How to Write a Character Analysis Essay?

The first thing in the mind of readers which came would be what is a character analysis essay? Is it regarding any character in a story? Yes. The character analysis essay explains the personality and special powers of the character. The characters are sometimes from the literature, comics, and anime but can be from cinematography too.

In this essay, the purpose is to explain the readers’ minds regarding the character role he/she plays part in the story. Not to let your personal opinions and choices, it is honestly a key to use critical thinking techniques. The character’s relationship with other characters, the behavior, personality, special skills, and weaknesses too.

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When assembling to analyze the character, confirm to read the whole story attentively. You must observe the situations the character is entangled in. Main dialogues, and the main role in the story.

Check to include knowledge regarding the character will achieve on a big and smaller scale. Instead of the categories favored, explore the character from each side of personality. Avoid being too simple.

2. Starting the Character Analysis Essay

Remember. Firstly, the priority is choosing the character that is interesting to approach. A few of the times the character is already assigned to the writer. It’s insightful to consider the characters who have a dynamic role in the story. This will catch the interest of readers’ minds as piles of information will be useful for the story.

3. Read the Full Story

If the book is already read by the writer, and the writer assumes there is no requirement to do this act again. Nevertheless, reading the character, again and again, will benefit to remember all the details similar to a game.

It will create a chance to be accurate and precise while reading the scenes that are related straight to the character and are crucial for analysis. During book reading, pay attention to every bit of information to grasp the whole display of your character’s traits.  

4. Choose Dynamic Character 

Choosing a dynamic character will benefit the essay for sure. But to be the supporter of that character is no need of the moment. Similar to the time when you chose a dynamic topic in your college admissions essay to impress the checkers. A character that experiences lots of changes, growing along with the story, and most importantly is not boring.

This gives the best dissertation writer a huge advantage regarding the character and makes the essay entertaining and appealing for the readers. If a character that is not close to being dynamic is chosen, the essay might become boring since the role of the character is quite limited and maybe end up before the story ends.

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5. Physical and Character Traits

List any physical qualities and character traits the author spotlights. This social study will make a great addition to the character traits. As you read about Ethan in resident evil 8, you may write down that he is brave and molded. He can be characterized as sacrificing, passionate, and a fighter too. He is also a devoted father and husband.

6. Choose the Main Idea

It is a great idea to look at the attributes that are most illustrative of the character. If the character was Iron Man from “Avengers”, the idea is how his character is shaped with fighting villains, bad guys, and Thanos too.

7. Draft an Outline

Writing an outline is considered the most essential step. For example, when you write a research paper, you must be fully aware of the outline of the topic to write an abstract that supports the research paper itself. A solid character outline will keep the thoughts and ideas organized.

8. Introduction:

Make it brief and relevant. Holding together the entire essay and should generate the interest of the audience.

  • The introduction of the characters and their relationship with each other.
  • The role of the main character from where he/she belongs and current living place.
  • The background history before the story spices up the story.

9. Body:

Divide the body’s paragraphs into dissimilar ideas regarding the main character. You should be questioning to answer to plan your analysis better.

  • Comprising of the whole story and plot.
  • Plot twists must be essential for the character in order to generate interest. 

10. Character Growth

No story looks good without conflict. It does not mean the character has to fight with a sword on a battlefield with hundreds of aliens rushing towards to be a conflict.


The conclusion must hold the ideas in one place and must shape a final analysis statement. Mention the things regarding the character’s issues and conflicts that probably we can experience in the real life. Moreover, it can be written relating how the character must have reacted to a situation.

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