10 YouTube Channel Ideas For Indian Girls To Make Online Money

Making money online is still a myth for a lot of people as they believe that it is a world of scammers. But the reality is different as there are a lot of people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the rest of the world who are making online money.

There is a big number of students who are making online money by working from their homes. Here you can find good information about how to earn money online without investment at home. YouTube is one way out of these lots of easy ways to make money online at home.

10 YouTube Channel Ideas For Indian Girls To Make Online MoneyEspecially girls in India can work on YouTube and they can earn enough amount of money that they can pay their college fees, they can support their family and they can even generate jobs for many other students.

If you are a college student, or you are an Indian housewife, here are 10 great YouTube channel ideas for you. You can use these ideas to start your YouTube channel and start monetizing it to make money. Let’s start with the first idea:

1. Cooking Channel

Many Indian girls are good cooks as well as they cook food at home. In fact, Indian girls love to cook food and they always try new dishes on weekends. So, if you are also one of those who love cooking, then you can start your own cooking channel.

You can introduce your own recipes on your YouTube channel and if these recipes are good, you will get a good response in no time. You can show how to cook Desi food in different parts and states of India. Or you can also introduce how to make desserts and cakes.

Even if you don’t have many recipes, you can get the recipes from other YouTube channels or food blogs and you can try those on your YouTube cooking channel.

2. Beauty Tips and Makeup

When it comes to beauty tips and makeup tutorials, every girl would be mad about it, doesn’t matter if she is an Indian, Asian, European, or American girl. This is the best idea of a YouTube channel for any girl to start making money online through YouTube.

As a girl, you can do a beauty course from any popular saloon in your area. After getting the proper training, you can start your YouTube channel for beauty tips, makeup tutorials, hairstyles, skincare, manicure and pedicure, and a lot more.

Just make sure that if you include any “Desi totkay” in your beauty tips, you should be fully aware of the ingredients. The ingredients that you are going to use must not have side effects. Or you should know what type of skin is suitable and who should avoid this ‘totka’.

3. DIY Crafts and Ideas

Making creative, unique, and useful things out of old things is a great talent. Being a girl you can be good at DIY crafts as you can use your old jeans, tops, or other accessories and can transform them into modern and unique shorts, tops, hats, and a lot more things like this.

You can also transform old tires into beautiful and color planters, you can make the old tin cans, shampoo bottles, or other such items into beautiful geometry boxes, pencil boxes, or jewelry boxes.

It is not necessary to use the old items; you can have your own ideas and can make beautiful DIY birthday cards, cushion covers, decoration items or even organizers for your bathroom.

When you do so, just record your video, edit it and make a short 3 to the 5-minute tutorial. Upload that video on your DIY crafts YouTube channel. If your ideas are good, you can get subscribers and viewers from all around the world and you will start making good money within no time.

4. Pranks YouTube Channel

Prank videos channels are very much trending in India. If you have the courage to shoot videos in public then you can start a prank YouTube channel. But if you decide to make a prank channel, then you should know that almost 90% of pranks are scripted and done with the paid actors.

Don’t try the pranks on the general public directly as it could be dangerous for you. You can hire ‘wannabe’ actors and actresses at a low prices and can shoot your prank video with them.

5. Movie Reviews

Most of the girls and boys in India are fans of Bollywood films. So, you can start your movie review channel in order to make online money. You just need to watch the latest movie in the cinema on an opening day.

Then you have to record your honest review about that movie. Put forward the positive and negative points of the movie and people will love your content.

6. Tech Gadget Reviews

Thanks to technology that every next day you can see the latest gadgets in the market. A lot of people are either not aware of those gadgets or they are confused about which to select.

If you have good knowledge about technology and gadgets, you can create a YouTube channel about gadget reviews.

7. Dancing or Singing

In case you got some good skills of dancing or singing, you can be a star on YouTube. Record your dancing videos with an HD camera in a room with proper lights.

Upload your video on YouTube and boom… You are not only a star on YouTube but you will also make good online money out of your dancing skills.

8. Teach Your Favorite Subject

You can even teach your favorite subject on YouTube. The subject could be of a school or college course, or you can select anything like MS Office, Video editing, Adobe Photoshop, or even AutoCAD.

You can provide different tips and tricks about MS Excel, CorelDraw, Adobe Premier, and other software. If you are good at your course subject then you can provide solutions and can record lecture videos for juniors.

9. Travel Blog

If you love traveling then you can make money from traveling. Just record your vlogs while traveling and then after good editing, upload those vlogs on YouTube. Try to provide in-depth information about different locations in India for foreign or local tourists.

The more information you provide, the more people will love your vlogs and your YouTube channel will grow quickly.

10. Become a Motivational Speaker

A lot of youngsters, who failed in their early life, need some motivation. You can be a motivation for them. You can share your experiences of life to give them some hope.

Even if you don’t have a specific incident in your life, you can share the experiences of your friends, your family members, or even other famous people. Your motivation will not only help the demotivated people but it will also help you in making online money from home using YouTube channels.

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