120+ Audacity Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel

Audacity is a powerful free and open-source audio editing and recording program. Don’t be fooled by the word “free.” Its robust combination of capabilities surpasses any professional audio program or plugin, despite the fact that it is free.

Audacity may be used for a wide range of functions, including recording, editing, mixing audio clips, adding effects, discussing audio files, and more.

It’s a terrific tool for podcasters, vloggers, audio producers, video producers, and anyone who works with sound. It’s relatively light and can operate on a variety of operating systems, even older PCs.

1 What exactly is Audacity?

  • Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recorder for Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems.
  • With over 111 million downloads as of January 3rd, 2022, Audacity has become the most popular download from FossHub. This figure is only current as of March 2015. When prior downloads are included, the total rises to almost 200 million.
  • There has to be a reason why so many people download and utilize this program. So, what are the features of Audacity?

2 Audacity’s Characteristics:

You may use this digital audio editing program to post-process all audio kinds, such as adding normalization, fading in/out effects, and cutting, in addition to capturing audio from numerous sources.

3 Audacity also has the following notable features:

  • Editing MP3, MP2, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and other audio formats
  • Changing the pitch or speed
  • The ability to capture live sound and listen to it on a computer
  • combining multiple sound documents via duplicating, chopping, mixing, and grafting
  • Sweeping (for Version 2.1.1 and later)
  • Timer Users may schedule when a recording starts and stops using Record.
  • Noise abatement
  • To make isolated vocal records or karaoke tracks, voice reduction and isolation are used.
  • User presets for effect settings can be saved and loaded.
  • Creating digital tracks from cassette tapes and recordings

4 What Can Audacity Do for You?

Audacity has a wide range of applications in terms of what it can perform. You may record podcasts, produce interviews, work on voiceovers, edit music, and remove/edit any type of voice or sound. It’s even feasible to record and mix a complete album. You can do things like record voiceovers, autotune recordings, reduce background noise, erase uncomfortable silences or bits where you misspelled something, and so on.

If you like podcasts, we recommend listening to 13 Best Podcasts About Startups and Growth if you’re in the startup industry.

There are many Audacity tutorials and resources accessible on the internet if you are new to the program. We’ll go through a few of the greatest later in this piece.

5 What Are the Benefits of Using Audacity?

  • One of the nicest things about Audacity is that it allows you to work on multi-hour audio projects. Even with heavy disc utilization and processing demands, it is a consistent and stable program to maintain.
  • Audacity is a really easy program to use. It can play a variety of audio formats, including MP3 and WAV. You may use the program to immediately import an existing audio file.
  • Audacity allows you to record audio in 16-bit or 24-bit formats. Any sounds you drag and drop into the interface will be effortlessly converted and combined by the digital recording and editing software. Regardless matter the format, it does this.
  • Audacity is ideal for recording student compositions and performances, digital storytelling with funny voices and sound effects, and editing existing audio recordings. and with the help of below shortcut keys of Audacity help you to increase your workflow and below shortcut you can download in PDf and Excel format by clicking below download button so lets get started!

Audacity Keyboard Shortcut Keys


1. File Menu

Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+W Close
Ctrl+V Save
Ctrl+Shift+I Import audio
Ctrl+Shift+E Export audio
Ctrl+Shift+L Export multiple
Ctrl+Q Exit

