How to Enable Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Enable Real-Time Protection

To Enable Microsoft Defender Antivirus a free antivirus application developed by Microsoft. It is always advisable to enable Microsoft Defender Antivirus for windows 10, so if you are unsure if it is enabled or not then you will get to learn how to switch it on.

Steps to Enable Defender Application In Windows 10

By default, your Microsoft defender antivirus is enabled, but in a few situations such as when you are looking to optimize your laptop or computer performance or maybe Install a third-party antivirus suite.

To, enable your Microsoft Defender to follow the steps below:

1. Type Windows Security in the start menu search bar and select the best match keyphrase
2. From there open virus & threat protection.
3. Under the setting Virus & threat protection, Click on the Manage setting option,
4. Now toggle on the Cloud delivered protection and Real-Time Protection

Enable Microsoft Defender Antivirus

And that all this will enable Microsoft defender antivirus.

However, if you already using the third-party antivirus you may face a slight issue. It might have greyed out the Real-time Protection setting, and you can’t unable to switch Microsoft defender on properly.

Therefore you’ll have to uninstall your third-party antivirus app and then follow the above steps to enable your Microsoft defender antivirus again.

Update Microsoft Defender Antivirus Definition

After enabling Microsoft defender antivirus you need to update so that your scans are up to date and will catch as much malware as possible, keeping your system safe.

steps to update your Microsoft Defender Antivirus

1. Type Windows Security in the start menu search bar and select the best match.

2. From there open virus & threat protection
3. Now, Under the Virus & threat protection updates settings, select Check for updates.
4. On the next screen, hit Check for updates again and let the process complete.

Check for Enable Microsoft Defender Antivirus Updates

In conclusion, Microsoft defender Antivirus is a free tool by Microsoft that offers solid protection from online security threats. It took criticism for several years with security researchers advising to download alternative tools.
However, Microsoft defender antivirus now has a good reputation but not best though plenty for most people


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