7-Ways to Convert Numbers into Words in Excel | Convert Amount to Words in Excel

Converting Amounts in Words in Excel is not an easy task, Excel does not have the inbuilt function to convert any number into words, that is why we have to add external VBA codes to our file to convert any number into words.

In this article, i have given 7 Methods to convert your values into words easily.

Each Function has a download section you can download the code file at the end of each method. 

You can jump directly to any method as the Table of contents is given below, click any method & it will jump you to that point.

1 Convert Amount to Text in Excel

In this method, we are using a .xlam file, which we have to upload in our Excel, and after that, we will use =SpellNumber formula to convert any amount to Words.

Once we upload this file in our Excel, then the formula will work in the whole Excel, you don’t need to upload it again and again.

This code is specially made for Indian Rupees, so if you are from India then this code will be very helpful for you.

Steps to  Upload .xlam file into your Excel-

Step 1-  Go to File Menu then open Excel Options Menu

Step 2- Now Click on Add-Ins then Click on GO button

Excel Options Menu

Step 3- Click on the Browse button then Select the file which you have downloaded here then click on OK button

excel addins option

Step 4-  Now your Excel is ready to convert the amount into words. use the below formula to convert values to words.


Final Output

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Tutorial Video


Download Sample File

2 Convert Number Amount to Word Text in Excel

Convert Number or Amount to English Words Formula to be use =NumberToText(A1)


Number to English Text in Excel

Tutorial Video

Download Excel Module Add-ins File Below


Note: The add-ins upload process is given in Method No.1 above

3 Convert Amount to Hindi Words in Excel

Formula to be use =NumberToHindi(A1)


Number to Hindi in Excel

Tutorial Video

Download Excel Module Add-ins File Below


4 Convert Number to Word with Online Tool

Number to Word Converter

Check Online Tool:

Convert Number to Hindi & English Online

5 Convert Number to Words in Dollar or Any Other Currency in Excel

This is the same method as Method No. 1 given above, follow the step there & upload the .xlam file, and use the same formula to convert the amount in to dollar text.


Final Output

amount in dollar in excel

Tutorial Video


6 Convert Number to Words in Dollars in Excel

This format will show the amount in words but the result will be shown in Million, Billions. To convert amount in words with dollar and cents you have to copy the below VBA code and paste into your Module section as the steps are given below-

Use VBA Code

Option Explicit
  'Main Function
  Function AmountToWord(ByVal MyNumber)
      Dim Dollars, Cents, Temp
      Dim DecimalPlace, Count
      ReDim Place(9) As String
      Place(2) = " Thousand "
      Place(3) = " Million "
      Place(4) = " Billion "
      Place(5) = " Trillion "

      MyNumber = Trim(Str(MyNumber))
      DecimalPlace = InStr(MyNumber, ".")
      If DecimalPlace > 0 Then
          Cents = GetTens(Left(Mid(MyNumber, DecimalPlace + 1) & _
                    "00", 2))
          MyNumber = Trim(Left(MyNumber, DecimalPlace - 1))
      End If
      Count = 1
      Do While MyNumber <> ""
          Temp = GetHundreds(Right(MyNumber, 3))
          If Temp <> "" Then Dollars = Temp & Place(Count) & Dollars
          If Len(MyNumber) > 3 Then
              MyNumber = Left(MyNumber, Len(MyNumber) - 3)
              MyNumber = ""
          End If
          Count = Count + 1
      Select Case Dollars
          Case ""
              Dollars = "No Dollars"
          Case "One"
              Dollars = "One Dollar"
           Case Else
              Dollars = Dollars & " Dollars"
      End Select
      Select Case Cents
          Case ""
              Cents = " and No Cents"
          Case "One"
              Cents = " and One Cent"
                Case Else
              Cents = " and " & Cents & " Cents"
      End Select
      AmountToWord = Dollars & Cents
  End Function

  Function GetHundreds(ByVal MyNumber)
      Dim Result As String
      If Val(MyNumber) = 0 Then Exit Function
      MyNumber = Right("000" & MyNumber, 3)
      ' Convert the hundreds place.
      If Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1) <> "0" Then
          Result = GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1)) & " Hundred "
      End If
      ' Convert the tens and ones place.
      If Mid(MyNumber, 2, 1) <> "0" Then
          Result = Result & GetTens(Mid(MyNumber, 2))
          Result = Result & GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 3))
      End If
      GetHundreds = Result
  End Function

  Function GetTens(TensText)
      Dim Result As String
      Result = "" ' Null out the temporary function value.
      If Val(Left(TensText, 1)) = 1 Then   ' If value between 10-19…
          Select Case Val(TensText)
              Case 10: Result = "Ten"
              Case 11: Result = "Eleven"
              Case 12: Result = "Twelve"
              Case 13: Result = "Thirteen"
              Case 14: Result = "Fourteen"
              Case 15: Result = "Fifteen"
              Case 16: Result = "Sixteen"
              Case 17: Result = "Seventeen"
              Case 18: Result = "Eighteen"
              Case 19: Result = "Nineteen"
              Case Else
          End Select
      Else ' If value between 20-99…
          Select Case Val(Left(TensText, 1))
              Case 2: Result = "Twenty "
              Case 3: Result = "Thirty "
              Case 4: Result = "Forty "
              Case 5: Result = "Fifty "
              Case 6: Result = "Sixty "
              Case 7: Result = "Seventy "
              Case 8: Result = "Eighty "
              Case 9: Result = "Ninety "
              Case Else
          End Select
          Result = Result & GetDigit _
              (Right(TensText, 1))  ' Retrieve ones place.
      End If
      GetTens = Result
  End Function

  Function GetDigit(Digit)
      Select Case Val(Digit)
          Case 1: GetDigit = "One"
          Case 2: GetDigit = "Two"
          Case 3: GetDigit = "Three"
          Case 4: GetDigit = "Four"
          Case 5: GetDigit = "Five"
          Case 6: GetDigit = "Six"
          Case 7: GetDigit = "Seven"
          Case 8: GetDigit = "Eight"
          Case 9: GetDigit = "Nine"
          Case Else: GetDigit = ""
      End Select
  End Function

Steps to Enter the VBA code in your file-

Step 1-  Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic editor window.

Step 2-  Now go to Insert Menu, then Go to Module Option.

insert module in VBA editor

Step 3-  Copy the code in the frame above and paste it to this window.

paste vba code in module

Step 4-  Now go to the Excel sheet and use this formula to convert values


Final Output

Convert Amount into Words in Excel    

Download Excel Module Add-ins File Below


Note: The add-ins upload process is given in Method No.1 above

7 Convert Date To English Words in Excel

If you are searching for VBA code to convert Date to English Words in Excel? then you can download the VBA coding from below download button and install this Add-ins in your excel as explained in below given video. Formula to be use =DateToText(A1)


Date to Text in Excel

Tutorial Video

Download Excel Module Add-ins File Below



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