50+ 3D Movie Maker shortcut keys Download in PDF and Excel File

3D Movie Maker (abbreviated as 3DMM) is a 1995 children’s computer program created by Microsoft Home’s Microsoft Kids subsidiary. Users can create films using the program by dragging and dropping 3D people and items onto pre-rendered backgrounds, as well as adding actions, sound effects, music, text, speech, and special effects. The.3mm file type is then used to save the movies.

The program includes two assistant figures who guide users through the program’s numerous features: McZee (voiced by Michael Shapiro) provides assistance throughout the studio, while Melanie, his assistant, delivers numerous tutorials. Instead, Stick Stickly guides the user in Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker.

3D Movie Maker is based on BRender, an Argonaut Software-developed 3D graphics engine.

History of 3d movie maker

Illumin8 Digital Pictures (a now-defunct graphics firm) created the models and backgrounds with Softimage modelling software, while Productions Jarnigoine, a now-defunct production business founded by Jean-Jacques Tremblay, created the cinematic introduction and help segments. The website 3dmm.com, which allows users to upload movies and mods for 3DMM, was founded by a user named Space Goat in 1998. Many 3DMM fans still use 3dmm.com today.

Filmmaking with 3D Movie Maker

Filmmaking with 3D Movie Maker is a simple technique that allows users to easily make a variety of different types of movies. By default, 40 actors/actresses (each with four different outfits and a variety of actions) and 20 different props are accessible. The user can choose from twelve different situations, each with various different camera views.

Although there are numerous sample voices and MIDI music clips supplied, original voices can be recorded using a microphone while external. mp3 and wav It is possible to import MIDI files.

The way movies are made in 3DMM differs from how they are made using a movie camera. A movie camera in 3DMM operates by recording frames in rapid succession. 3DMM saves the positions of actors and objects for each frame and moves at a rate of 6 to 8 frames per second, making the movies choppier than intended. Unless converted to a video file format with a third-party programme, the produced movie can only be seen inside 3DMM using the virtual theatre or studio.


The user interface of the application is centered on a theatre building consisting of several rooms: the ticket booth, where the user is greeted by McZee and then asked to play or create a movie; the lobby and concession stand; the theatre for watching movies, a projecting room for tutorials for 3D logos and tips, and the studio for movie-making tools. The V3DMM version of 3DMM only allows you to watch movies in the studio.

Basically, 3D Movie Maker is a children’s computer program developed by Microsoft, using this program, users can make films by placing 3D characters and props into the pre-rendered environment, and by using shortcut keys, you can quickly accomplish common tasks. Below we have provided an overview of the task you can complete by using shortcut keys, and you can download these shortcut keys in pdf and excel file by clicking below download button.

3D Movie Maker Shortcut Keys

General Shortcut keys

CTRL+SHFT+LEFT ARROW Set start trim point
CTRL+SHFT+RIGHT ARROW Set end trim point
CTRL+SHFT+DELETE Clear trim points
CTRL+SHFT+S Split clip
CTRL+SHFT+C Combine clips
HOME First clip
END Last clip
PERIOD Stop playback
ALT+LEFT ARROW Previous frame
ALT+ENTER Fullscreen
ESC Return from fullscreen
F1 Help topics
F6 or TAB Next pane
SHFT+F6 or SHFT+TAB Previous pane

Shortcut Keys On the timeline

F12 Save a project with a new name
Ctrl+P Publish a movie
Ctrl+A Select all clips
F2 Rename a collection or clip
Ctrl+Delete Clear the timeline
Ctrl+T Switch between the storyboard and the timeline
Page down Zoom in on the timeline
Page Up Zoom out on the timeline
F9 Zoom the timeline to fit on the screen
+ Expand the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Collapse the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Ctrl+D Add selected clips to the storyboard/timeline
Alt+Enter Play video in full screen
N Combine contiguous clips
Ctrl+Shift+B Nudges clip to the left
Ctrl+Shift+N Nudges clip to the right
K Play or pause clip
Ctrl+K Stop playback on the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+W Play content on the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+Q Rewind and go to the beginning of the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow Back
Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow Forward
J Previous frame
L Next frame
F1 Display help topics
Left arrow Select previous item (on a timeline track, on the storyboard, or in the Contents pane)
Right arrow Select next item
Up arrow Select item above (on a timeline track or in the Contents pane)
Down Arrow Select item below

Shortcut Keys for Import

Ctrl+I Import an existing digital media file
Ctrl+R Import video from a digital video camera

Shortcut Keys for Edit

Alt+Shift+Up arrow/ Down arrow Select clip trim handle
Alt+Shift+Left arrow Trim clip edge left
Alt+Shift+Right arrow Trim clip edge right
M Split a clip
U Clear trim points
I Set start trim point
O Set end trim point

Shortcut Keys For Navigation

End Go to the last item
Home Go to the first item

Other Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+O Open an existing project
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+S Save a project
Ctrl+N Create a new project
Ctrl+V Paste
Delete Delete
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action

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