300+ Camtasia Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF and Excel

1 What exactly is Camtasia?

Techsmith’s Camtasia is a simple video editing and screen recording program. This software may be used to show how to use a computer, walk through a process, or convert a PowerPoint presentation into a narrated film. Camtasia was created with novices in mind, allowing designers to quickly and easily make excellent instructional films.

Techsmith offers a 30-day free trial to try out the program at the time of this writing. Any exported files, however, will have a watermark. The full version of Camtasia must be purchased in order to utilize it. In 2020, Camtasia was available for a one-time fee of $249.00.

2 Pros of Camtasia’s:

  • It is really simple to learn.
  • The screen capture capability is fantastic.
  • Cursor effects that are impressive
  • Features of interactivity
  • Outstanding client service

3 Cons of Camtasia’s:

  • Camtasia’s drawbacks include frequent crashes and glitches.
  • Customization options are limited.
  • There is no keyframe tracking.
  • Inadequate keyboard commands
  • Concerns about exports

4 5 Points to Consider Before Recording

  1. Clean and prepare your screen. Unnecessary apps and programs should not be running. Clean up your desktop, leaving just the apps and windows open that you intend to display during your screen recording.
  1. Disable alerts. Before you record your screen, turn off all notifications, emails, applications, and so on.
  1. Make sure your microphone is in working order. Before you begin recording, make sure to check your audio levels. Perform a 15-30 second narration test, then check the volume levels to make sure the microphone was turned on or chosen, which is especially crucial if you have multiple microphones.
  1. Keep a steady pace. Don’t rush your voice or movements on the screen.
  1. Put it into practice. If you can practice it, go ahead and do it. Having a screenplay or outline may be really beneficial.

Overall, we think Camtasia by Techsmith is a great tool to have in your video-editing arsenal. Camtasia is an excellent location for novices to dip their toes into the realm of video editing, even if it isn’t as robust as other video editing applications. Camtasia’s screen capturing capability is unparalleled and the finest in the market for generating software lesson videos, even for seasoned experts.

Camtasia is the greatest program presently available for creating screen recording training videos. Try it out with their free trial and let us know what you think!

Camtasia Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Keyboard


Recording Shortcuts for Mac

Action Shortcut
Start recordingCommand-Shift-2
Pause recordingCommand-Shift-2
Stop recordingCommand-Option-2
New recordingCommand-Shift-N

Timeline & Editing Shortcuts for Mac :-

New projectCommand-N
Save asCommand-Shift-S
Open projectCommand-O
Import mediaCommand-I
DeleteDelete key
Ripple deleteCommand-Delete key
Selection on timelineShift-Drag
Select preceding mediaOption-left arrow
Select succeeding mediaOption-right arrow
Select allCommand-A
Deselect allCommand-Shift-A
Jump to beginningCommand-Return
Jump to endCommand-Control-E
Jump to next editControl-. (period)
Jump to previous editControl-, (comma)
Jump to next keyframeOption-K
Jump to previous keyframeShift-K
Jump forward 15 framesControl-Shift-. (period)
Jump backward 15 framesControl-Shift-, (comma)
Zoom in on timelineCommand-Shift-=
Zoom out on timelineCommand-Shift- – (minus)
Zoom timeline to fitCommand-Shift-0
Zoom timeline to maxCommand-Shift-9
Open Camtasia Preferences dialogCommand-, (comma)
Add markerOption-M
Add marker to mediaControl-Option-M
Jump to first markerOption-Shift-, (comma)
Jump to last markerOption-Shift-. (period)
Jump to next markerControl-Option-. (period)
Jump to previous markerControl-Option-, (comma)
Ripple cutCommand-Shift-X
Stitch selected mediaCommand-Option-I
Copy propertiesCommand-Shift-C
Paste propertiesCommand-Shift-V
Split selection at playheadCommand-T
Split all at playheadCommand-Shift-T
Add custom video animationOption-A
Add SmartFocus animationControl-Option-A
Previous captionShift-Tab
Replay current caption segmentEnter
Next captionTab
Increase track heightOption-=
Decrease track heightOption-minus
Rewind to startReturn
Show assetsCommand-1
Show propertiesCommand-2
Show marker trackControl-M
Enable/disable snappingCommand-; (semicolon)

Canvas Shortcuts for Mac :-

Zoom inCommand-=
Zoom outCommand– (minus)
Zoom to fitCommand-0
Zoom to 100%Option-Z
Pan the canvasHold spacebar and click and drag on canvas
Disable aspect ratio snappingHold Shift
Toggle between normal and crop modeHold Option
Resize clip from centerHold Control after click
Nudge canvas assetsPress corresponding arrow keys

Text Shortcuts for Mac

Action Shortcut 
Edit textOption-Return
Align leftCommand-{
Align centerCommand-|
Align rightCommand-}
Copy styleCommand-Option-C
Paste styleCommand-Option-V
Show special charactersCommand-Option-T
Show text propertiesCommand-Option-F

Share Shortcuts for Mac

Action Shortcut 
Advanced exportCommand-Shift-E

Camtasia Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Keyboard

FunctionWindows key
Start recordingF9
Pause recordingF9
Stop recordingF10
Select RegionNone
Hide Tray IconTools > Options > Hotkeys tab.

