10 Free Cloud Storage Providers – Upload Files and Documents with Ease

Over the years, cloud storage has become a secure, safe, and convenient method of storing and sharing online data. Starting from small-scale businesses to multinational corporations — everyone is using this storage solution. Gone are those days when people used to store essential information on the hard disk.

10 Free Cloud Storage ProvidersPreviously, accessing specific data used to be difficult from such a storage system. But, with the advent of cloud storage, data accessing has become easier. All you need is a stable internet connection and a cloud-based application to check the data remotely. In this remote working environment, cloud storage is playing a pivotal role. Starting from smartphones to digital cameras, cloud storage is now used everywhere. These days, several educational institutions are using cloud storage facilities in the online learning process. While searching through the internet, you will find plenty of cloud storage providers.

But, choosing the right one can be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, these different cloud storage comes with different storage capacities and features. This makes the cloud storage selection process more daunting. Most users tend to think that they need to opt for a cloud storage subscription to share files. But, that’s not true! You can share media files with multiple users without paying for the cloud storage plan. Yes! There are a handful of free cloud storage apps and tools that are available on the market.

Want to know which cloud storage applications are easy to use and worth downloading? Here, we have compiled a list of cloud storage options that everyone should use in 2021:

1.  Sync

Have you heard about this cloud-based application before? No! Well, Sync is one of the top-rated cloud service providers out there. By using this cloud storage option, you can share files from different computers and smartphones. Additionally, the users can store and share sensitive and confidential data using Sync. After downloading this application, you can share documents of any size without creating an account. Its easy file restoration process is what the users liked the most. Be it Windows or Mac — Sync is compatible with every operating system. Moreover, every iOS and Android user can use this cloud storage app with ease.

Sync has incorporated stringent privacy laws and security features in its application. For this reason, it has more than 750,000 users. After signing up into the Sync account, you can share the first 5 GB in seconds.

But, the device’s performance might become slow while transferring files that are larger than 40 GB. But, Sync’s remote file wiping option is designed for businesses. Check when and who has last accessed the shared files with this cloud storage software.

2.  OneDrive

Well, almost everyone knows about OneDrive. It’s Microsoft’s one of the most significant internet-driven storage solutions. And, the users can access this platform from their Microsoft account. With OneDrive, you can also sync files on a Windows PC or on any Mac device. This cloud storage application offers a plethora of benefits to the users.

From OneDrive, the users can scan their business cards, receipts, and whiteboard notes from their smartphones. Upload up to 15 GB files, using this cloud storage service, for free. But, if you lose data while uploading, make sure to contact a data recovery Dubai expert.

Want to set an expiration date for the shared files or other media? You can do that as well in OneDrive. After locating the file, tap on the “Share” icon and wait until a popup window appears. In the pop-up, move to the other settings section and tap on the “set expiration date” option. Choose a date and then a strong password to enhance the file’s security. Access, edit and share files and documents quickly with OneDrive.

3.  Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular cloud storage software that comes with useful syncing capabilities. After its introduction in 2007, DropBox became the best way to use online storage options for users. You get 2 GB of free storage in this application. And, after that, it’s essential to opt for a subscription plan. Or else, you won’t be able to use this cloud storage platform. Dropbox comes with features like Sync Folder, Folder Sharing, and File Link Sharing.

You can also use a few additional features, but those have some user limitations. With Dropbox’s free plan, you can only store files. So, if you want, you can switch to another cloud storage application. You can consider using alternatives such as SharePoint and Office 365. Learn more about how to migrate dropbox to sharepoint and how to migrate dropbox to office 365.

4.  Amazon Drive

Looking for a cloud storage application that offers unlimited photo storage options? Go with Amazon Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive. Additionally, this service provider comes with secure file sharing, photo printing, and file backup options. And, you can easily organize and edit documents online from Amazon Drive. Moreover, you don’t need to back up the required files regularly in this cloud storage app. Amazon Drive automatically backups the necessary media files like photos and videos on smartphones.

