7 Instagram Easy Steps to upload Images on Instagram From PC or Laptop

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks used by almost 1 billion people around the whole globe. The data gathered in January 2020 revealed that Instagram stands second behind Facebook that is having 2.8 billion users.

Since Instagram has been introduced, people have found a new way to share their images and videos. A lot of the influencers and bloggers go live on Instagram to connect with their fan following.


7 Easy Steps to Post Images on Instagram From PC or LaptopUsed by more than 1 billion people, Instagram is one of those popular apps that can only be accessed by mobile phones, and unlike other social networks, it is not having a desktop version. This brings a problem to a lot of users of Instagram who want to access some of the features of this mobile application via their desktops.

Basically, it was a mobile application that was further enhanced for the users with the web version as well. Even after the availability of the web Instagram, there are some of the features that are missing from the web. You are unable to react to the stories of people and similarly, you cannot check, if someone has reacted to your story.

The reason behind this issue is not a bug. Instagram is a mobile application and switching any mobile application on the web is not that easy.


As I said, this is not easy to use every feature of Instagram on the web. Professional research writers from essay help penned, switching mobile application to web leaves some glitches at the back and this is the same issue. You must have faced this problem that if you try to upload any picture from your laptop to Instagram, it doesn’t let you do that.

There stay some issues and similarly this is one of them. Well, if you are worried that there may not be any solution to this problem then this is not that way. Here is an answer to your problem. You can access the Instagram features via your laptop and PC as well.

This might be difficult for the laptop to trick some ways to access the features of Instagram. However not all, but at least you can upload a photo from your laptop to Instagram by having your browser emulate a mobile device view. In this article, we will walk through the steps in which you can post the images and videos from your laptop to Instagram.

Step 1: First of all, navigate to Instagram’s website in your chrome browser. Type in https://www.instagram.com/ and you will land there.

Step 2: Open the setting menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. This will open a drop-down menu of settings for you. Now scroll down and go to “More tools” and further click the “Developer Tools”.

How to Upload Photo on Instagram by Laptop


Step 3: With the help of developer tools, you will get access to a menu that would open the panel on the right side of your window. This will also give you advanced control over the browser display content further helping you to post to Instagram by desktop.

Step 4: On the top left corner of the new panel, you will see the icon with two squares that would represent a tablet and mobile device. After clicking it, a device toolbar would be revealed and it will give you advanced control over the browser.

Step 5: In the device toolbar, you will find another drop-down menu that would be listing the mobile devices. Selecting one of the devices will tell the browser to emulate how your website must look in the particular device that you have selected.

Step 6: It’s time to refresh the page to witness the mobile interface of Instagram from the browser of your laptop or even PC. You can now easily use Instagram straight from emulation and don’t forget to close the panel and keep using Instagram with mobile view.

Step 7: After implementing the above steps, you can upload an Instagram post just the way you upload from the phone. Click the “+” button and add the photo from the gallery of your laptop. Isn’t it that easy?How to post Photo on Instagram by Laptop


Technology has changed the ways in which we used to live. These mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives and even after not having any phone due to some serious reasons, we still want to access social media. However, the above comprehensive guide would help you to post your image via your laptop to Instagram and enjoy!

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