Unusual sounds from your AC: What do they mean and How to Deal with them?

The latest air conditioner models work pretty much silently. They feature technologies that minimize the amount of sound that these make. So, they’re usually inaudible to you unless you’re standing right next to them. But, you might find that your AC sounds louder than usual sometimes.

Unusual sounds from your AC What do they mean and How to Deal with themWhy does this happen? In case you’re wondering, it’s usually a sign of a problem inside the appliance. Now, there are various types of sounds that you might hear. Each of them indicates problems with various components of your AC. The upcoming information will help you understand why your air conditioner is noisy and how to fix it.

10 Types of noises you might hear in your AC: Meanings and Solutions

Regardless of the type of sound, you might need professional help to fix your air conditioner. In such cases, you must immediately contact a certified technician associated with AC repair Dubai. Now, here are some noises that users hear most commonly from their air conditioners:

1.   Banging

A lot of users report getting a banging noise when their air conditioners are working. Do you get the same from your AC? In case you’re wondering, it usually indicates a broken part inside the appliance. Now, it’s hard for average users to know which component is at fault for this issue. Also, you’d have to open up the appliance to fix this problem.

You might want to rely only on a professional technician for doing that. In most cases, banging noises indicate a broken pin, piston, connecting rod, or compressor. So, only a quality replacement can fix this issue over the long term.

2.   Clicking

Your AC is supposed to make clicking sounds when you start or stop it. But, do you hear this sound constantly while the appliance runs? Then, that might indicate a wide range of issues with your AC. In many cases, it indicates that the fan is loose or has an obstacle in its path. So, you should find professional help immediately to fix it.

Apart from that, clicking noise might also indicate an electrical issue inside your AC.  If that’s the case, you must shut down the appliance right away. Otherwise, the problem might get worse with time. So, you must get a repair for your AC without unnecessary delay.

3.   Vibrations

Is your AC making a rhythmic vibrating sound? In that case, it usually indicates loose components inside the appliance. In most cases, either the compressor or the refrigerant wires are the culprit behind this issue. The compressor might often not be fixed in its place properly. As a result, it moves while the appliance runs to create the noise.

Sometimes, the refrigerant wires might get close to the walls of your AC. In such cases, you hear the noise when those wires vibrate and touch a wall. In any case, you need professional help to deal with this issue as well.

4.   Loud buzzing

This is yet another noise that users might commonly get from their air conditioners. Also, it might indicate quite a wide range of issues with the appliance. In case you didn’t know, it’s also one of the common signs of refrigerant leaks. So, you might want to shut the appliance down immediately if it makes this noise. Also, get in touch with a reliable repair service right away.

Apart from that, this sound might also indicate damage somewhere in the compressor. In many cases, this noise may also indicate a power surge in the appliance. This happens mainly due to a faulty capacitor. Also, this noise is often caused due to the fan being out of balance as well.

5.   Grinding

Certain parts of your AC wear down over time. When the appliance makes a grinding noise, that might mean it’s time to replace those components. So, this is yet another common issue that you might face with your air conditioner. How do you prevent such problems with your appliance? In case you’re wondering, you can do that simply by getting regular maintenance for it.

Which parts are at fault for this issue? In most cases, worn-down compressors and fan belts cause the grinding noise. Apart from that, this problem might also show up when the motor lacks proper lubrication.

6.   Rattling

Does your AC constantly make a rattling sound? In such cases, you must make sure that all its screws are tightened properly. So, you can fix this issue on your own in certain cases. But, this noise might often indicate a damaged motor or a misaligned fan. And, for such issues, you should hire reliable professional help.

Apart from that, rattling noises might simply indicate the accumulation of debris on the unit. This usually happens in the case of outdoor ones. And, in such cases, you can fix the issue by properly cleaning your AC.

7.   Hissing

If your AC sounds like it’s hissing, it might indicate a refrigerant leak. Now, that can be quite harmful to the people who come in contact with this substance. So, you must shut down the appliance immediately and call a professional service to inspect it. There might be damages to various parts of the appliance.

Hissing sounds usually indicate leaks in the heat pump, condenser line, or refrigerant line. Regardless, you must get it repaired as soon as possible.

8.   Whistling

This is yet another common sign that indicates a leak in your air conditioner unit. Apart from that, it might also indicate an obstacle in the proper airflow. In many cases, you might find a leak in the duct if you get this sound. But, you’d probably need professional help to determine that. Also, you must fix such issues as soon as possible, as they significantly affect your AC’s performance.

You must also make sure whether you need to replace your filter. After all, whistling signs are one of the most common signs of a dirty filter.

9.   Screeching

Many users often report screeching noises from their air conditioners. Now, you’ll probably find such noises quite distracting. So, you’d want to fix this issue as soon as possible. What do screeching noises mean in your AC? In case you’re wondering, it usually indicates a broken or worn-out motor belt.

Apart from that, your AC might often make this noise when it has faulty bearings in its motor. In such cases, you must find quality replacements for them. After all, that’s the best way to ensure a long-term solution to this issue. The same applies to the case when the problem lies in the motor belt.

10.  Dripping

Do you get a dripping noise from your AC? This usually means that there’s a leak somewhere in the appliance. Also, this is quite a common issue that users might come across. So, you must call an expert to inspect your AC and find out the leak to repair it.

However, this issue doesn’t always indicate a leak. In some cases, it’s caused due to frozen coils or too much condensation. In any case, you might want to get professional help to fix this problem.

Wrapping Up

The types of noises mentioned earlier are the most common ones that your AC might make. As we’ve seen, all of them indicate one problem or the other with the appliance. Also, pretty much all of those issues require professional solutions. So, you must reach out to a reputable repair service to fix them.

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