5 Shocking Truths about Buying a Used Car

Planning to buy a used car? Well, most people believe investing in a used car is inheriting problems from the previous owner. People with this school of thought think a brand new set of wheels offers the best value for money. New cars are affordable by a handful of people since they come at a premium price with potential depreciation immediately after you hit the road.

5 Shocking Truths about Buying a Used CarThere are a lot of myths flying about buying used cars. What many people don’t realize is that a well-kept used car offers the same value as a brand new one. However, you have to pick a certified pre-owned car from a reputable dealership in Ottawa. In fact, you might not even belie the car had a previous owner while cruising it. Check out these shocking truths regarding buying a used car.

1. No Need for Cash to Buy One

One of the hindrances that limit people from driving their dream car is the upfront payment. Buying a used or new car with cash indeed saves on interest payments. However, it is not always true that you’re getting the best deal. Finance options when buying a used car don’t differ much from those of buying a new car. The amount of down payment and credit score determine your monthly payments and interest rate.

However, the best used car dealership Ottawa doesn’t always ask for a cash payment upfront to get your dream car. Buying a brand new car requires finance companies and banks to scrutinize your credit history and to meet particular guidelines to become the right candidate for a car loan. Luckily, used car dealerships offer finance options based on their guidelines. This increases the chances of finding an option that matches your financial position currently without having to deal with lengthy paperwork.

2. Problem-Free

People who sell their pre-owned cars to dealerships do so for various reasons including the need to upgrade or to get money for an emergency. So, the chances are high that the car was in mint condition. It is wrong to believe that a used car dealership is full of cars whose previous owners didn’t like for having underlying problems. In fact, you can search the car’s VIN to discover accidents and damages that might have happened to the car.

3. Handy Safety Features

Safety on the road is paramount when in a used or new car. It is wrong to believe just because you’re driving a pre-owned car, you can’t access safety features. The availability of safety features depends on the make and model of the car. So, don’t expect a vintage model to have the same features as a car a few years old. Expect safety features such as anti-lock braking and side airbags in a modern used car.

Reputable used car dealerships don’t just offer their customers any car. Great care is taken to ensure that only road-worthy cars are available in their inventory. In fact, you have all the time in the world to research the car’s crashworthiness, rating against other vehicles, and crash avoidance features before selecting one. Besides, you can always check official websites to check the car’s rating and safety standards in the world.

4. Highly Reliable

Being pre-owned doesn’t deprive a car of its reliability. People trade their old vehicles without any problems upgrading or because of lifestyle changes. Besides, advancement in technology today is allowing the production of vehicles with innovative designs built to last.

It is no wonder that a well-maintained and serviced car can hit the 150,000-mile mark without any problem. And, you can have your trusted mechanic inspect the used car before you purchase it. All in all, a reputable dealership with used cars is likely to have a licensed inspector on-site to check all vehicles.

5. Warranty Available

Many people develop goosebumps when the idea of buying a used car 9 comes up because of not coming with a warranty. However, this is not necessarily true. It is only individuals or private used car sales that offer a warranty. It is common knowledge that brand new cars come with a three-year warranty. So, if the owner sells the car before three years elapse, the warranty moves forward to the next owner.

Besides, reputable used car dealerships offer their own warranties. So, when selecting your dream car from a used car inventory, make sure to consider available warranty programs or offers the company is offering.

Bottom Line

Now that you have discovered the truths about buying a used car that most people don’t know, it is time to hit the market like a pro. When checking out the used car inventory at a local dealership, ask around for available finance options and warranties. There’s nothing to worry about reliability, safety features, and inheriting problems on purchasing a pre-owned car.

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