5 New Tech Skills to Earn from Less Competitive Market

To run the business of our life, we all need money. And there is no shame in earning cash until you are doing it right. We all struggle for it, some do business, some choose jobs and some of us go for freelancing.

Believe me, none of the markets is easy. Every market is crowded but the great news is that there are opportunities everywhere. Whatever field you choose, if you do it right, you will secure your space easily. But there is a wiser step that, if you take, will make your journey easy. And that’s the research of less competitive markets. Let me explain with an example.

5 New Tech Skills to Earn from Less Competitive MarketIf you decide to start a blog. You can either choose a niche with very high competition or go for a niche that has a lot of space for the newcomers. Which one would you prefer? Definitely, the second one. Likewise, in freelancing, many of us want to make money online. They learn some skills, like, SEO, Content Market, and some other skills. Unfortunately, those markets are so crowded that they aren’t accepting newcomers and that’s why most of the beginners are disappointed.

I am pretty sure that those who keep struggling are still making a lot with easy skills. People are even making money online absolutely free. But still, nothing is as easy as we believe it to be. Like Nazim Khan, offers excel training on TechGuruPlus and Udemy to some sound number of students, one can also learn such courses and sell them but It’s far better if one spends a little time and finds less competitive demanding tech skills. If you don’t have time, no worries, I have found new tech skills that people can learn and earn from the less competitive.

1. Artificial Intelligence

It’s found that there is a massive growth in the AI market. It has been the #1 emerging job spot on LinkedIn. AI is named as the future because every business is adopting AI for their services and products. The great news is that AI is one of the less competitive markets so far and if you get into it, it will be a great opportunity for you.

However, it’s true that AI isn’t as easy as selling backlinks and creating business logos. It’s a bit different and difficult but ease comes with difficulties. If you invest in yourself this time, you won’t require to do anything else in your whole life. Artificial Intelligence won’t let you down – ever.

2. Data Science and Analytics

A couple of days ago, one of my friends, who is working in a multinational company said that the most demanding field in business is data science and data analytics. Companies have realized that they bring massive growth in business with analytics that’s why most of them are adopting data analytics to make perfect decisions.

No doubt, it’s also quite different from writing simple articles, stuffing keywords, and all that but you know what, it’s also a big part of the future. Those who can read data are blessings for businesses because they can bring revolutionary changes in business development.

3. User Experience (UE)

It’s another science that has huge potential and is less competitive so far. Companies have realized that user experience is one of the most significant factors for business growth. The reason is that user experience is another revolutionary thing because if they judge user experience they can make the right decisions to improve their products and services.

For example, you visited a website to buy a product, but you realized that the website is quite difficult to find products, and even purchasing is complicated, it brings you to another unpopular website or anything like that. What will be your reaction? You must not like it and surely try to find an alternative. That’s the significance of user experience. If you learn this skill then you can make a lot from this less competitive market.

4. Data Visualization

As we already discussed, data is the most significant tool for business growth. Data could be revolutionary if it is used properly. It can be used to bring conversion, enhance user experience and make improvements with time. But not every business owner can understand data from excel sheets or other files. They need someone who could understand it and provide the data with a visual presentation. You can be the one to assist them in understanding the data.

It’s quite easier than the previous ones because it involves graphs and charts. You are given data and you simply need to make easily understandable stuff. The simplest form of data visualization is infographics, which you see here and there. But data visualization could be a bit more complicated than infographics you see on websites. So even if you are good at making charts in Canva, you still need to learn it.

5. Programming Languages

Programming languages – in general – are high in demand. I believe that there could be two reasons why even after the availability of so many programmers and developers, they are in demand.

  1. Experts aren’t interested in tiny projects
  2. Newcomers don’t learn complicated stuff

Yes, both reasons make the skill highly demanding. No doubt, there are too many developers out there but they aren’t interested in developing something with HTML, they are interested in developing software and go for heavy projects.

Other than developers, very few choose to learn it. For example, I learned basic HTML and CSS to make tiny changes in my blog but I never thought to adopt it as a field. However, my friend learned HTML and CSS, he made a profile on Fiverr and he started getting projects – sooner. So if you don’t want to go for complicated stuff, then programming languages could be your choice.


Making money isn’t hard for those who learn skills and utilize them. But still, not every skill has great potential to earn from. Especially, when it comes to making money online, people choose easy skills, and it brings them to the crowded market.

The better decision is to find less competitive demanding skills and secure your position in the market. We have found 3 best new tech skills that are highly demanding and quite less competitive.

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