5 Methods to Improve Your Education by Using Learning Analytics

The schooling methods have changed a lot within the last year. Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, things have turned out the way in which they were not imagined anyway. Apart from the pandemic, technology has also moved at a fast pace and innovation has taken place in almost all sectors.

5 Methods to Improve Your Education by Using Learning AnalyticsKeeping it to the big picture of the educational sector, there has been a drastic change in the educational sector and in the methods of teaching as well. With respect to the pandemic, technology has made big moves in the tech grounds. This has also fueled the other teaching methods to be implemented and numerous models of teaching are now being incorporated in the classrooms.

The formal teachings and the traditional methods of learning have gone through some amazing changes. Now there are some other innovative moves that would help the educational sector to boost their data tracking and record-keeping about the students as well.

In this article, we will walk through the concept of learning analytics and its methods that can be implemented in the educational sector to improve the learning and teaching for the students. (Note: We’ll tackle on our next article about the online learning platforms and it’s beneficial to the students in today’s modern technology.)


The term learning analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of the data about the learners and their contexts. This is done for the purpose of understanding and the optimized learning within the environment in which it is happening.

5 Methods to Improve Your Education Using Learning AnalyticsLearning analytics is found where the big data is meeting the traditional quantitative methods in education. This is basically a process of using the data to improve the learning and teaching methods that indirectly benefit both the parties; students and the teachers.

The expert researchers from college essay services shared the opinion, by tracking and analyses of the students’ profile along with the digital and the analog behavior that would be captured in the information system of the educational institutions, things would become pretty easy for the teachers and the analytics technologies would become their right hand.

You might be thinking that what is the need of having learning analytics and why they must be incorporated in the educational sectors? The point of having the learning analytics is because the big data culture is arriving. Soon, the data would become the leader of the world and we would be dependent on the data and technologies to get our tasks done. In this case, it becomes the significant need of an hour to have the learning analytics so they could improve the educational sector.

The technology of artificial intelligence is driving every other technology and implementing learning analytics is also one component of AI. The main concern of AI is to find the pattern and behaviors of the students learning and to address them right on time.


Keeping it way simple, the learning analytics model would help the teachers to get a complete report of the student. In this way, the teachers would be able to recognize the academic performance of the student and would also identify his learning patterns.

Once these patterns are identified, it would become easier for the teachers to address their weak areas and the students would not need to fail any of their important academic sessionals and assessments.

In a nutshell, learning analytics is playing a vital role in helping the teachers and are improving the quality of education with respect to the pace of students at which they could learn.


Learning analytics is an effective teaching plan that would be encouraging the teachers to identify and address the issues of the students right on time. I have broken down 5 methods below in which the learning analytics could be used to make the learning process easier for the students.

1. Track the Students Who are Academically Weak

With the help of learning analytics, the teachers would be able to gain detailed insight into the performance of each student. This would help them identify which students are failing to complete the lesson on time or how many students are unable to clear the same exam in several attempts.

In this way, the teachers would also find the students who are at risk of failing. Also, this will help the teachers to give such students a little more attention than before.

2. Measurement and Comparisons of Student’s Learning and Performance

With the help of learning analytics, the teachers would be able to find the performance of students in the previous terms. Learning analytics would also help to give the teachers the complete learning performance of students.

Researchers from cipd assignment help UK emphasize leaving the concept of rote learning behind. Because this is the era of the concept of learning and teachers must look upon this.

3. The Engagement Level of the Students

The teachers can also track the engagement level of the students in their classrooms with the help of learning analytics. It would also reflect the time that students are spending on a certain course and it would help teachers to catch their attention span.

Learning analytics is a great model of finding which students are at the risk of failing. This can help the teachers in giving some extra concentration to weak students.

4. Bring the Customized Lesson Plans

Since every student has a different learning pace, so the teachers must understand this. With the help of the lectures uploaded online and the eBooks, the students would become familiar with the personalized learning.

Teachers can use the analytics report to find the learning pattern of each student. They can also draft the lesson plan as per the capacity of the weak students. Customized learning plans would work wonders for the students.

5. Reshaping of the Course (if required)

The learning analytics would help in revealing the topics in which students are finding difficulty while learning. As the content of eBooks is available on the cloud so this would be easier for the teachers to redesign the course.

The teachers can also look upon their teaching techniques and can incorporate the technologies like AR and VR to improve the teaching and learning processes.


Technology is getting advanced day by day and just the same way, there is a rise in the number of students as well. Teachers must make sure that the students are receiving valuable and beneficial information timely and must address their weak areas right on time. Incorporating the learning analytics would help in bringing quality education to the students and will enhance their experience as well.

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