List of 16 Premium Quality DA Backlink Websites for Free Guest Post

Free backlinks can make your website overflow with desired traffic and appreciation. Nowadays, backlinks can decide the destiny of the website, and Google lets you use backlinks for the popularity of your business websites. And, backlinks are a mark of authenticity and trust that leaves a good impression on your customers and audiences.

List of 16 Premium Quality DA Backlink Websites for Free Guest PostHowever, earning backlinks might seem tedious and quite a bit time-consuming. Yet, backlinks can be achieved by publishing guest posts on high-domain authority or DA websites. Additionally, there’s no crime in paying for publishing your guest posts or earning the backlink.

It’s a formal blackhat method, and you can pay for a high DA backlink. If you feel guilty about paying for backlinks, then there are a few free high-quality DA backlink websites. These websites are known for creating competent DA backlinks. Let’s go through them.

1. Mashable

If your professional team of bloggers is looking for a reliable website for guest posting to earn backlinks and traffic, then Mashable is for you. Currently, Mashable is viewed by 45 million+ people every month. So, you can easily interpret how crucial the site is for your digital marketing services.

On the other hand, the free website lets you decide categories among 92 ones. Whether it’s digital media, social media, business, entertainment, technology, or anything that’s trending in the market, the website offers high support for creating backlinks.

2. Photo Bucket

Dear Photographers, attention, please! If you are hosting a business website, then Photo Bucket lets you post images for free. All you have to do is to sign-up for the website. Use your email address or Facebook ID to complete the sign-up procedure.

Make sure that you can add suitable images on Photo Bucket. Additionally, you can attach a description with the photo link. What’s more? Well, Photo Bucket offers you a free storage space of 2 GB and everything accessible on the site.

3. Medium

Countless businesses prefer Medium for having a strong fan base in technology and science fields. If you’re confident about your business’s originality and have a keen interest in developing science, then you should definitely consider Medium. Be it machine learning or neuroscience, and the website is for all the technology influencers.

Coming to the monthly visitors to Medium, the number is more than 130 million. That’s huge and would be beneficial if you can make use of the platform. Whether you’re just a writer or own a business, Medium would benefit you in both ways. Writers are earning pretty much by publishing guest posts on Medium.

4. Directory World

There’s nothing wrong with the desire to increase the traffic on your website. If you want to create valid backlinks for your business and want enough follow-ups, then Directory World is the site that you should connect to. After all, it is one of the biggest human-controlled directories existing on Earth.

You can easily make a subscription or sign up. Directory World might block free users on the site. You should keep an eye on the status of your backlinks from time to time — especially when you are a free user or Directory World.

5. Just Jared

Guest blogging is one of the most considerable and authentic ways to earn a reputation through backlinks. And, digital marketing services are creating history via this simple trick. However, businesses might vary from technical aspects and even fashion trends. If you have a fashion business, then not all free websites would be suitable for gaining backlinks.

That’s why we recommend you to go through the website named Just Jared. This popular website lets you showcase your ideas and thoughts. With a high DA rate of 86, Just Jared is a perfect match for your creative fashion sense.

6. Quora

We are sure that you might have heard of this platform before. Mostly popular as a Question and Answer platform, Quora was founded in 2009. Apart from this, you can access a prompt backlink option on Quora.

Additionally, Quora holds high-quality DA backlink chances. So, you can now genuinely generate backlinks to your website through Quora. The sign-up is free, and it requires five to ten minutes to complete your profile. Start answering queries on Quora and get noticed by viewers.

7. HubSpot

The conversion rate matters a lot to digital marketers and, overall, to the business. HubSpot offers you the opportunity to convert your audience into customers. In case you are a blogger, then the website is more than a platform for achieving backlinks.

Moreover, HubSpot is a website with more than 32 million viewers per month. You can post guest blogs associated with your business on HubSpot, and it can vary from business, entertainment, marketing, sales, services, and websites.

8. About Me

Professionals in the field of digital marketing might be looking for a reliable platform for creating a portfolio of their own. In that case, About Me is the perfect destination for you. About Me will let you generate a profile page without any expenditure.

Or, you can create your business profile on About Me. Take a minute or so to create a sign-up on About Me. Don’t forget to carry on with bio and photos while creating the profile.

9. Software World

Are you in the IT industry or leading a software company? Then, you need a dedicated website for free backlinks, and that’s Software World. Introduce your organization through guest blogging on Software World.

It can be anything among reviews regarding any software, technology, any information regarding small businesses or start-ups. Software World lets you try your hand at guest blogging and welcome more and more traffic to your website.

10. The Kitchn

If you’re a part of a large food chain or restaurant, there are plenty of choices to gain popularity. Apart from enhancing the taste, the right marketing strategy might invite more footsteps in your restaurant or your cloud kitchen.

The Kitchn is a tried and tested website for creating high-quality DA backlinks. With a DA of 86, The Kitchn should convert your visitors into consumers, no doubt.

11. Zoho

Well, this is not a typical website, rather a CRM software. But, Zoho is a highly recommendable software for creating high-quality DA backlinks. It allows you to upload different types of documents, spreadsheets, databases, word-processing.

On the other hand, presentations, wikis, web-conferencing are not off the track for Zoho. It maintains a DA rating of 89. Create a free account on Zoho today and keep submitting documents, followed by attaching a link to your post.

12. The Huffington Post

Do you love to write and want to turn it into your profession? Besides promoting your aspects in your business, guest blogging can help you achieve a prospering career. And, The Huffington Post is one of the renowned websites for posting your guest blogs.

Additionally, it can drive enough traffic to your business websites. Get your brand noticed by the majority of the visitors through The Huffington Post. Show your expertise in entertainment, style, fashion, well-being, technology, personal experience, and so on. The website is trending for those who possess a taste for different perspectives of life — Head towards The Huffington Post for enrollment.

13. So Much

We have got another free online directory for upgrading your business online. So Much offers a diverse range of categories to enhance your business’s popularity. With a PA of 51 and a DA rating of 57, the directory is quite popular among businesses.

Interestingly, the online listing for backlinking on So Much comes absolutely free. However, So Much takes at least five days to approve your request or link. Well, it might stretch up to seven to ten days as well.

14. OutBrain

Millions of people are connected to OutBrain in search of information-rich content. So, if you want to connect your business to infinite people and join a worthy network, consider OutBrain. Additionally, the website stands at the 128th position as of Alexa rating.

Moreover, you can create the link to your guest post and publish them on OutBrain for free. Additionally, OutBrain promotes sponsored content intended to help you with high traffic towards your business website.


As the name suggests, you can publish a free list on the website, Users are allowed to generate a list of relevant items. Then, you can publish the list on the website. In addition to this, the website holds a PA rating of 67 and a DA rating of 76.

Hence, if you want to create a worthy set of backlinks to elevate your business listings, visit today. The sign-up procedure is simple to follow up. Start adding all your backlinks to the dedicated list on the website.

16. Get Response

If you own a small business, then Get Response might be the right choice for you. Well, this doesn’t make the website any less for creating strong traffic on your business profiles. What are the options available on Get Response?

You can pen down for social media, content marketing, marketing tricks, and SEO inside outs. Overall, you can choose anyone among the available 81 categories.

Wrapping up…..

Keep in mind that a qualified guest post can create a perfect path for backlinks. So, indulge yourself in crafting a high-quality guest post that can drive traffic to your website like crazy. And, take the help from these free DA backlink websites for free guest posting.

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