100+ Blender Shortcut Keys Download in PDF & Excel File

1 What is Blender & History?

Blender is a free and open-source 3D modeling program that can handle almost every facet of 3D modeling. There’s also comprehensive texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, and a plethora of other tools for complete 3D development, on top of a strong base of modeling capabilities. This software is excellent whether you merely want to work with static models or want to venture into the realm of animation.

Blender software was created by the Blender Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2002. The foundation is now housed at the Blender Institute, which was founded in 2007 and has become a home base for continuous development and creative endeavors.

Blender is accessible and helpful for a wide variety of users, from the amateur hobbyist to the professional animator, despite the fact that it is free. It’s even used by NASA for several of its public models! It may be a bit of a learning curve for the total novice because it is constantly being refined by skilled users.

Blender is still all about access: giving individuals creative power so they can construct whatever they want. It’s a fantastic tool for individuals who want to create their own 3D printed models!

We’ll go over everything you need to know about Blender in this article, starting with what you’ll need to get it up and running on your computer. Then we’ll go through the most popular features and provide some resources if you’re interested in getting started or need some assistance. Finally, we’ll discuss several excellent Blender alternatives.

2 Licensing & Pricing

  • One of the best things about Blender, as you may have guessed, is that it’s entirely free!
  • Blender is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which permits users to do the following:
  • Blender may be used for any purpose, it can be distributed, it can be studied and updated, and it can be distributed with changed versions of Blender.
  • This implies that anything you make in Blender is not only your exclusive property, but you can also sell and distribute it as you see fit.
  • If you want to help the Blender Foundation, you can do so by donating or purchasing products from the Blender Institute’s online store.
  • Blender is also completely cross-platform compatible, meaning it will happily run on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

3 Functions & Features:

  • Sculpting and modeling
  • Rigging & Animation Texturing & UV Unwrapping
  • Applications & Use Cases

Blender appeals to a wide spectrum of users, but it appears to be best suited to people who are already familiar with 3D modeling. Hobbyists mostly utilize it for 3D printing creative design, artwork, and object creation. Blender is frequently the program of choice for altering or adjusting pre-existing 3D models in the 3D printing community.

Blender is also widely used for prototyping, but it may not be as useful as other applications for engineering purposes. Blender isn’t normally the first choice for high-end visual graphics, such as in film, but a growing number of animated films are demonstrating its growing popularity as an animation tool.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software, whether you are an animator, modeler, VFX, or Game developer blender is the best option for you. and to increase your workflow you can also take the help of keyboard shortcut keys, below we have provided the most useful keyboard shortcuts keys to learn and apply into your workflow and you can download this shortcut keys in Excel and PDF format by clicking download button.

Blender Shortcut Keys List


Blender shortcuts for Properties

Ctrl+C  Copy the (single) value of the button
Ctrl+V  Paste the (single) value of the button
Ctrl+Alt+C  Copy the entire vector or the color field
Ctrl+Alt+V  Paste vector as the whole or the whole color field
RMB (Right Mouse Button)  Open the context menu
Backspace  Clear the value (clears a text field or sets the value to 0)
Minus  Negate the number values (multiply by
Ctrl+Wheel (Mouse Scrolling Wheel)  Change the value in incremental steps, this option cycles the values for the popup option
Return/Enter  Activates the menus or toggles the values
Alt  When held while editing values, it applies the changes to all the selected items, including objects, bones, and sequence strips. It can be used for number fields and toggles.

Blender shortcut keys for Animation

I  insert a keyframe
Alt+I  Clear the keyframe
Shift+Alt+I  Clear all keyframes (removing all F
Ctrl+D  Assign a driver
Ctrl+Alt+D  Clear the driver
K  Add a Keying Set
Alt+K  Clear the Keying Set

Blender for beginners – Python Scripting

Ctrl+C  Over any Operator Button, the shortcut copies the Python command into the clipboard (The program shortcut can be used in the Python console or the Text Editor while writing scripts)
Shift+Ctrl+C  Over any property button, the hotkey is used to copy the data path for the property. The feature is also available from the context menu.
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C  Over the property buttons, the command copies the full data path for the data, block, and property. Note: it is best to access values based on the context rather than by name, in most cases.

