10 DIY Hacks to Solve Common Air Conditioner Problems

Undoubtedly the Air Conditioner comes as a lifesaver during the summer season. The machine cools down your surroundings by blowing away the heat. In a way, it makes your life easier.

10 DIY Hacks to Solve Common Air Conditioner ProblemsIn today’s situation, AC is available to almost every person. You really can’t deny the benefits you get from the Air Conditioner. Many times it is really difficult to sleep in unpleasant conditions and in this situation AC is the perfect solution to this problem. AC also works as a filter, as it keeps away the insects and protects your house.

You might face the problem of your laptop or computer getting overheated; thus, AC helps by preventing gadgets from getting overheated. And, there are many more benefits that we get from Air Conditioners. But, there are also some common flaws that the users normally face, which we will discuss here.

10 Common Flaws of Air Conditioner

You must have heard the phrase ‘nothing is perfect’ and it goes with technology as well. There are some common problems the user faces that can be very annoying. Don’t worry, along with the problems, we will also help you to deal with the fixes. AC Repair Dubai can also help you to solve the problem.

1. Accumulation of dirt in the filter

One of the most common problems that the users face is the accumulation of dirt in the filter. Due to the clog of dirt, the air can’t flow normally, which stops the Air Conditioner from cooling down. It can also damage the coil capacitor and prevent it from absorbing heat. And, this will give rise to another new problem.

To avoid this kind of situation, you just have to do a very simple thing: you just have to clean the clogged filter on a regular basis. If not regularly, then you can clean it on a monthly basis. Further, if you have pets, then you need to pay more attention to the filter.

2. External heat

Air conditioners do help us from the outside heat, but what about the AC. Yes, you heard it right overexposure to heat that is coming from the sun can overdrive your Air Conditioner. And, also you might experience some serious problems — like due to exposure to sunlight the thermostat of the AC might pick up the incorrect temperature. To avoid this kind of situation, you can put some shade over the Air Condition so that the sunlight can be away from the AC as much as possible.

3. Frozen coil

This can be another problem the user’s faces. The evaporation coil generally freezes when the AC cannot get the sufficient air needed for operation. It will stop the AC from working properly. If you want to get rid of this problem, then similar to the filter, you have to clean the dirt accumulated in the coil that is stopping the AC from working smoothly.

4. Leaking refrigerant

Refrigerant is mainly used to cool down the Air Conditioner system, so you have to make sure that it is at the correct level. It might be possible that the Air Conditioner is undercharged at the time of installation, or there could be a leakage in the refrigerant system. Hence, it is not at its correct level. Leakage from the refrigerant can be quite harmful to the environment, so it’s better to hire a professional to fix it. You can take help from the best AC repair in Dubai.

5. The air conditioner is not turning on

After coming home from a tiring day when you suddenly see that the AC is not working, then it can be very frustrating. And, you have tried all the possible ways, like by lowering the thermostat, but still, your AC is not turning on. Often the main problem can be the tripping of the circuit breaker or the default thermostat, or loose wiring. Over here, you need experts to help you out. Don’t try to fix it by yourself, and you might damage it more.

6. Blowing out of hot air

The user might have faced this problem where instead of cool air, the AC is creating hot air. It might be possible that the filter of the AC is unclean or debris in the compressor, which is causing the overheating problem. From a single problem, various other issues can arise. To avoid this, you just have to clean the ducts, or you might have to replace the filters as well.

7. Bad odour coming from the system

You might have noticed a weird smell coming from the system. It might be a burning smell or a musty smell. And, you are particularly getting this smell from vents, or when you are in close contact with the main AC unit. It might be because of some issues within the motor wire or due to the clogged filter, the system has got overheated. Hence, releasing a burning smell.

The musty smell can be because of improper drainage. The first thing that you have to do when you get a burning smell is to turn off the AC. Now, check the filter if it has to be replaced or not. Clean the ducts or the AC unit. You can also contact any professional for system maintenance, like any authorized AC repair in Dubai.

8. Unpleasant noise coming from the AC

You must have experienced a strange noise coming from the AC. If you hear any strange noise from the AC, then you have to fix the problem as soon as possible. The noise might be coming from the poorly aligned belt. Or, it would be best if you hand over the problem to the experts. They have enough experience, and they know exactly what needs to be done. Because it might be possible that you can ruin the AC even more if you go on fixing it by yourself.

9. The fan is not responding

It might be possible that the outdoor fan of the AC is not working, and this can be a very problematic situation. It might be possible that the outer dirt particles have accumulated, and hence stopping the fan from working normally. In this situation, you need to take care of the blades. Then, you can either press the Reset button, or you can turn it off and try spinning the fans in a clockwise direction. If you witness that the fan is spinning properly, then the main problem is with the capacitor, and you just have to replace it to solve the problem.

10. The unit turns on and off repeatedly

If you see that your Air Conditioner is turning on and off repeatedly, then it can be a big problem. You need to check if both the condenser unit is blocked due to accumulation of dirt or the evaporator. The only solution is cleaning the entire AC. And, this will help the Air Conditioner to work efficiently and smoothly.


So, these are some common problems related to the Air Conditioner. You might have faced one of these problems or even more. While going through all the points, you might have observed that the one single remedy used most of the time is avoiding the accumulation of dirt. With insufficient maintenance, you will definitely face these problems. Furthermore, you can also take professional help from experts like AC repair Dubai.

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