IPC Hand Soldering Course – Enroll For Hands-On Practical Classes

If you are planning to head towards the basics of Lead-Free 101 or hand soldering training, then it will provide the aspiring students with hands-on skills and knowledge of the electronics industry. It is a great training course for the newbies in the electronic industry. Here, the training module has been designed keeping the nuances of the lead-free IPC hand soldering in mind. The students will get exposed to around 25% of a classroom lecture. And the rest, 75%, will be associated with the skill development sessions, under-trained individuals.

Once the Course Gets Completed:

Once you have completed the Ipc Hand Soldering Course, the students will receive a certification of completion from the main center only. This certification is important to show their worthy skills and to get the task covered with ease.

IPC Hand Soldering Course – Enroll For Hands-On Practical ClassesThe best part is that you can get some good-packaged job offers from the electronic industry based on the certificate you have earned. Students will receive the certificate not just after the course module. They have to pass the exam with flying colors before getting their names on the certification. So, with a little bit of hard practice, students will be pro in the IPC hand soldering section.

The Topics as Included:

After giving it quite some thought, you have determined to be a part of the IPC soldering course. Now, before proceeding any further, it is important to know more about the topics covered. It will help you to be prepared for all the subjects that you will learn more about.

  • The first topic talks about ESD in full detail with practical experiences.
  • Then you have the basics of lead-free soldering to start the journey towards some experienced portion of the module.
  • Metcal forms a crucial part of IPC soldering, and the IPC soldering course will offer an introduction to the Metcal.
  • Moreover, students will come to learn about the Component ID and the standards of the IPC Class 2 workmanship. It will help them to be a professional in this section once the course is complete.
  • Get to know more about the Through-hole Lead-Free soldering from the same course modules. The trainers will share their real-life experiences to relate more to the scenario and learn better.
  • Another team of well-trained professors will teach their respective students about the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Lead-Free soldering. It is going to be an advanced part of the IPC soldering training modules.

This course module is meant for two days and will have a primary hands-on module to work with. It is one basic skill course. The main goal is to teach the selected content to beginners in the soldering techs. After the course is completed, students will showcase and demonstrate some of their soldering skills.

To make this course a little bit more interesting for the students, you will receive a functioning kit and Certificate of Completion upon registration. So, waste no time further and get in touch with the best course module now, and be a part of the training team.

The Course Outline:

As mentioned already, this IPC soldering training course is hosted for two consecutive days, within which students will learn about the beauty of the IPC section. Let’s learn more about the course outline, depending on the days.

Day 1:

The first day is all about hand soldering with the help of lead-free solder alloys and compatible fluxes. It will be done with the help of lead-free cleaning solutions. Some of these examples over here are:

  • QFP 80
  • SOIC 14
  • SOT 23
  • 1206, 0805, 0603 Chip
  • 1206 MELF

Day 2:

For the second day, the trainers have some important and new items to teach. So, those topics are listed below for your reference:

  • Radial Box Capacitor
  • Radial Gold Lead Transistor
  • DIP 16
  • Axial Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • PLCC 44

Apart from that, the students will further learn about the project incorporating techniques in the class as well. As mentioned earlier, there will be hands-on practical training to form a major part of this course module. So, if you are actually trying to focus on the hand soldering practices and get detailed ideas on the same, enrolling in the classes will be a smart move from your side.

The Training Schedule:

If you want, apart from the basic course registration, you can opt for the enrollment form in PDF format. A training schedule was hosted, and the dates will keep on changing based on your needs and will be placed in different cities. The online training program is also there for those students who cannot take an active part in the physical classes. All these classes are available at multiple locations and on-site right at your facility. These are available throughout the USA as part of the mobile training center.

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