Blender shortcuts for Dragging

Ctrl  while dragging to snap discrete and accurate steps
Shift  Gives precision control to the values
Shift+Ctrl  Precise snap, this command will move the object with high precision along with the snapping constraint.

Blender for beginners – Text Editing shortcuts

Home  Go to the beginning of the text
End  Go to the ending of the text
Left, Right  Move the cursor left or right one character at a time.
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right  Move the cursor left or right through an entire word
Backspace, Delete   Delete the characters
Ctrl+Backspace, Ctrl+Delete  Deletes whole words
Shift  Makes a selection while moving the cursor and holding the key.
Ctrl+A  Selects the entire text
Ctrl+C  Copies the selected text
Ctrl+X  Cuts the selected text
Ctrl+V  Pastes the text at the position of the cursor

Blender shortcut keys for Confirm or Cancel

ESC or RMB (Right Mouse Button)  Cancels
Enter or LMB (Left Mouse Button)  Confirms

Blender for beginners – Global Keys and shortcuts

Ctrl+O  Open File
Ctrl+S  Save File
Ctrl+N  New File
Ctrl+Z  Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z  Redo
Ctrl+Q  Quit
F1  Help (context Sensitive)
F2  Rename Active Item
F3  Operator Search
F4  File Context Menu
F5 F8
F9  Adjust the Last operation
F11  Show render window
F12  Render the current frame
Q  Quick Access (Favourites)
Ctrl+Spacebar  Toggle Maximize Area
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar  Toggle Fullscreen Area
Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown  Next/Previous Workspace
Spacebar  User-configurable
Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar  Playback Animations (reverse)

Blender shortcuts – Common Editor Keys

A  Select all
Alt+A  Select none
Ctrl+I  Invert selection
H  Hide selection
Alt+H  Reveal Hidden Items
T  Toggle Sidebar
N  Toggle Sidebar

Blender shortcut keys – 3D viewport

Tab  Edit mode toggle
Ctrl+Tab  Mode switching pie menu (toggles pose mode for armatures)
1 3 Edit  Edit Mesh vertex/edge/face toggle (Shift extends, Ctrl expands)
AccentGrave (`)  3D view navigation pie menu
Ctrl+AccentGrave (`)  toggle gizmos
Shift+AccentGrave (`)  Walk/Fly mode

Blender for beginners – Industry Compatible Keymapping

Blender commands – General

1 to 9  Mode/Element Switching
RMB (Right Mouse Button)  Context Menu
Tab  Operator search
Shift+Tab  Quick Access (Favourites)
Ctrl+D  Duplicate
P  Set Parent
Return  Rename
Ctrl+Return  Render
B  Proportional Editing/Soft Selection
Ctrl+[  toggle toolbar
Ctrl+]  toggle sidebar

Blender shortcut keys – Viewport

Alt+LMB (Left Mouse Button)  Orbit View
Alt+MMB (Middle Mouse Button)  Pan View
Alt+RMB (Right Mouse Button)  Zoom View
F1 to F4  Front/Side/Top camera viewpoints
F  Frame Selected
A  Frame All

Blender shortcuts – Selection

LMB (Left Mouse Button)  Select
Ctrl+A  Select All
Shift+Ctrl+A  Deselect All
Ctrl+I  Select Inverse
Up  Select more
Down  Select less
Double LMB (Left Mouse Button)  Select Loop
Alt+Double LMB (Left Mouse Button)  Select Ring
]  Select linked

Blender commands – Tools

W, E, R  Transform Tools
Q  Box Select
D  Annotate
C  Cursor Tool

Blender shortcuts – Edit Mode Tools

Ctrl+E  Extrude
Ctrl+B  Bevel
I  Inset
K  Knife
Alt+C  Loop Cut

Blender shortcut keys – Animation

Spacebar  Play/Pause
S  Set Location + Rotation + Scale Keyframe
Shift+S  Insert Keyframe Menu
Shift+W  Set Location Key
Shift+E  Set Rotation Key
Shift+R  Set Scale Key

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