Project Options

FunctionWindows key
Launch RecorderCtrl+R
Launch online helpF1
Save projectCtrl+S
New projectCtrl+N
Open projectCtrl+O
Import media into Media BinCtrl+I
Export audio as—–
Export frame asCtrl+F
Produce / Share Production WizardCtrl+P

Program Option

FunctionWindows key
Open Media tabB
Open Annotation tabN
Open Transition tabT
Open Behaviors tabO
Open Zoom-n-Pan Animation tabA
Open Cursor Effects tabU
Open Voice Narration tabV
Open Audio Effects tabD
Open Visual Effects tabL
Open Interactivity tabI
Open Captions tabC
Open Properties PanelCtrl+2
Minimize WindowWindows Key+Down Arrow
Display system menuAlt+Space
Activate MenusAlt+First letter of menu
Menu options acceleratorsAlt+First letter of menu and Let go of Alt+ Press underlined letter key
Remove focus from current control or close a menu or combo dialog boxEsc

Canvas Option

FunctionWindows key
Enable / Disable Canvas SnappingCtrl+;
Zoom in on canvasCtrl+Plus Or Scroll Wheel
Zoom out on canvasCtrl+Minus Or Scroll Wheel
Change size of selected media on canvasSelect media+Scroll wheel
Exit full screen canvas viewEsc
Move selected media on canvasArrow Keys (hold)
Move media 1 pixelArrow Keys (one press at a time)
Move Media 10 pixelsShift+Arrow Keys (one press at a time)
Maintain aspect ratio while resizing mediaDrag corner handle on selected media to resize.
Override Aspect Ratio when resizingShift+Drag corner handle on selected media to resize.
Resize media with aspect ratio and maintain center pointCtrl+Drag corner handle on media to resize.

Timeline Editing

FunctionWindows key
Leaves space on timeline
PanSpacebar (hold)+Drag on Canvas
CropAlt (hold)
Record ScreenCtrl+R
Ripple Delete/CutCtrl+Delete
1. Make a selection on timeline.
2. Press Ctrl+Delete.
Selection is deleted and all timeline media is shifted.
Split selected media at playheadS
Split all tracks at playheadCtrl+Shift+S
Stitch selected mediaCtrl+Alt+I
Extend frameShift+E
Alt+Drag end of clip
Select AllCtrl+A
Deselect AllCtrl+D
Add selection to LibraryCtrl+Shift+A
Open Media Bin tabB
Toggle Clip Bin / Library view
Show/Hide Tools PanelCtrl+1
Show / Hide PropertiesCtrl+2

Timeline Navigation

FunctionWindows key
Play/Pause/Stop videoSpacebar
Stop playback and return to previous location of the playheadCtrl+Alt+Space
Move playhead to previous clipCtrl+Alt+Comma
Move playhead to next clipCtrl+Alt+Period
Step Backward on timelineComma
Step Forward on timelinePeriod
Zoom in on timelineCtrl+Shift+Plus
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Zoom out on timelineCtrl+Shift+Minus
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Zoom to see all media on timelineCtrl+Shift+7
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Zoom to maximum timeline viewCtrl+Shift+9
Ctrl (hold)+Scroll Wheel
Zoom to timeline selectionCtrl+Shift+8
Jump to beginning of timelineCtrl+Home
Jump to beginning selectCtrl+Shift+Home
Jump to end of timelineCtrl+End
Jump to end selectCtrl+Shift+End
Next clip selectCtrl+Shift+Alt+Right Arrow
Previous clip selectCtrl+Shift+Alt+Left Arrow
Split and ripple move everything on trackShift+Drag Playhead
Ripple moveShift
1. Select clip on timeline.
2. Hold Shift and drag media.
Ripple trimHold Shift and trim end of media in/out.
Ripple split and move everything on track at playheadShift+drag playhead
Make timeline selectionCtrl
Hold and drag playhead
Extend timeline range selection rightShift+Period
Extend timeline range selection leftShift+Comma
Temporarily disable snappingCtrl
Move up or down through tracksScroll Wheel
Increase Track HeightsAlt+Plus
Decrease Track HeightsAlt+Minus

Marker and Quiz Options

FunctionWindows key
Add MarkerShift+M
Show / Hide marker viewCtrl+M
Next MarkerCtrl+]
Select between MarkersCtrl+Shift+[
Previous MarkerCtrl+[
Timeline Select to Previous MarkerCtrl +Shift+[
Timeline Select to Next MarkerCtrl+Shift+]
Open Interactivity tabI
Add QuizShift+Q
Show / Hide quiz viewCtrl+Q
Jump to and select previous quizCtrl+9
Jump to and select next quizCtrl+0

Animations and Effects

FunctionWindows key
Open Transition tabT
Add Last Used Transition to Selected MediaShift+T
Open Behaviors tabO
Open Animations tabA
Jump to next animationAlt+K
Jump to previous animationShift+K
Add Custom AnimationShift+A
Open Visual Effects tabL
Open Voice Narration tabV
Start/Stop Voice Narration RecordingCtrl+Shift+V

Text Options for Annotation

Select one character right of the cursorShift+Right Arrow
Select one character left of the cursorShift+Left Arrow
Select all characters after the cursor.Shift+Down Arrow
Select all characters before the cursor.Shift+Up Arrow
Copy selected textCtrl+C
Paste TextCtrl+V
Delete TextHighlight text+Delete


FunctionWindows key
Add CaptionShift+C
Previous CaptionShift+Tab
Next CaptionTab
Replay Current Caption Segment (Loop button)Enter
Increase Caption DurationCtrl+ALT+]
Decrease Caption DurationCtrl+ALT+[

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