Social Media: A Wonder of Technology Connecting People

We all are surrounded by innumerable technology. These technological advancements will take place till eternity and we are already grateful for them. Surely it has made our lives very convenient and easy. Internet is one such bane gifted to us without which we cannot imagine our lives now. Within a fraction of minutes, you can see the introduction of new trends which are there to sustain for a long time. One such widely accepted use of the Internet in the entire world is Social Media.

Being social is what one strives for as it is the need of an individual which is important. And social media has surely met that need by connecting to us with both known and unknown beings under one platform. Without discriminating or preventing access to specific beings, it is a platform connecting people. There is surely a limited bunch of people who are away from this wonderful technology, else nobody is left who is not on it. You talk about some of the leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Connected India, Linked In, Twitter to name a few which are ruling us and we cannot spare even a few hours of our day without using them.

Social Media Wonder of Technology Connecting People

  • You can remain connected not only with your loved ones but with anyone you want from anywhere round the clock. Indeed this social media platform has impacted all areas of life be it for students, professionals, working personnel, and everybody else. You can do whatever you want to do resulting in creating a network of communication that is never-ending. You can seek new connections, retain older ones, seek new opportunities, and can even make it your earning mode. It is only up to you how you want to connect through it and see the results yourself.
  • If it’s still not clear to you how social media has helped in connecting people worldwide, let us understand it with a real-life example which currently we all are a part of. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc globally which is not seeing an end yet. The virus is affecting almost every household and people are needing help to save their near and dear ones. Using these social media platforms, they are getting helping hands who connect them with those who can aid them and get the desired help. A lot of people have come together to join hands and make resources available easily.
  • This way we have seen people connecting with their fellow beings on both an emotional and mental level when you cannot be physically present with them. Social media has surely connected us even closer than ever and we can nothing but be truly thankful for it. It is an incredible tool that has conceived the arena of bringing people together which is to stay here till eternity.

Social Media applications like LinkedIn, Instagram, Connected, etc. are some of the best wonders of technology. These applications have impacted people’s lives by connecting them with the rest of the world.

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