Are AI Summarizers Helpful for Journalists When Crafting Headlines?

Surely, AI summarizers are useful for crafting headlines. These tools are built as the result of advanced technology. As they are novel in the field, many journalists are not aware of utilizing the tools for creating headlines. That’s why we wrote this post to help journalists.

In this post, we’ll delve into different ways through which AI summarizers can be helpful for journalists when crafting headlines. Let’s enlighten them.

Are AI Summarizers Helpful for Journalists When Crafting Headlines

What Are AI Summarizers?

AI summarizers are online tools that are used to contract longer content to a desired length. They keep all the necessary pieces of information conserved.

The tools work on advanced techniques and technologies i.e., artificial intelligence to recognize and extract all the key points of a particular content. They are useful for.

  • Creating the summaries of the content.
  • Crafting headlines of the content.
  • Generating Abstracts of the content.

And so on…

These smart tools work like humans but require a minimum endeavor. Here, you just input the content, adjust the compulsory settings, and run the tools. The tool will automatically contract the content and draft their summaries/short forms.

Ways AI Summarizers Are Helpful For Journalists When Crafting Headlines

1 Extraction of All the Key Points From the News Article

Key points of the news article are the most important details around which the whole article rounds.

To craft a headline of the news it is essential to include all the key points of the news article for journalists.

For this, they are required to read the whole news article again and again and point out the important points. Journalists mostly omit some of the points despite spending a good number of hours on this task.

If you are a journalist, you may also have encountered these hassles. However, AI summarizers can help you get rid of all the hassles. To demonstrate this, we copied a news article and pasted it into one of the popular tools. The text summarizer automatically pointed out all the key information of the news.

Let’s have a look at the results:

Extraction of All the Key Point from article

In the above image, it can be seen how the tool retrieved all the key information from the long article. You can include all these key pieces of information to craft a headline.

2 Ensure The Headlines are Clear and Accurate

Headlines are becoming progressively useful in the age of the internet. This is because they provide a bird’s eye view of the whole news. Moreover, they serve to attract the readers and urge them to read the complete news article.

So, it is necessary to write clear and accurate headlines. As a journalist dealing with it manually can be like a mystery for you.

In this scenario, it is useful to get assistance from an AI summarizer. The tools will summarize the news article in such a way that all the details are accurately covered. Moreover, they will ensure that all the words and sentences are connected, making them easier to understand for readers.

For Example

We copied a news article from “CNBC News” and contracted it through our selected summarizing tool. The tool gave the output that was accurate and clear.

Below is a demonstration:

Extraction of All the Key Points from article 2

In the same way, journalists can craft accurate headlines from the tools.

3 Craft Headlines of Specific Length

Headlines are crafted within limited words since they are an overview of the news, not a complete explanation. Their length depends upon the total length of the news article. Moreover, according to an online source, the average length of headlines should be 120 characters.

But sometimes you may find yourself unable to cover the headlines in such a small number of words and characters. To encounter this issue some AI summarizers provide the feature of length adjustments. This feature enables you to craft headlines through the tool within a fixed length.

For example

We pasted news of 138 words into the tool and fixed the length down to 25%. The tool contracted the text into 71 words.

You can see this in the following figure.

Extraction of All the Key Points from article 3

Let’s summarize it further. For this, we inputted the output again and summarized it again. This time the result is only 13 words.

As shown in the below image.

Extraction of All the Key Points from article 4

So, we can use these limited words as headlines of the news. Similarly, following the above details, you can use AI tools to extract headlines from the news within no time.


Crafting headlines can sometimes become a tough nut for journalists. This is because it involves different hassles. However, in the digital world things are going to be easy.

Nowadays, AI summarizers are available to help in crafting headlines. In the above article, we explained different ways through which summarizing tools can help journalists.

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