Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Options

With the tech advancement, everything revolves around data and its proper storage. The difficulty with in-built device storage spaces is that you can fill them up to a certain amount. Well, the credit goes to the cloud storage options where all can store personal and professional data online without fearing the data can be lost. Be it any kind of file, documents, images, presentations, audio, videos — you name it, and the cloud storage is ready to tackle them.

Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Options for 2021Apart from using cloud storage for personal affairs, businesses are also dependent upon cloud storage technologies. After all, the storage hardware is way costlier compared to the cloud storage options, even the paid ones.

But, if you’re just a beginner in this tech-savvy field, then free cloud storage will be enough for you. Well, we have included several options that can be utilized by businesses as well. Check out our recommendations for free cloud storage below:

S.No. Cloud Storage Providers Free Storage
1 Blomp 200GB
2 Google Drive 15GB
3 Icedrive 10GB
4 pCloud 10GB
5 Degoo 100GB
6 Sync 5GB
7 OneDrive 5GB
8 Mega 50GB
9 Dropbox 2GB
10 Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB

1.  Blomp Cloud Storage (200 GB Storage Free)

This cloud storage vendor provides you with 200GB of free cloud space to upload your images, videos, documents, audios, and other versatile files. If your PC shows File system error-2147219200 while loading images, you should try cloud storage functionalities. It will ease the load on your PC’s hard disk. Coming back to Blomp, it offers secure and manageable cloud service to individuals and business bodies.

The fun fact regarding Blomp is that you can access the cloud solution through any web browser. And, almost every operating system, such as Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux systems, are compatible with Blomp. On the other hand, you can easily look after your cloud-uploaded files from your iOS and Android devices.

2.  Google Drive Cloud Storage (15 GB Storage Free)

Who isn’t familiar with Google services? And, Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage options available in the world. Countless people rely upon Google Drive due to the in-depth integration features with android devices. However, Google Drive offers a significantly low amount of data storage over the clouds. Still, the reliability factor works for Google Drive.

The exciting feature of Google Drive is that you can explore saved documents and images even when you are offline. Google Drive lets you scan documents easily and upload them without a dilemma. Additionally, all the Google services come integrated with Google Drive.

3.  Icedrive Cloud Storage (10 GB Storage Free)

Here, we have got another top-notch cloud option. Now, you can easily manage, access, upload, and update your documents to Icedrive. This service offers you space where you can share and collaborate with your existing files. Moreover, you need not worry about your data security due to Twofish encryption. Everything uploaded to Icedrive remains encrypted at the client-side.

You can store up to 10GB of data at no cost. The interface of the Icedrive is easy to handle. Additionally, you need not wait for synchronization; all you have to do is click Mount Icedrive. Users can stream media directly from the cloud storage as well as share them.

4.  pCloud Cloud Storage (10 GB Storage Free)

If you’re looking for an all-rounder in the cloud storage category, then pCloud can be the winner due to its media support. pCloud storage service offers you 10GB of free storage space online. You can upload any kind of content or file on pCloud with added security options. Additionally, this particular cloud storage provides eminent playback features.

On the other hand, pCloud is one of those providers that lets you stretch the cloud storage limit without spending extra bucks. Users have to just refer to pCloud to others, and as a loyalty bonus, you can stretch the data limit to a certain extent. However, you can’t avail of data encryption without getting a paid subscription.

5.  Degoo Cloud Storage (100 GB Storage Free)

In case you’re looking for enormous cloud storage options, then Degoo can serve you the right purposes. This cloud storage provider offers you a cloud space of up to 100GB. Whether you own an Android or iOS, you can easily manage Degoo and all your uploaded files to Degoo.

Like pCloud, you can expand your data limit by using the referral policy. Now, users can simply refer Degoo to friends to availing more and more storage over clouds. Mobile app support is included in Degoo services. And, subscriptions start at very basic and reasonable prices.

6. Cloud Storage (5 GB Storage Free)

There are abundant free cloud storage options available, but it’s not necessary that each one of them would seem appealing. However, you can take a look at It offers only 5GB of cloud storage for free. And, we think that it’s enough for a fresh start with cloud technology. If you fall in love with and its features, then you can go for subscription policies.

If you can refer the cloud service to others and get them signed up for the service, then you can get 16GB of cloud storage. The upper limit is 20GB for a specific user, though. The privacy guidelines are strict for; hence, it is one of the secured and trusted cloud storage options.

7.  OneDrive Cloud Storage (5 GB Storage Free)

Are you looking for an option that is more Microsoft-centric? Then, you should consider OneDrive for keeping everything in sync and securely uploaded online. If you have a Microsoft account, you are ready to rock the Microsoft OneDrive. Apart from Windows, macOS is perfectly compatible with OneDrive applications.

Scan anything using your smartphone and upload them on OneDrive. Documents can be receipts, notes, business cards, and whatnot. OneDrive allows you to set an expiry date for documents and other files if you don’t want them to be leaked after your use. Well, OneDrive provides you with cloud storage up to 15GB for free.

8.  MEGA Cloud Storage (50 GB Storage Free)

You might be expecting something big, as the name suggests. However, this isn’t as mega as you’re thinking. Still, we have found lucrative features in MEGA cloud service. The cloud service provider gives you 15GB of free storage. MEGA offers zero-knowledge encryption for its users. New users can get access to 50GB of free storage, but this is for temporary use.

MEGA lets you gain access to 35GB of storage space for free by referral policies. If the bonus period expires, you’ll be redirected back to the 15GB space. If you have started liking the cloud service provider’s features, you can go for paid subscriptions, including up to 16TB storage.

9.  Dropbox Cloud Storage (2 GB Storage Free)

It’s basically a file hosting service, but you can easily upload any kind of file to Dropbox. And, you can access them or send them to any destination at your convenience. The collaboration feature supported by Dropbox looks luring when you’re working in a team.

The primitive feature of Dropbox is its unmatchable security. On the other hand, Dropbox lets you access up to 50GB of cloud storage. And, if you’re on Linux, Windows, or macOS, it’s not a constraint in using Dropbox for loading and sharing your files through cloud storage options.

10. Amazon Drive Cloud Storage (5 GB Storage Free)

The superior brand Amazon is here with an amazing cloud service option for you. Now, you are free to securely upload your files to Amazon Drive and access or share them without worrying about security measures. On the other hand, you can opt for file backup and photo printing directly on the cloud interface.

Further, you can organize your files and edit photos over the cloud server. In addition, Amazon Drive keeps backing up your phone’s storage if prompted. You can enable syncing folders on Amazon Drive with a single click.

Wrapping up

These are our top 10 recommendations when it comes to free cloud storage services. You can choose one or multiple applications listed here, according to your personal preference or business requirements. In addition, check out the security aspects before grabbing any paid subscriptions.

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