9 Inspiring Marketing-Focused Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

If you are an inspiring entrepreneur and looking for some inspiration, Instagram may be able to help you with this. But, for this purpose, you will have to ditch procrastination.

There is no doubt about the fact that the app is a great source of inspiration. The app has around 1million active users and there are more than enough content creators who may provide you with your daily dose of inspiration.

Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should FollowWhile Instagram can indeed provide you with the inspiration you need, the same application can also make you procrastinate. While the app may have inspiring content, it sure does have many distractions as well.

But, if you are ready to ditch procrastination, then the following is the list of some entrepreneurs on Instagram who may help and inspire you in your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Tony Robbins:


With 5.6 million Instagram followers, Tony Robbins is a world-renowned motivational speaker who provides actionable advice and tips to people that helps them in transforming their lives and achieving their dreams. He also considers the social media app as a powerful tool for interaction and empowerment of business communities. Not only this, but the entrepreneur is also famous for his self-help book, seminars, counseling sessions, etc. His Instagram profile is riddled with pictures of him speaking to audiences at seminars. He provides his followers with motivational stories, quotes and there are many young entrepreneurs out there who have been known to benefit from him. If by any chance you are losing motivation or finding this journey to be a little too hard, then following him on Instagram may do wonders.

2. Everette Taylor:


With around half a million followers, Everette Taylor is the CEO of ET Enterprises. He encourages and motivates people from different backgrounds, women, Millenials to create their successful careers rather than end up being a slave to the corporate world. He comes from a humble background, a former high school dropout who fought homelessness in his teenage and managed to do it successfully. Not only this, he established his first business when he was 19 years old and then sold it 2 years later. He also successfully managed to make it through Forbes under 30 in marketing and advertising. His Instagram is full of photos and videos of him speaking at different seminars, conferences, etc. Not only this, but he is also quite open about his past, and the fact that he is only a self-centered person makes him more attractive. He also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to look for happiness because, at the end of the day, there is no point in making money if you are not happy.

3.Peter Voogd:


Next on the list of successful entrepreneurs is Peter Voogd, founder of Game changers academy. His organization provides entrepreneurs with tools and services masterclasses, coaching, vocational training and also provides his followers with a step-by-step strategy for growing profits. He is a master in his field and knows what he is talking about. Not only this, but he is also the owner of multiple billion-dollar businesses and has published two books on entrepreneurship so far in his short career, given the fact that he is 30. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to keep things simple when trying to establish new businesses. He asks the younger generation to learn and make ways to shift from complexity to simplicity.

4. Gary Vaynerchuck:


With a massive following of 8.9 Million followers, Gary holds one of the best Instagram handles. Not only he is an investor but has also supported famous apps like Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, and many others when they weŕe new to the market. He is a self-made man who transformed his family’s wine business and raised the company’s revenue from $3 million to a whopping  $60 million. All of this was possible due to his sheer determination and focus on the rebranding process. He also has a webcast which he organizes for community building every week. His account is filled with marketing tips based on ground realities. If you are looking for inspiration and some valuable advice, he is the person you should follow.

5. Marie Forleo:


For whatsoever reasons, if you are unable to exercise your capabilities or are unable to reach your full potential, then you must follow her Instagram handle. With a massive 626k following, her account is filled with inspirational quotes. She also runs a weekly TV show, which goes by the name Marie TV highlighting strategic discussion which not only focuses on successful business but is also full of wisdom. She is a highly experienced online marketer and tries to guide her audience to the best of her ability. According to her, in contemporary times, having an entrepreneurial approach is inevitable, whether you own a business or not.

6. Dan Lok:


With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Dan Lok is a famous TEDx speaker and a coach as well. Not only does he share valuable entrepreneur advice in his training, but is also the founder of closers.com If you are losing motivation midway, then you will find his Instagram account to be one of the best sources of motivation as his Instagram account is filled with business tips and tricks. His inspiration style is also much different than others and guides every type of business from blogging to a fortune 500 company

7. Justin Dry:


With a not so large following of around 47K, Justin Dry is the co-founder and joint CEO of Vinomofo. He cites Richard Branson to be his inspiration and to carry his legacy forward he uses his Instagram profile to inspire others. His profile is loaded with motivational thoughts, pictures with family, etc. He advises youth to get out of their comfort zones and work harder, and that is what got to the place where he is now. His all-time famous quote which is relevant to this day is “entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people so you can spend the rest of your life in a way that most people can’t do.” Today, aside from leading Vinomofo, he inspires other entrepreneurs, delivering lectures at various business development events. Also, he is an active blog writer at medium.com where he publishes blogs related to tools which entrepreneur needs to succeed such as focus, patience, and willingness to take risks when they make you get out of your comfort zone

8. Melyssa Griffin:


With around 64k followers on Instagram, Melyssa Griffin stresses approaching entrepreneurship with the right perspective. Not only is she a coach, but she is also an owner of a brand that is built around nurturing the skill of entrepreneurship. She provides tips to create an online business that generates profits and transforms people’s lives. Moreover, she advises people to start working on ambitions and goals which they have been holding on the back of their mind and is determined to equip people with tools that will help you in this regard. Given the fact that she is a professional business strategist, she offers several online courses and provides free downloadable resources and podcasts. Following her profile amidst a mental breakdown puts your mind at ease and helps you exercise your capabilities up to full potential. Not only this, but she also provides her valuable feedback on day to day challenges faced by entrepreneurs

9. Richard Branson:


With more than 4 million followers, Richard Branson is the owner of the virgin group and is in the game for around 50 years. His Instagram account is full of his adventures be it cycling, swimming, or whatnot. What needs to be noted here is behind all the fun-filled full of life adventure photos, which reflects the philosophy of perfectly articulated business strategy.  Despite being a senior in the industry, he is not self-centered. Even many of the quotes featured on his profile are borrowed from renowned leaders, philosophers such as Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike others, his profile is not primarily focused on coaching, but follows a different kind of motivation. His profile offers a different kind of motivation. His profile shows you what you can achieve, once you work hard with determination.


Having said all that, Instagram is the kind of app that can either make you or break you. Its user experience is based on what the user chooses to follow. He may follow pages or accounts which offer no value in terms of growth and skills, or he can make a better choice by following people from the above-mentioned list. If at any moment, you start having second thoughts about your entrepreneurial journey or start losing hope, all you need to do is to follow any of the above-mentioned accounts, which will make up for your daily dose of motivation.

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