you should keep in mind that there should be a common column in all those sheets. there 1 common column is not available in those sheets then you can not apply the pivot table using multiple sheets.

To make that Pivot first of all we have to convert all our data into table format:

  • Select the data then click on Insert button then click on Table Option, or you can use the Ctrl+T shortcut to make the table.
  • Now Make Pivot Table, Go to Insert Button then click on Pivot Table and Tick on the “Add this data to the Data Tables” option and make pivot table as per the video given below.
  • We need to make RelationShip between Sheets to analyze multiple tables.

Tutorial Video

Download Excel File

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