2. Edit Menu

Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+K Delete
Ctrl+Alt+X Remove special> Split cut
Ctrl+Alt+K Remove special> Split delete
Ctrl+L Remove special> Silence audio
Ctrl+T Remove special> Time audio
Ctrl+I Clip Boundaries > Split
Ctrl+Alt+I Clip Boundaries > Split New
Ctrl+J Clip Boundaries > Join
Ctrl+Alt+J Clip boundaries > detach at silence
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Alt+V Paste text as new label
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Alt+X Labeled audio > cut
Alt+K Labeled audio > Delete
Shift+Alt+X Labeled audio >split cut
Shift+Alt+K Labeled audio >split delete
Alt+L` Labeled audio >silence audio
Shift+Alt+C Labeled audio >copy
Alt+I Labeled audio >split
Alt+J Labeled audio >join
Ctrl+Alt+A Labeled audio >detach at silences
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+SHift+A Select none
Q Select > Spectral > Toggle Spectral Selection
[ Select > Left at Playback Position
] Select > right at Playback Position
Shift+J Select > Track Start to Cursor
Shift+K Select > Cursor to Track End
Ctrl+Shift+K Select > In All Tracks
Ctrl+Shift+Y Select > In All Sync-Locked Tracks
Z FInd zero crossings
Left Move cursor to selection start
Right Move cursor to selection end
J Move cursor to track start
K Move cursor to track end
Tab Move to and open next label
Ctrl+P Preferences
Shift+Tab Move to and open previous label
Alt+Right Move to previous label
Alt+Left Move to next label
Shift+Home Selection to start
Shift+End Selection to end
Backspace Delete key
Delete Delete key 2
Shift+Left Selection extend left
Shift+Right Selection extend right
Ctrl+Shift+Left Selection contract left
Ctrl+Shift+Right Selection contract right
Left Cursor left
Right Cursor right
, Cursor Short Jump Left
. Cursor Short Jump right
Shift+, Cursor long Jump Left
Shift+. Cursor long Jump right

3. View Menu

Ctrl+1 Zoom in
Ctrl+2 Zoom normal
Ctrl+3 Zoom out
Ctrl+E Zoom to selection
Ctrl+F Fit in window
Ctrl+Shift+F Fit vertically
Ctrl+[ Go to selection start
Ctrl+] Go to selection end
Ctrl+Shift+C Collapse all tracks
Ctrl+Shift+X Expand collapsed tracks
F11 Full screen on/off

4. Transport Menu

Space Play/stop
X Play/stop and set cursor
Shift+Space Loop play
P Pause
Home Skip to start
End Skip to end
R Record
Shift+T Timer record
Shift+R Append record
Alt+Right Move cursor to next label
Alt+Left Move cursor to previous label
1 Play one second
B Play to selection
C Play cut preview
Shift+F5 Play short period before selection start
Shift+F6 Play short period after selection start
Shift+F7 Play short period before selection end
Shift+F8 Play short period after selection end
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Play short period before and after selection start
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Play short period before and after selection end
Left/, Short Seek Left during Playback
Right/. Short Seek right during Playback
Shift+Left Long Seek Left during Playback
Shift+Right Long Seek Right during Playback
5. Effect Menu
Ctrl+R Repeat last effect
6. Analyse Menu
Ctrl+Shift+T Contrast
7. Device Toolbar
Shift+N Change Audio Host
Shift+O Change Playback Device
Shift+I Change Recording Device
Shift+N Change Recording Channels

5. Tools Toolbar

F1 Selection tool
F2 Envelope tool
F3 Draw tool
F4 Zoom tool
F5 Time shift tool
F6 Multi-tool
D Next-tool
A Previous tool

6. Keyboard Focus

Ctrl+Shift+F6 Move backward through currently focused toolbar in Upper Toolbar dock area
Ctrl+F6 Move forward through currently focused toolbar in Upper Toolbar dock area
Alt+Shift+F6 Move backward through modeless windows
Alt+F6 Move forward through modeless windows

7. Audio Track Dropdown Menu

Shift+M Open menu on focused track
Shift+U Mute/Unmute focused track
Shift+S Solo/Unsolo focused track
Shift+G Change gain on focused track
Alt+Shift+Up Increase gain on focused track
Alt+Shift+Down Decrease gain on focused track
Alt+Shift+Left Pan left on focused track
Alt+Shift+Right Pan right on focused track
Shift+P Change pan on focused track

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