Is Phone Insurance Worthwhile?

Your phone is your lifeline. You need it not only to be in touch with friends, family and people at work but also for almost all your everyday activities. From the morning alarm to online shopping, from setting reminders to making your bank transaction, this device indeed seems indispensable. While a mobile phone is essential to our lives, it is just as vulnerable. It is costly, fragile and prone to damage. So, in such a scenario, it is only natural to think of opting for mobile insurance. And you may find yourself asking if phone insurance really is worthwhile. Read on to make a well-informed decision.

Mobile Insurance and its Importance

When a mobile device is stolen or lost, there is a danger that the data on the device will also be lost or destroyed, leading to various issues, including monetary loss. People today spend a lot of money on smartphones; therefore, any problems with them can be extremely expensive. In India, businesses are increasingly providing mobile insurance to address these problems. These policies offer protection for all kinds of phones, including smartphones. It secures your phone against accidental damage or theft.

Is Phone Insurance WorthwhileMobile Insurance is required because:

  1. It provides coverage for theft protection
  2. Offers coverage for high repair expenses
  3. Protection coverage for loss of the phone
  4. Coverage for water or liquid damage
  5. Coverage for accidental breakage.

Some of the many Benefits of Mobile Insurance are as Follows:

  1. You don’t have to worry if your phone is ruined by spilling any liquid, such as water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc.
  2. You have access to a variety of repair services.
  3. Cashless and hassle-free claims save time and effort.
  4. It enables mobile phone owners to safeguard themselves against high repair expenses in the event that their device sustains damage due to an accident like dropping or colliding.
  5. Touchscreens, charging ports, and incorrect earphone connectors which can cause harm to the device’s external and internal parts can be covered as well.
  6. The coverage of the insurance is improved by a variety of choices or extra advantages like worldwide coverage, transit insurance, etc.

What Does Mobile Insurance Cover?

Your mobile device is secured by the protection policy in the event of liquid or unintentional damage. Additionally, it provides:

  • F-Secure device security features that include antivirus and anti-malware defense
  • Remote lock and data-wipe
  • SIM card lock capability, SIM blocking on a single call
  • Ability to find devices remotely

Not only that, but many insurance providers also offer additional perks like a one-year free subscription to ZEE5, Gaana Plus, etc. 

Damages and Risks Included Under the Mobile Insurance Plan:

  1. Damage to the insured phone as a result of burglary, home invasion, and theft.
  2. The insured phone was destroyed by fire, riot, or terrorist activity. Some insurance plans also cover harm brought on by malicious intent.
  3. The insured phone stolen from a locked car or protected facility
  4. Due to water damage, the phone’s internal components were harmed.
  5. Damage to the insured device’s inner and outside components
  6. Failure of the hardware, such as an issue with the charging port, the headphone jack, or the touchscreen
  7. Cracks on phone screens.


Mobile insurance is an essential thing to have because not only it provides coverage for the phone’s protection but also provides some other additional services as well. The cost of a mobile insurance policy initially starts at approximately ₹67 a month and goes up to ₹6,000 – ₹7,000 which would be dependent on the price of the insured mobile and the total sum insured. Your phone helps you with over a thousand things a day, make sure you choose the right coverage to keep it safe. 

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