For business owners, Amazon Cloud Drive can be a go-to application. And, do you know it comes free with Amazon Prime. So, if you have already installed Amazon Prime, then you can use Amazon Drive for free.

5.  Google Drive

Google’s contribution is worth mentioning when it comes to offering free online cloud storage solutions. With Google Drive, you can sync stored files, documents and other media files on different platforms. It comes with 15 GB of free storage, which every tablet, computer, and smartphone user can use. More than 800 million users daily access Google Drive to either share, edit or download files. This cloud storage solution provides real-time synchronization.

Google Drive allows the users to store documents with 1.02 million characters. And, you can store spreadsheets with 5 million cells and presentations up to 100 MB. The users can do all these by creating a Google Account. But, for storing inappropriate content, Google might penalize your account.

6.  IceDrive

Are you looking for a next-generation cloud service to access, manage and update cloud storage? Consider downloading IceDrive. Moreover, this cloud storage solution provides 10 GB of free space to store data. You can even share and collaborate the files remotely with one or more people. And, IceDrive is the only cloud storage solution that supports Twofish Encryption. Further, it comes with an easy user interface and offers top-notch security.

But, this application has certain downsides. In this application, essential features like block-level syncing or upload links are missing. Despite these omissions, IceDrive is one of the best cloud-based apps that every enterprise should start using.

7.  Apple iCloud

If you use an iOS device, then you must already know about Apple iCloud. With this application, you can store, download and sync files automatically. Moreover, this cloud storage service is available on Mac devices as well. You need to link the Apple ID while accessing it from MacBook to get up to 5 GB of free storage. But, iCloud works best in the iPhones compared to the other iOS devices. The users can upload at least 15 GB of files in Apple’s iCloud.

More than one user can access and work on a file at the same time using this application. iCloud also provides the opportunity to collaborate with Notes, Keynotes, Numbers, and Pages as well. So, go to the App Store and download this cloud storage app now.

8.  Media Fire

Need a free cloud storage application that offers easy solutions to manage digital data? Opt for downloading MediaFire. It also provides unlimited cloud storage for iPhone, OSX, Android, and Web users. Want to know about the maximum file size that you can upload here? The users can only upload 20 GB of files. Further, Mediafire offers professionals ad-free experiences to the employees and employers.

You can paste any file’s link, and the Media file will upload that into your registered account. Make sure to use a hard-to-decode password to protect the files from online hackers. You can download Mediafire’s application on Android and iOS devices.

9.  Koofr

Koofr is another safe to use cloud storage platform which comes with 10 GB of free storage. Moreover, with this application, you can store, backup and share media files. This online storage solution is available for different operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux.

Do you know what the best part about Koofr is? The application developers haven’t set any file type or size limitation here. So, you can upload any photos, videos or documents using Koofr.

It also provides automatic backup of the videos and photos that are stored and uploaded to the smartphone. Koofr comes with exclusive features like Device Syncing that manages the file-syncing of both PC and smartphones. It also has gathered positive feedback and high ratings from the users. So, what are you waiting for? Get this cloud storage application now!.

10. Degoo

Are you looking for a cloud storage option with 100 GB free storage? Then, Degoo can be your ultimate choice. Moreover, this application can be accessed from any smartphone. But, it doesn’t come with the day-to-day tools which Google Drive or Sync offers.

You won’t get features like File Syncing in this application. Further, the Degoo users can’t even share files or any other documents with others. Also, some users have complained about Degoo’s website — Sometimes, this website runs slow, mostly on desktops. So, now it’s all up to you whether you want this app or not.

What are the Other Best Cloud Storage Options of 2021?

Even in 2021, many users are still unable to change their data restoration and sharing process. Because some of them think that from these online storage apps, data can be breached easily. But, data breaching instances have been minimized with features like security and file encryption.

Before accessing the data, users need to enter the security codes in these cloud storage apps. So, you don’t have to fret over data security issues while using online cloud storage solutions. And, among all the other options, iDrive is another best cloud storage option. Moreover, you can also go with pCloud, MEGA, MiMedia or Jumpshare. So, take your time and download the best one.

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