50+ Expression Web Shortcut Keys List

Below is a list of Microsoft Expression Web 4 Keyboard Shortcut keys, well Expression is basically used to design your webpage with Microsoft software among the standards by Microsoft Expression Web we will find PHP,HTML/XHTML, XML/XSLT,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, ASP.NET etc. so below shortcut keys are help you in your designing work more faster and also you can download the below shortcuts list by clicking the Download button in both Excel and PDF format.

Common Shortcut Keys

Key Description of shortcut
Alt Ctrl +A Add publishing destination
Alt Ctrl +C Connect to publishing destination
Alt Ctrl +D Disconnect from publishing destination
  Escape Cancel an action
Alt  +F4 Quit expression web
Alt  +F6 Cycle through open dialog boxes
Alt  Shift+F6 Cycle through open dialog boxes in reverse order
Alt Ctrl +G Get files from the publishing destination
Alt Ctrl +P Publish files to the publishing destination
Alt Ctrl +S Change the publishing settings
Alt Ctrl +X Stop the publishing operation in progress
 Ctrl +Y Redo or repeat an action
Alt Ctrl +Y Synchronize files between the publishing source and the publishing destination
 Ctrl +Z Undo an action
 Ctrl +/ Insert html comment
 Ctrl +[ Follow code hyperlink
 Ctrl +] Find matching brace
 Ctrl +Apostrophe Select block
 Ctrl Shift Semicolon Select tag and its contents
 Ctrl Shift Semicolon Select tag
 Ctrl +Comma Insert start tag
Ctrl+Enter Insert code snippet
 Ctrl +Enter List code snippets
Alt Ctrl +F Perform an incremental search
 Ctrl +F2 Insert temporary bookmark
  F2 Next temporary bookmark
  Shift+F2 Previous temporary bookmark
 Ctrl +G Go to line
 Ctrl +L Show an intellisense popup menu
Alt  +Left Arrow Go to previous code hyperlink
 Ctrl +Period Insert end tag
 Ctrl +Q Show the quick tag editor
Alt  +Right Arrow Go to next code hyperlink
 Ctrl +Semicolon Find matching tag
 Ctrl +Spacebar Complete word
 Ctrl Shift Spacebar Show an intelligence code tip
 Ctrl +Spacebar Complete a partially typed word
  Tab Increase indent
  Shift Tab Decrease indent
 Ctrl +F Find text or code
  F3 Find the next occurrence of the most recent search
  Shift+F3 Find the previous occurrence of the most recent search
 Ctrl +F3 Find the next occurrence of the current selection
 Ctrl Shift+F3 Find the previous occurrence of the current selection
F7 Check spelling
  Shift+F7 Look up a word in the thesaurus
 Ctrl +H Replace text or code
 Ctrl Shift+F6 Select the next frame or frameset
 Ctrl +F6 Select the previous frame or frameset
 Ctrl Shift+N Create a new site

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